Peotry from the Depth

I shed my skin in ecdysis
Peices of myself
All over the floor.

Layers of worry
seared from my skin.
To begin
I felt damaged by
Immensity of woe
Leaves me with the propensity
Towards leaving this city

After my excavation…I’m exactly where I need to be.
Under the seared skin is a new layer of perfection.

I shrink down into an atom.
You wouldn’t fathom what I did see.
It was me,
But, not the one you see one the surface.

Underneath the layers I wear, beyond my distance stare I come to witness my inner workings.

Longings to be liberated from routine.
Desires for power.
Deviant behaviours too, buried deep from past lives.
Murdered wives.
Ecstasy in the heart of war.
The truths that few wish to see.

The depths run deep in my sea.
Journying within, I have never found the end.

Memories of countless deaths.
Drowned by the hands of my father.
Axe murdered by my daughter.

And where there is dark, I am the light.
I am that I am.
My consciousness desires truth and to make light in the night.

Lifetimes of love live within too.
Generations of grace as I look into my sons faces.
Nothing can replace these memories, they are built into the walls of my heart. It cannot beat without this love.

At the size of an Atom it’s clear to see there is no true you and me.
At this level of energy, information is free to move effortlessly into the all.

A single heart-break sends a ripple to all heart’s. It is not only as dropping a pebble in a pond, the ripple extends beyond time into eternity.

What’s in my depths is not merely for me to see, we all must know the truth to be free.

The darkness divides ➗ , two circles appear to be separate, but they have the same center. Each is a portal to the one essential light.

As I venture back to regular size I realize the lies I tell myself. Illusionary beliefs don’t stand up when one chooses to know truth. A different perspective is all the proof one needs to begin to plant the new seeds through which to grow their internal garden.
Sorting out the weeds that strangle the flowers from blossoming.

I am becoming.
And my being already complete.
Embodying a billion faces.

I see you now.
Not like before.
Because I see me for what I am, and know what it takes just to be.

I look into your eyes with a prayer to be free.
And I won’t return into slumber, until the truth is what I see.

Sending courage and strength for our collective to live boldly with truth and love.

  • Aya

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