What is Spirit Quest and is it right for you?

Spirit Quest is a life-changing experience that helps individuals orientate towards their purpose and enhance their soul connection to spirit. The experience is 4 days, representing the 4 directions, 4 seasons, and mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Spirit Quest is a ceremony that begins when the individual hears the call to commit to their path, to reclaim their energy, activate their gifts and potential, and lead their life in a good way. This happens before the first day of Spirit Quest, and it is good to know beforehand because to get the most of the experience, the subconscious needs time to prepare and become open to new experiences and a dedicated shift. Further guidance on preparation is available.

The Spirit Quest Ceremony involves a sweat lodge led in the Sachteen Territory (Pemberton Area), lead by Elder Vern Shannos and Supported by Mumsie. The sweat initiates the water or dry fast…which will continue until the morning of the last day where we will close the ceremony with another lodge. During the 4 days there will be 2 breath, movement, and meditation ceremonies a day, and the rest of the time will be spent in silent meditation. The small group will all spend time in the ceremonial temple building …and there is an option to stay in there the whole experience. Though, everyone will also have a tent if they wish to spend time alone.

There are more details, but it could take me pages to write all the details of ceremony and why it is important to do it in the way we are doing it. Though, I would like to mention that the sweat lodge and the associated heat, and the fasting and the associated hunger, and the meditation and associated boredom… are all part of the process. They are catalysts which help the processing of information to find clarity. This ceremony is not a ‘warrior’ ceremony to try and push your limits…it’s about connecting with your purpose. So then, if the lodge is too hot, or you need to break your fast early, that is okay. I’m happy to discuss beforehand and I’ll be there supporting.

Why do a spirit quest?

Fasting, breathwork, meditation, and sweat lodge are all traditions with time-tested proof of their durability and effectiveness for making spiritual growth. 4 days of ceremony and copious amounts of silence allows you to process your past, find acceptance, healing, and clarity, which opens up the spiritual eye to receive a vision…. Which may be an actual vision you experience, or just a knowing of what you will focus on to live your purpose and potential.
The vision quest I did at the beginning of the year showed me that I was to do 8 retreats this year, and now this is the final one. (The most I’ve done in previous years is 2).

The vision quest I did in the summer gave a vision of the work I’ll be doing over the next ~45 years training around the world with different medicine teachers, and starting my own breath, movement, and meditation school.

I’m feeling humbled to know what lies next, and to support others in finding their way.

Additional questions.
Is there washrooms? Out houses
Anything else to know about the land? There is a river we can bath in for cold therapy.

Any other questions, feel free to ask.

Pricing is $700 for the land, Elder, guidance and support. Payment plans and sliding scale available. If this calls to you, we can discuss an exchange.

All my relations.

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