5 addictions and passions that are held in your body that drain your energy.

Just as too much exercise will drain your physical system’s energy (jing), so too will these addictions.

  1. Anger: Anger can be a cause for addiction as individuals become habituated to utilizing the energy of this emotion, or they may be unable to maintain consciousness in the heat of anger because of early conditioning on the appropriateness of expressing emotion, or the truth of what their anger is revealing. I use to jack myself up on rage to progress in athletics, it was a short-term stimulant that like stress can provide fuel for a fool.
  2. Hate – It may seem silly that we harbor hate because it’s opposite quality is love. But, love ain’t always easy. Opening our heart to love involves cracking ourselves open being humbled. I’ve often found is easier to hate than to love, but, the spiritual path is not the easy way.
  3. Delight – Excessive hunger for delightful states can drain the body of resource as it creates a state of desire to experience one thing over another (resistant + control emerge), rather than mindfully practicing presence of what is. It can be easy to chase desire and delight and for some much of their human activity seeks this end – which never brings fulfilment, only a hungry ghost.
  4. Love : the love I am speaking to is romantic love when it becomes avoidant and addictive. I’ve been my own victim to basking too long in the safety of delight of love’s allure. Recollecting back, I was avoiding the necessary hardship that lie ahead in an attempt to preserve a fantasy that was only finite.
  5. Fear – Fear produces disharmony on all levels. Like anger, it can provide short-term energy, but it will also call in worry, arrogance, and ego-ism.

to best regulate my mental-emotion state I practice and teach Breathwork and Qigong. These practice build your energy and resilience for you to be strong and conscious. By learning these arts you gain tools to continually evolve and offer your gifts to your family, community and planet.

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