Understanding the Energy Body

At a subtle level, everything is vibration and light.

There is matter, energy, and in the Chinese and yogic systems a third more subtle energy which we can call spirit or the divine.

From subtle to gross, it goes spirit or divine energy, into energy *light and vibration, then into matter.

Your totality comprises all three of these…what you are aware of is based on the sensitivity of your conscious awareness.

In qigong they have 3 main energy centers.

1. Lower: it sits in the stomach and relates to the first 3 chakras in yoga. This is your earthly energy and relates to your physical body and it’s electromagnetic energy radiates just beyond your skin. In qigong the energy of this area is known as Jing.

2. Middle: the energy is found in the heart, it relates to the 4th chakra, and energy field here extends several feet and contains your emotional field. This field is where our feelings are projected outward and it is why when your close to someone in a positive or negative mood, you can feel it. The energy of this area is known as Chi.

3. Upper: found in the head, relates to upper 3 chakras, and relates to the mental thought field and can connect beyond into your subtle spirit body. The energy here is known as Shen.

From subtle to gross –  Divine energy (spirit, or the breath) comes in and is distorted by your thoughts and feelings which then creates your body. Each moment this is happening, which is why changing your thinking, can change your feeling, which produces shifts in the body chemistry.

The higher realms of the divine are fields of energy that are not simply beyond, but penetrate all the denser layers. Spirit/divine/breath penetrates all things and connects us all.

Qigong means energy skill.

It is the art and science of learning to work with energy (spirit/breath) with proffeciency for health, healing, and growth.

If you’d like to learn more check out my offerings and events.

Or simply leave this post and decide to think and feel in a way that is in alignment with what you want, you are empowered by the light you have, and you are enlightened by the light you see in others.


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