How to Free Yourself from Thinking

The modern mind is consumed with thinking…or talking to oneself. Is this not true?
How many hours of the day is there a constant self-monitoring, self-judging, and looping series of mental fluctuations streaming in your awareness.

The majority of those thought patterns are cycles that keep one trapped in familiar boundaries.
When your in mind, your in time.
Time is a mental projection. Nothing is real but the moment. But, most are too busy analyzing their experience with words that they miss out on actually experiencing life as it is unfolding.

I know because I’ve been there. And I’ll inevitably return…until I don’t anymore. But, either way, that’s okay…it’s part of learning from the polarities.

The key is knowing how to get beyond mind and thought so one doesn’t get trapped there…trying to problem solve a world that can’t be understood.

The rate of change and the sheer amount of variables to calculate when trying to understand life is beyond the mind’s capacity to figure out. When I say mind here I am referring to the limited aspects of the personal mind, most directly I am speaking to the part of mind that organizes reality into concepts and language for understanding. Life is not a concept, and you have to be able to let go of trying to understand and problem solve to be able to actually interact with it directly.

This is the primary key to freeing yourself from thinking and moving beyond your limiting stories and beliefs. It is to interact with life directly without judgement or a need or attempt to understanding it in language.

So then, instead of thinking , one must feel. To become sensitive and receptive to the body and emotions. When we are too much in mind, all the energy goes to the head and it leaves the heart and body. It’s a pattern that is common in many people in the west.

Getting out of the head means coming into embodiment.

Most of the time the reason one left their embodiment is because they were faced with challenging sensations and emotions and decided to numb and distance awareness into the safety of the mind. So then, there is a subconscious psychic avoidance to feeling something that must be overcome to reunite your awareness into the wholeness.

The body and emotion have requirements. They require certain expressions and a dedicated space where you can feel and not think.

For many, it can be hard to get back into the body without a safe environment and guidance, and this is a beautiful part of being human, and needing our fellow brothers and sisters to be whole.

When your totally in the body. Time disappears. Like a flow state in sports, or a passionate sex session.

Life is not a problem that can be solved.
Life is not a problem.

It is an experience.
The moment you relinquish the need to figure it all out and simply open yourself to feeling life, all you problems will disappear.

Which is not to say you won’t experience challenge in your body and emotion, but the moment you drop your resistance to challenge, it becomes play.

Too much in mind?
Play with life.
Your body has an infinite number of sensations to know, and there are countless people to connect with. Get out of the programmed patterns of thinking by dedicating yourself to feeling your way through life.

Connect your head and heart, and let love guide you.
Not fear.
Not trying to figure it all out.
Fall in love with life.

Enlist faith.

The answer always lies within.
Your body knows.
Move, dance, sing, love, fight, fail, eat, fast, pray, and don’t hesitate or get too caught up in thinking what to do next. Like a child, or when you first fell in love, before you were hurt and become cautious, let yourself feel and be fearless.

It’s the only way to know what’s real.


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