A meditation on perceiving wholeness – And seeing another in their wholeness –

Retrain your brain with this meditation


Often times the mind divides the world.
The mind, especially the left brain, percieves the world in terms of separate parts.
It is discriminating.

There is another way to percieve… and that is to view the whole.

To percieve the whole makes no distinction among parts…there is no air for judgement, and there is the opportunity for greater acceptance and love.

Try this meditation and see if you can shift the lense of your perception.

The Meditation Begins:

Begin with a cup, or picture that contains considerable detail.

Sit comfortably and connected with your breath. Let the breath be natural in the low belly, and without pause.

Examine your chosen item and inspect its various elements (texture, colour, size, shape, etc)

Then practice seeing the object as a whole. This means that you make no distinction among parts, one seemless perception.

For some, this may be difficult. It requires switching over the brain circuitry that is filtering perception.

Try this tip, if constant judgements continue to arise, let out a short sharp exhale to clear them as they arise and then come back to perceiving the whole.

It is normal for the vision and eyes to still, rather than seek and search – practice stilling your eyes and vision.

After a while, begin to integrate the object with the background and include all elements…in essence, dissolve all borders and boundries and percieve oneness.

As if it were all a painting…

The next step is to be aware of your body, especially your eyes.

Be aware that there is the subject (you) and the object being percieved (external world). This asks that one simultaneously hold their awareness on their body from the inside, as well as from the outside.

Then integrate both subject (body) and object (external world) in one experience without separation or borders.

If done well, one will experience a holistic perception of unity…the deeper one moves into this meditation, the more they will get a sense of dissolving…only the expansion and contraction of the breath will remain.

End meditation.

This meditation can rewire perception when practiced regularly.

It is particularly powerful when one can maintain the holistic perception as they leave their meditation and enter into the world.

It is particularly powerful when practiced while eye gazing…(with partner or in mirror) which will help to rewrite the tendency to judge another (or self), and instead it will connect the two as one (us and them).

To see another in their wholeness looks beyond their flaws and does not judge them… this shift in perceiving, when done properly, will be palpable for the other person and is an excellence quality for all to master, especially space-holders and healers.

This meditation gives way to a non-judgemental awareness, and can give access to the ‘no-mind’, the place beyond the ordinary mental functioning.

As with most tantric meditations, it is remarkably simple, and yet, it is also a powerful technology that can rewire the brain and perception.

Try it out, see if you can shift your perception.

For the love the meditation, cya later

  • Aya

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