The Spiritual Significance of not giving a Fuck.


It is such  a  beautiful word.

There are over 26 different ways it can be used in a sentence.

And research has studied that when people say it that it lowers stress hormones…which makes sense why we intuitively yell it when we are frustrated.

To not give a fuck, is of great spiritual value.

I am using fuck in this context not in a belligerent way to degrade another soul or a part of life.

Not giving a fuck means ‘I have no preference’. 

This is Tao.

It represents an aloofness to the way of life.

One who does not give a fuck carries with them a resilience to go with the flow of life.

It is non-attachment in action.

Further, to not give a fuck about saying the words “I don’t give a fuck”, is a virtue. It implies that, I speak my truth, regardless of its reaction – I choose to speak freely. 

Many people may falsely assume that not speaking your truth and not giving a fuck is being insensitive to others, and there is a valid line of reasoning there perhaps. But, any real truth seeker is seeking to find what is true…duh.  And how does one know what is true unless they speak it and feel it in their body, and test their truth out in the world. Progress in the realm of truth and self-knowledge comes with the proclamation and confirmation of truth on all levels.

The most powerful speakers of truth, did not give a fuck.

Galileo did not give a fuck.

Jesus and Buddha did not give a fuck.

Part of learning truth and evolving is speaking freely and being wrong, and even possibly harming someone with your words or actions.  The key to living effortlessly in the Tao (in the world), is to act with good intention and move without hesitation. Yes, we will make mistakes, but one who fearlessly makes mistakes and is willing to change their ways will grow.  That is how we evolve, and have been evolving for generations.

Now then, there is a line of spiritual thinking that says, let us be mindful and cautious of each word we say, and do our best to not say anything controversial so we might not hurt another’s feeling.  And this position can be taken to the extreme, and it is playing out in various parts of the world. However, this creates a great deal of hesitation and inauthenticity in one’s words and action which can impede evolution and growth. It can create the kind of character that never develops a strong sense of their own truth and individuality, but rather sticks to the socially acceptable words and the ideas that have already been verified by our moral systems and religions.

The ” I don’t give a fuck” creates a whole other kind of character all together.  Yes, there will be those who unconsciously don’t give a fuck…but, there will also be those who are highly conscious and don’t give a fuck, a kind of rebel spiritualist. They represent different pathway, neither is greater nor lesser.

The rebel spiritualist is often tantric in nature, seeing the world as non-dual – meaning all is spirit or one. They take this position, and they carry a beautiful energy of authenticity that is not easily recognizable as spiritual. Joe Rogan is a great example, he does not present as spiritual, and he speaks freely without caring what others think, and he does it mindfully and with good intentions. He has found his Way, he is authentic, and in deep harmony with himself, and the world. He is a beautiful example of a healthy version of the “I don’t give a fuck” spiritualist. And we can even drop the word spiritualist, and just speak of evolution.

This is about evolution. And in terms of inner evolution and self-realization, you know who gives a fuck? The ego. The ego cares about the opinions of others. The ego cares about appearing spiritual and not offending others. You know what doesn’t give a fuck? ALL OF NATURE. It eats one another. Hyenas will rip an antelope to shreds from there ass up. Parasitic fungi will invade the brains of ants and make them go into a kind of psychosis. Hurricanes will thrash entire cities. The evolutionary force of nature does not give a fuck. And we are nature. To live in harmony with nature is the Tao, which is to become a part of nature. 

Does that mean we can kill one another as animals do when we stop giving a fuck? Once again, I understand how that conclusion can be drawn and how some individuals will go there. But, at a certain point in one’s evolution they realize that their authentic and intuitive guidance leads them not to kill or steal from one another, because they know they are only stealing and harming oneself.

It is the same with government. The idea that we need to be controlled by a hierarchical structure is not the way of nature. Yes, it worked for a certain stage in our evolution, but nature gets along just fine without governance, and we can too. 

By learning to not give a fuck, you will free yourself from self-judgement, the limitation that is holding you back from authenticity and find your way through the world. A healthy dose of not giving a fuck gives you the power of nature, to act and do without the worry of punishment and reward. This will allow you to make actions that align with truth over outcome.

So then, are you ready to not give a fuck?

If you’d like a meditation to get into a state of not giving a fuck, comment below and I’ll share the link.


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