A Guide to Daily Mental-Emotional-Physical-Spiritual Practice.

We are always consciously or unconsciously creating our inner and outer world through our choices.

If you desire balance and to anchor in a new level of living and manifestation it will require greater levels of consciousness.

Here are some practices to explore on your journey.

1. Inner smile – YouTube mantak chia.
Inner smile works on the emotional creation cycle which states that we are always cycling between positive and negative emotions. The inner smile meditation moves an individual through their emotions (positive and negative) to clear the negative and invite in the positive.

2. Daily Qigong or Yoga – the body, mind, and spirit are in harmony when they are one. When we become overly mental (caught in thought) it can detach us from our body and its intelligence. So too with our spirit. By combining intentional emotion, movement, mental activity, and breath, we integrate mind/body/spirit.

3. Pulling cards or using divination tools:
In order to have a conversation with the universe, we have to develop a way to connect with a realm beyond the senses and thought. Cards and divination tools help us to access parts of ourselves through symbols and metaphor. The process of listening and self-inquiry involved in pulling a card primes the bodymind to surrender and ask for help.

4. Stillness/meditation – different layers of self are accessed through moving vs. seated/stillness meditation. Life is about balancing forces, both the yin and yang are neccesary.

5. Gratitude – gratitude says ‘yes’ to all of life. When we learn to accept all experiences in  our day (easeful and challenging) as gifts for our growing, we overcome all situations.

6. Prayer – meditation is yin, it is a deep listening. Prayer is yang, it is an outward offering of exchange… your life’s prayer is your heart’s highest intention.

7. Breath – breath is spirit, conscious breath imbues consciousness, healing, and guides the body and mind.

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