What can a medical Qigong/Breathwork practitioner offer you?

Medical Qigong is a holistic field of medicine that utilizes movement, breath, meditation, and massage as a means of correcting imbalances and achieving optimal energy for success.

The practices run parallel with Chinese Medicine and have been around for thousands of years… however, they have developed into thousands of systems ….some geared towards the treating of specific conditions and diseases (imbalances), other for already healthy individuals who want to increase energy, self-mastery, or spiritual development. .. I offer both.

When I see a client I make an assessment wherein I read their breathing pattern, assess organ health, and energy fields/chakras. Our breathing pattern represents our current state of emotion and health…how the breath is flowing, and where it is not capable of flowing indicates where imbalances are. I can assess how energy is flowing through the body and organs through various Qigong forms.

This gives me the information to offer specific breath/movement/meditations treatments i can offer to address the physical, mental, and emotional imbalances and restore energy flow.

After treatment I can offer prescription movements and practices that an individual would take home to practice.

The whole process is one of increasing an individuals self-awareness, and empowering them to be their own healer. Through an assessment of the breath, organs, and chakras I can give specific insight on where you may be blocked in your life.

I offer these sessions in my clinic and online in Squamish.

For a powerful energy shift, consider coming to one of the many workshops and retreats I have coming up.

It’s an honour to empower individuals with this potent medicine. I plan on pursuing this field till I’m a doctor of medical qigong. I see it as my contribution to the revolution of health that is upon us. The more we can take our health and power into our own hands, the less we rely on broken systems that create dependency.

The secret to good health is within and under our nose. Breath that in and give me a message to explore further.

breathwork #pranayama #qigong

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