Silky wet panties

Don’t read

A touch deeper than the ordinary
A questionable sensation
The sound of friction 

When these lips touch
We live in the mystery

We are called to the act
We are dancers in the play of love

A wet glove on a single finger
Words linger when the hormones pulse

The shadow work of sex is to see your fantasies
And the desire from which they came
Blame and shame are players in the game

Healing cums when we are willing to shine the light of love
And rise above
And get low
And find harmony in the middle

Pushing aside the body’s desire is to set fire to your home
Instead, grow a garden
And reap and sow the seeds you wish to see flower

Know thyself
Thy desires
And wherefrom they started
Carry your consciousness there and everywhere
And I mean everywhere

There are few acts more nurturing for the soul
Our bodies drip, warm, and moan
If we allow

How you make love, is how you live
All your patterns are there
Your relationship with self
Your confidence
Your relationship with the masculine and feminine
Your capacity to give and recieve pleasure and love
Your attachment styles
Your communication skills
Your empathetic relating

Raise the consciousness of your love making
And rise to a new standard of awareness

When every kiss is a conscious expression
You will become as an adept meditator who is aware of every life giving breath

Se× is meditation
Medicine for the body, mind, and soul

Silky wet panties instead of saffron robes
No statues of buddhas
Jusr the living flesh of your divine partner

The bedroom is a place of prayer
Or sin
And I don’t mean culturally naughty acts are wrong
Sin means unconsciousness

Om sexy sexy sexy


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