How to Breath While Making Love

Shiva, if you want to keep our love aflame you must learn the sacred art of breathing.

Shakti, what is this sacred art?

Learning the sacred art of breathing is the only way to know love in your depths.

Shallow breathers stay on the surface of ecstasy, while those who know how to allow the breath to penetrate deep know the depths of love.



So then Shiva, when you recognize me, breath me in.

Breath me into your eyes and see me. Breath me into your ears and hear me. Breath me in through all of your senses and know me in you.

Breath me in through your skin and feel me in your body.

Breath my whole body and being in, from head to toe, know my emotion and mind through my breath.

Listen to the song of my breath.

Dance with the ebb and flow of life.

Breath into your intentions and consciously activate what is arising in you.

Breath in the truth that is alive.


When we are near, relax and let our breaths natural synchronize with one another. When breath is in harmony, all else will flow. Let the primary conversation be one of body and energy, let us use words with precision.

When you speak, which is another way of breathing, harmonize your words with your heart.

Let there be an openness to give and receive the sensations of breath In your heart.

Then my love can enter.



Before you kiss me take a gentle, but full inhale, then softly and slowly as you kiss me exhale.

The inhale stimulates the heartrate to rise, whereas the exhale encourages the heartrate to slow and relaxes the body.

Relax into the kiss and soften.


When are you turned on, deepen your breathing and release your exhale with sound.

Use different tones to vibrate and express different areas of your body and different aspects of pleasure. Your pleasure is maximized by the degree you can express and open yourself to receive my nectar.

As our breathing pace quickens, feel the energy pulse through your body.

It is important to allow this energy to move through the body and not get to built up in any one region.

You must learn to control your pelvic diaphragm and lift this primordial energy up through your spinal system.

By touching the body we can assist the breath in penetrating every cell.


When you are near my ear, breath your warm breath and sensual intentions there.

Let there be a fierceness and a growl as you activate your primal instincts.

Let your spine be fluid and your energy dynamic.

At times I would wish you bind and constrict me like a bao.

Other times you pounce as a tiger unto its prey.

Let there be an intensity of action and breathing that is then balanced by stillness.


Slow my body down and bring your nose and lips next to mine.

Let us breath so delicately that if there was a feather underneath our nose it would not blow.

Subtle breathing allows for subtle sensations to become heightened.

Release any control of the breathing and simply surrender into the moment.

The surrendering of breathing allows for a surrender of control.

Release the conditioning you wear into the street and show up in your full potential as a lover.


Next, let me sit on top of you. As I breath out, breath me in and circulate my breath into your lingam, let me receive it into my yoni and I will breath it up and back into you. Let us circulate the energy of the breath until it awakens new dimensions of pleasure.

Then we hold our breath and sift into eternity.

Pulsing our genitals and pumping cerebralspinal fluid through the spinal column through rhythmic contractions of the spinal pumps.

Then release the exhale and let your breath guide you.


When you begin to kiss my lower body. Learn to cool and heat your breath.

Practice releasing and relaxing your tongue so that it may taste the air like a snake. 

Learn to breath through your tongue.

Study animal tongues and the way snakes move to learn the primal way.


You must feel to breath, so surrender your psychic armoring and be naked unto our love.

Breath in to feel …

Your passion.

Your insecurity.

Your power.

Your fragility.

You are a multi-dimensional being and all that you are open and available to feel, is what is possible to heal….in you and to hold the space for me to do the same.



Your breathing marks the incoming energy that is animating your body and sustaining your life.

Let a gratitude and devotion be anointing your incoming breath.


If we sustain eye contact and breath in harmony and without pause, we can blur the line between one moment and next, as well as we can dissolve the separation between you and I.  When there is but one breath, we are to come into union.

This my love, is the sacred art of breathing. When there is no more two bodies, but one breath, all is known.  

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