Oh, How I Crave You

Oh, How I crave to have you alone in my home
I desire to wrap us in silence
Until our song is heard
I would wait there, breathing gently
Tasting the sweet air
Until every cell of my body has taken you in

In the loving silence, I can hear your heartbeat
No words are necessary
Fuck their way, let us get to know one another from the way that we breath and take in life force

I want to see the soft ripple of energy enter into you
Watching your chest expand
Seeing your body become full of life
I am consumed

The gentle breath allows the subtle sensation to bloom
I crave to feel my glands secrete the secret language of our chemistry
It’s about energy exchange

When the silence has been deeply penetrated, there will be no you and I
Synchronized sighs are a sign to see that we are coming into coherence

Coming closer now, eternity is where I’ll find you
Waiting tirelessly to touch you
Romance is initiated by the intention of the heart
We can look into one another’s eyes for as long as it takes to bring the furnace to heat
When finally our two lips meet, it will be like the first
The perception of reality is in the perceiver, and if your willing to let go of the past, we can start a love story
Two beings in their full power, free from the conditioning and patterns of previous lovers
Then it is our world to discover, or create
Masculine and feminine, we can play both, I’ll be hard and you be soft… You’ll tell me how you want me, and I’ll surrender to your will. It’s all a divine drama and I crave to make love to your divine.
Our Sex is the most sacred offering.
It is ultimate expression of our highest and lowest order
And when we dissolve without border
Then there will be one breath, and a trillion cells dancing in ecstasy

The goal is union
To dissolve so couragely in the face of love, that death becomes an illusion.
With a love such as ours, the ripples leave a wake that will wash the sins of the world away

You know the stars above?
Each holds the record of a true marriage, they are displayed high in the sky, to remind us of where we will go when we learn to give
And receive
Let us not leave any aspect of consciousness uncovered
My tongue can touch your entire flesh, but, my consciousness wants to touch every layer of your being
I’ll penetrate every Kosha
And balance all your dosha’s

Rama and Sita gonna be jealous
Jesus gonna come back to witness our love
Buddha may even get distracted from his meditation when he hears us mirthing
Just playing,
I mean no harm
But, a little joking, and a little pain, all have their place in love
A bite here and there, it’s only fair
You know we are animals as much as divine
Let’s meet in the middle and be humans for awhile
Travel the world and see our reflections in thousand beautiful faces
Watch our love reflect in the rain drops

You know the stage of life is the perfect place for love
Richer or poorer, if it’s got that heart, It’s worth our life to give

So then, I wonder…
I hear you in the silence
Your love calls even when I’m not home by the phone
One day I’ll pick up
But, for now…


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