Shiva and Shakti Divine Union

Now begins love.

Shiva embraced Shakti in his arms
Their breath pulses in rhythm
Engorged in the present moment, their eyes each looking upon anothers’ eternity

Shiva moves in without hesitation
Shakti receives and releases her breath with the sound of pleasure

Her senses peak as she opens to receive
She tastes the nectar of his heart’s intention
Anointed by the sounds of her partner’s growl

She feels safe to surrender
Her softness allows his love to penetrate deep
The connection is electric and the fine lotus-like thread in the spine becomes illuminated

Energy circulating and warming in the lower regions
She brings his cauldron to boil
Steamy awaking energy arouses up the spine like a snake
Her divine slithers through the delicate webbing of his nervous system
Closing his eyes, he feels as though she has grown 8 limbs and each of them is stroking and caressing

A wrestle evolves and he is soon on top
Undressing her he is keen to keep the embers of passion aflame
Listening to her every breath to guide the dance of soul’s in divine union

Suddenly the room becomes brighter and colours define
A shift in dimensions
And a pause in motion

Stillness begs
And the desire is witnessed
Patiently they touch into eternity

Resting at the center of their being, they listen for the call of the heart
It’s time to start
A blink of the eye and a sudden turn in energy arouses the great mystery
Open and curious

Shiva takes his tongue and begins to lick and suck her toes
Shakti wiggles to the unfamiliar sensation and then surrenders into a new ecstasy
By letting go she offers a piece of her conditioned self to be released
Her body melts
He receives her pleasure
And it polarizes his energy

They become as magnets
Snake-like, they wrap and squeeze one another like an anaconda
Darting his tongue in and out, he moves into his animal and enters deeply into her cave
Sensing the environment directly without thought
Sensitive and receptive
Awake and aware

The deeper they surrender into the force that draws them near
the more layers are shed
touching upon the place in the middle where they are both one
And dancing in their polarities
They are defining one another
They become more beautiful with each moment
Cast upon divine light, they become chiseled and refined in love’s sight

He moves in every way that is just right, because he is listening to his body and know himself
Nothing to hide
She see’s herself clearly and is willing to offer her love from wholeness
This is why each kiss brings about a sense of fullness

It happened

They breath in to receive breath with gratitude
Watching the turning between inhaling and exhaling breath, they dissolve in the eternal cycle

Soon enough Shiva’s exhaling breath is Shakti’s inhaling breath
A stream of life-giving consciousness circulates through their inner universes
This exchange of breath penetrates deeper than the ordinary kiss
It is felt on every level of being

Then rises the great sensation
After much work of cultivation
A celebration of body and soul

This orgasm starts at the bottom and climbs its way through every energy center
Activating pleasure, power, love, awareness, bliss, and ecstasy
Endless waves of energy radiate in every direction, altering the vibration of every cell
Bodies cast aside; they melt like ice into water
They dissolve into steam and rise above the clouds

Each moment becomes a blossoming
Every cell is allowing

Here and now
Radiant awakeness
Unwavering attention

Shiva continues to fan the embers as in the beginning
Careful to not lose the spark that lit this fire burning
It keeps them warm
Devoted to flames
They cast themselves in
And return to the light

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