Falling in love abroad

I met her while I was travelling.

We met on the road.
It could not have been any other way.
As beautiful as she is, I would have missed it.
Just as one can’t appreciate a crimson sunset without relaxing into their body.
I needed to stop and appreciate her energy.

Everything began to flow when we spoke.
Even when, and yes, I did choke,
We laughed at once.
Literally, I’m not certain I’ve ever laughed at the exact same moment as another.
It’s like hitting the note just right, a ripple expands through the spine

That was the first moment I lost myself with her.
We both dissolved in a flash of mirth.
Thank God for my mouth mistakes.
Who knew a mistake would lead to love?

Life’s like that.
It could not have been any other way.
If we met back home, I would have been to busy in my mind to step out of the habit of being myself.
The stage was set and I had nothing to do, and life gave me everything.
I laugh as I think back to all the effort, I once offered the world in hopes to receive something in return.

I call her my grace, because she was something I did nothing to earn.
You know it’s a different quality of love when it breaks every understanding of what you thought you wanted.

Our communication was always a dance.
She never cared which way I moved; she knew how to follow a step in her own way.
And when she guides, I feel myself becoming soft.

She dissolves decade old patterns of rigidity through her wild way.
I was running around the world as if it were a maze and I’m trying to get to the end.
She was playing hide and seek.

I thought I knew relaxation before her.
Till we cuddled and my bones melted.

She loves my way.
I’m proud to say.
I know it took years of working on my virtue and self-compassion to accept myself.
And for her to see me in such unconditional light, was the moment the practice became presence.

The sacred partnership is a pathway towards accelerated evolution.
One can be cultivated in the requiem of unconditional acceptance to blossom into their potential.
Just as a flower needs sun, soil, and water… the conditions of one’s environment are critical to growth.
We need the support of others to be our best self.

By holding the sacred space of love, we allow one another see themselves…Their total self… which includes the parts we usually hide from ourselves and society because of the judgement that they are not good enough.

Our first date was on the beach.
We planned nothing other than the time and place to meet.

On the corner of 24th street.
I was not nervous before we met.
I spent the day singing and stretching because my body felt delicious… a true sign that I wanted to be present with my body and the moment.

I arrived early and said a quick prayer of gratitude to the sun for shining on my life.
My heart became audible the moment before she walked around the corner.

The most effortless smile arose on my face.
It was assisted by her excitement shivering through my spine.

I said yo.
She said, Whaddup G.
And then we just started walking without talking.

3 minutes past as we neared the beach.
The quiet was refreshing.
I was enjoying the sense of wind swirling through my blonde curls when I noticed she was looking at me. I felt it.

Her eye’s seem to spiral clockwise and pull me in.
My mind relays a message from my body “KISS HER”.
I play with the feeling of anticipation, and decide to psychically send her the sense that I want to kiss her.
Her pupils dilate.
I feel my lower body begin to tingle.
Then, I turn away and smirk.

We continue to walk in silence.
Until she smacks my butt and runs away.

She’s quick.
I get serious as I try and keep up with her!
Ha! Gotcha!
I victoriously say as I grab her arm..
Falsely assuming this would be the end she twist her arm, pivots her foot, and twist her torso to wrap around and try and kick my feet out from under me.
She sticks her tongue out and runs away.

I growl and pursue.
She turns up a busy street and we were enmeshed in a sea of people.
Her tiny figure allows her to weave through with ease.
A swift mover myself, I know victory is near.

I’m an arms length away and I reach out, stretching each finger as far as it will go
Boom, grab one arm, then the other and pull her backwards and into my chest. She immediately goes soft and all the fight leaves her body. With our two hearts pounding close, my body is pulsing with life.

The mood has twisted 180 degrees. She slowly turns around and our forehead sweat meets for the first time.

In love, there are many pivotal moments when you fall in love. And fall is a good word, because it is shocking. So then, as we came close I felt her call out for a kiss. We both close our eyes and sense the thin air between us. My lips tingle with anticipation and BOOM. She twists out from my arms and throws her head back and laughs while saying

“you can catch me, but you can’t seem to keep me”, and she walks forward with swagger.
Not one to be beat so easily.

I walk casually beside her.

We come away from the busy street. I grab her hand as I pull her in a new direction.
I start humming softly and it catches her ear.
She matches my tune.
I grab her hand and soon we moving our bodies and humming along. Giggling at times, and harmonizing at others.
Soon we are facing one another, hands, feet, everything in conversation.
I become silent and she follows in my footstep.
One arm on the low back, and the other behind the neck.
I send a rush of energy down her spine and pull her in till the small hairs around our lips nearly meet.

Then I smoothly twist away, shake my hips and walk onward, leaving her nearly toppling over forward.
I look back and shout out
“careful, falling in love in dangerous business”.

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