On Art.

Are you Depressed?
Make art.
Become Art.
Live totally.

You’re a song.
Whether you choose to sing or rest in silence, your vibration is heard for those listening.

You’re a sculpture.
Your body is a temple.

Your delicious.

Art is the language of the soul.
It gives birth to meaning, and lives beyond sense.
It is above mind, and therefore, it extends beyond time.

Art is….
The death of your lover.
Christ on the cross.
Pandemic pizza parties.

Life is art.

Take your perspective.
See it for what it is.
Or add something new.

Through art you can understand your life.
Not by making sense of it. But, by stepping into your senses and becoming one with life.
True understanding is not what you say with words.
It’s how you be.

Art is free.
Beyond hierarchy.
If someone tells you your art sucks.
See clearly.
If someone tell you your art rocks.
See clearly.

Beyond right or wrong.
Good or bad.
See it clearly.

Art is living in the moment before the word has formed.
The dance of creation never stops.
Not even in death.
Penetrate life through metaphor and see that even prose is poetry.
Behind every word is the world.
Behind every death is another door.

The artist is a creator.
The artist is The creator.
And the created.
Paradox is art.
Try to understand it and you’ll get confused.
Try to understand life and you’ll get confused.
Don’t try and figure out the beat, your body knows just how to move.

Remember, when life gets you down.
When your stuck and bored.
Draw another perspective and become something new.
The old you has problems.
How about a new story.

Your expression matters.
Your emotions matter.
Or not.
Be bold enough to not care…like sticking a flower down the barrel of a gun.
Laugh into the next life.
Make death your wife.
She’s awfully seducing.
She has many people enamored.
But, if you marry her, then two can become one, and your old life can be done.

What’s tomorrow’s story gonna be?
Will we write the story of when we decided to be free?
Who cares.
Art love adversity.
Let’s just agree to create consciously?

What do I know.
I’m just fingers on a keyboard.

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