Channeled Conversations with the Self

When you’re tired of searching you’ll come home to these words.
There’s something familiar here.
Come home.

Where you feel at ease.
Breathe.. calm as a cool breeze.

Behind these words is a light.
Crawling into bed and everything alright.
Wrapped in familiar sheets.
Remember that there are things that never dull with repeated use.
Hold the one’s you love.

Emotions flow.
Yesterdays sorrow dripped from earth and sky.
All of nature knows how to cry.

Tomorrow never comes.
Don’t delay the garden.
Plant in Spring and live in harmony with the cycles.
A time to dance and a time to rest.
A time to tik tok and a time meditate.
Isn’t that how she goes?

I let go of a belief today.
I feel light.
Reality looks brighter when I see it without a filter.

I’m turning now.
Mind is yearning for romance.
Can body come too?
Let’s ask the heart.

It’s not waiting, it’s cultivating.

A bird told me to let go of fantasy.
And heal the relationship with my mother.

Walk before you dance.
Learn the way of loving the self before you try and tango with another.
When will I know I’m ready?

When you surrender all desire.
Does that mean I won’t want it?
Just the parts of you who want to use love.

Learn to recognize what cannot be hidden.
Is that a riddle?
Peek a boo.
Remember now?

Remember how you loved your mom with your whole heart
Have you ever loved another with such purity?
Do you remember when your love became lessened?
Heal this part of yourself and know a love that is True.

I don’t always feel as though I belong here.
Here, where I live…where should I live?
In the heart. It is your home and your compass.
I try and live and listen to my heart.
Stop trying.

Who am I?
Close your eyes, what do you see?
No one.

What is my purpose?
What are you doing right now?
Entertain this …. Your purpose is always what you are doing right now. You simply need to be totally surrendered in your being to feel complete. From a place of wholeness, you living your purpose will unfold naturally.

What can you tell me about past lives?
What would you like to know?
Is there any past lives that I should know about that are blocking my growth that you can share with me?
All the most pertinent areas of your growing are available in the experiences you have had in this lifetime, they contain the hologram of past lives.

What can I do to better contribute to the health and healing of the planet?
Become whole.
How will this help?
Stop trying to help the world as if it were something separate from you and become one with creation, from this wholeness of being, all action will unfold in accordance with destiny.

Is destiny real? What about Free will!?
Who says there is one destiny?
How is that destiny if there is more than one?
There are many dimensions to existence and experience.
I get it.

I feel complete.
My mind is clear.
Thank you.

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