Maximize your Summer Solstice Transition – Empowerment Guide

Maximize your Summer Solstice Transition – Empowerment Guide

Today is a cosmic climax!
The longest day of the year.
A time of transition and completion.
Today is the closest to Father Sun we will be all year.
The energy of summer -and solstice- is yang.
Yang is out-ward moving energy, expression, and activity!


  1. What seeds have I planted in the spring that I am growing for this summer?
  2. What am I laying to rest and letting go of?
  3. What am I grateful for?

Empowerment Check In:

  1. Does looking at my bank account stress me out? What empowering money-making decisions can I implement? Here is a simple one to start, check your account each day and then do a gratitude exercise right after and loosen the conditioning of the stress response in relation to your bank account.
  2. How am I using my sexual energies? Is my sexual energy being used in an empowering way that makes me (and my partner(s)) feel good? Quick tip: sexuality is more empowering when it is not merely physical, which can lead to unhealthy desire…when we can be sexual with love and emotion in our heart, we enhance our sex, which nourishes our body and intentions- and our partner(s).
  3. Where am I giving my power away? We all give our power away in small ways… from television, stimulants, substances, to stinkin’ thinkin…etc. If you’re not sure what is taking your power, give it up for 1 week or a month and see how attached you are.
    PS: I am not condemning any substance or activity – though I do encourage empowering yourself actions that increase your consciousness…my rule is, if I can use it consciously, then It is well.
  4. Where is my heart guarded… and…where is there room for the expansion of my love. Here are 4 places we may offer our love: self, family, community, and earth…. Your hearts gift is yours to create, sometimes just starting with appreciation is enough to get things flowing.
  5. How can I let go on control and find greater expression? Letting go of control does not mean losing control, it denotes a way of acting totally without attachment to outcomes…control shows up an tension in the body, especially the throat. Dancing and singing are great antidotes to control patterns…do you create space for free expression of your body and voice so that your voice and center of communication is free?
  6. What’s my vision? You either have a plan, or you’re a part of someone else’s. Don’t forget to spend time EACH DAY connecting with your dreams.
  7. What’s my relationship with the all. Expanding out from your individual life and close circles of interactions, our relationship to the all asks us to contemplate and/or experience the cosmos and our place among the stars, and in eternity. An encouragement to sit with the great sky and connect with that which is greater than yourself….it is humbling.

Thank you great spirit for this life.
Thank you for the 4 seasons.
Thank you for the 4 directions and 4 elements.
Thank you for balance, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.
Thank you for the breath.
And play!

  • Aya

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