Shift your State Guide

State = mental/emotional/physical

Step 1: Assessment Awareness

  1. Make an intention to see your truth and hold yourself in unconditional love/acceptance. Make a dedication to shift your state and empower yourself fir yourself and the betterment of the all.
  2. Orientated your awareness into your body
  • examples: body scan, self-massage or tapping, yoga asana or qigong, singing.

note: the more resistant you are to what your feeling, the more difficult it will be to focus awareness into the body

  1. Without changing your breathing pattern, witness your breathing quality without judgment
  • Is the breath short, shallow, long, deep, turbid, consistent, etc… are any parts of the body contracted and not receiving breath? (Assess from pelvic floor to throat)
  1. What is your current emotional state
  • Name it
  1. What is your current state of mind
  • What are its qualities: busy, calm, distracted, expansive, etc.
  1. Surrender.
  • Allow yourself to fully experience your current mental, emotional, and physical state without resistance.
  1. Shift

Methods of shifting

A. Change your breathing to become deeper and more full, and breath into blockages

B. Express your emotion and body (sound/vocalization, dance, art, yoga, shaking etc)

C. Feel your emotion, then it’s opposite. Then neutrality. Repeat until no charge is left.

D. Assess the cause of your current state of emotion … why are you holding onto this emotion, what benifit/negative do you have from this emotional state.

  • What is the root of this emotion… where did you first feel it, and what stories and beliefs surround the imprinting of this emotional response.
  1. Return to wholeness and set new intentions
  • When the emotion has been processed Return, return to your natural neutral state of love and acceptance of yourself and your environment. Then direct your energy and intention where you want them.

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