The Sacred Way of Tantric Intimacy

Raise your standards of intimacy.
Hold the space for your goddess to radiate by offering unconditional acceptance of her being.
See her in her wholeness.

Connect with her on all levels.
Be present with your physical attraction, embodying your sexuality and allowing it to evolve the way you move and interact.
Be courageous in your emotion and allow your feelings to flow from your center without guard or hesitation.
Be in flow as in a dance or a fight.
Meet one another’s mind at the same frequency, and let the words come naturally.
Surrender to the will of your heart and all else will follow with ease.

Let your intimacy be a process that expands your awareness.
Let it be meditation.
Let it be primal.
Let it be saintly.
Let it be dynamic.

Attraction is based on polarity.
Etch your character in relation to your partner.
Be mature in your masculine and be mindful of areas of growth.

She does not expect perfection. Your awareness of your limitation and vulnerability is more important than any ideal. Be mindful of your immaturities and any conditioning that is not in alignment with your highest path. Fragmented pieces of your childhood and processes based on lack and desire fall short of the highest standards of love. Love her from a place of wholeness. There is no resting. There is always more work to be done, so be ever watchful and present. Love is not a test, but an arena for infinite expansion.
By holding the space for yourself and working on yourself with devotion, you will allow the stage to be set for deep intimacy to occur.

The depth of your intimacy is limited by your own internal relationship with self.
She is not there is fulfil your deepest needs. She cannot give you love and satisfy your desire. It is upon us to learn to love ourselves wholly. Our relationships are the gifts of our growing.

Sex is a small aspect of intimacy.
The part of you that penetrates your partner deepest is not your cock, it is your love carried on the subtle breath you breathe. Your shared love and breath is the spiritual connection that is beyond all words. It is beyond the physical, emotional, and mental connection…and it organizes and aligns these lower vibrations.

Your sex is to be an expression of your love.
When sex is merely an expression and satisfaction of desire, it is not the highest standard of sex. It is not morally wrong, it is simply a waste of your life-force.

Emotional intimacy is when two individuals connect at a deep love of feeling. This feeling has a depth that brings one closer to their center. But, it is still a connection that exists between two separate beings. The highest standard of love is when two beings connect at the level spirit where there is no individual. This depth of love is your center, and it is their center, and the center that all beings share.

Is that clear?

Emotional bonds are felt through the individual being and body.
Spiritual connection takes place at the level of spirit and is not associated with the body or the individual.
This is the highest manifestation of love.

A single glimpse at this level of love will entirely change the nature of the individual and they will come to know this love in all beings.
This level of love will cause a flourishing in all areas of both individuals life and it is worth waiting ten-thousand lifetimes for.

This kind of intimacy can be cultivated for the devoted through the teachings of Tantra.
Which is the supreme science of self-realization and love.

Through the techniques of tantra one can learn to recognize their True Nature.

True Nature is not the conditioned self or the limited self that is associated with the body of the ego-construction that has been patterns in this and many lifetimes.

Your True Nature is your center.
In order to know your center you must peel back the many layers and masks and penetrate into your depths.

Love is the force that transcends all dimensions.
Your breath is the vehicle.

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