Spiritual Inter-course

This is a discourse
On the delicate web of love
8 limbs of yoga is how I show you my dedication

Yama and niyama, this rap gonna end with us in our pijammas

I have more to say
And I’d like to tell you with my tongue
But, not with my speech

Circling back now
Back door, on the floor
More sadhana
And naughty shodhana

Ida and pingala
It’s either you gal or imma keep praying with my mala

You see im just looking for another light to share my love with
Get high above with
And realize the all in one with
Give our gifts and do heavy lifts
Not just with weights, let’s lift the density and replace sorrow with the sacred

I’m seeing your divine
If you were a powder, I’d do a line
To bring you in my mind

I don’t want you to be mine
Your sovereignty is not virginity
No one can take it

I’m not about love possession
That shits depressin’
Fuck repression
I’m here to hold space for the highest expression

There’s a lot of beautiful women in the world
Many are aligned
But which to choose?

We probably agree that corruption is spelt big pharma

But, but can you ride with me as I serve my dharma?
No bad karma

I know this won’t alarm ya
Because your wise and mindful
You see in me what I can’t see in myself
So I promise to be conscious

Let’s hold the space for it all
And rewrite the scripture of The Fall
We are not born in sin
That’s a shitty way to begin

Let’s start off as empty and let our authentic essence evolve our understanding
Then let’s remember who we were before
Forever more
And be reborn a new
So that our love don’t grow stale

Let’s birth this moment with whatever arises
Patterns are temporary songs
And I’m just here singing on this earth for a short while
Times passing and I’ve got a million ways to make you smile

And I don’t mean I got a pile jokes
I simply know the way to yoke
Which is another word for union
That’s the way to happiness
When two become one

Speaking of two beings becoming
Whose open to learn Taoist love cultivation?
Microcosmic orbit meditation is the actualization of everything you never knew you wanted

Practiced by bringing light through the body
Sometimes imagined as a pearl
It teaches sacred love for spiritual realization
Speaking of pearl, spiritual sex makes the toes unfurl
Tongue twirl

Don’t ya know spiraling the hips gathers more energy than a thrust?
365 acupuncture points, 1 year to discover ever part of you

Some will judge our ways
For fear
Others will stay clear

But purity lives in the heart
And the courageous know how to walk the fine line

In time we’ll realize it all
And be connected to the One

For now let’s dedicate our time to our gifts
and give our love away

That’s all I’m really here to say

And I’m out

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