What’s Possible in Love?

Seriously (not serious) what is the potential of love?

In your life… what metamorphosises in your mind, life, and sense of self have been made possible through the transformational fire of love?

Here is a quandary to quander with…

mind creates time. (small ‘m’ mind denoted personal mind as opposed to universal Mind with capital ‘M’)

Your mind creates time and gives you the experience of moving through the now moment. It also gives a sense of there being a past and future. But… time is not neccessarily linear.

Love is beyond mind.
Love is beyond time.

Through love we can touch upon that which lies outside the ordinary time and space of mind and body.

It’s not something I can prove by weight and measure so it’s not objective.

But, I’m posing this quandary to your subjective or personal sense of knowing through intuition.

Subjective science or inner sciences play by different rules.

Love plays by different rules.

You can’t weigh or measure it, but few would argue it doesn’t exist.

I had a partner once tell me that ‘love is that which transcends all dimensions’

Beyond life and death.

Can you tap into this…

Can you feel the aliveness of love between you and your ancestors.

Feel into it… is it just your love extending out or can you recieve love from your ancestors that have past this dimensional realm?

Try this one… can you feel love from your future self?

What’s that like?

Here’s the one I’ve been sensing into …

I can feel the love of my future partner and I don’t know who she is…

It’s been strong recently since I let go of my limiting beliefs about relationships, got clear on my purpose, and what I wanted in partnership.

I was and am open to recieve and immediately the energy shifted. It has not come to manifestation in the physical, but the underlying energetic scaffolding is being built in each moment I attune to this force of love.

I don’t need to seek her, because the love I’m after is within me. I may potentially never meet her in this life. It’s the attunement to the purest expression of love that I’m focused on and like a true north compass my actions are evolving.

I am evolving …
I am … present. In love, there is no where to go. All goals, however noble or grand do not make one more or less deserving of love.

Love is the great perfection that penetrates all things. We only need to attune to it and allow it to guide us.

It requires surrender. True surrender. Surrender is death.

Love kills.
Love rebirths.
And love transcends all dimensions.

Tapping into the field of love gives me a connection to all others in a new way.

When I offer healings I can be tune into the field of energy beyond time and space and be a channel for love. . . In as best as my vehicle (body mind) can be pure.

So purification is my passion.

Love is not simply a tender mother who is ever-forgiving.

Love is pachamama’s hurricanes and razor sharp tiger’s claws.

Love is Kali.

So then, what is possible with love?
It is a great mystery which my limited (m)ind cannot conceive… so I humbly listen and play love’s game.

Standing in love.
Falling in love.

Just an actor in this divine drama.

Through love I am strong…
For love I bear the cold longer.
I sing from my depth.
For love I train to fight and protect.
For love I purify.

For my love I lay my life, for my body will be taken anyway, may as well learn to offer it as best I can. What better way than in divine partnership.

Divine partnership is the ideal container for love to heal and align the bodymind to True North.

It is a place where wounds are safe to be seen. For only love can heal our deepest parts. It is wholeness we all need, and for those whose path it is to be in partnership, it is through another that we are given the opportunity to find ourselves complete in another.

The love we perfect in that partnership becomes the caliber of love possible that we may offer to the all.

It begins with self, our own heart is the center, and we flower outwards until our love encompasses all the known universe… and beyond.

So then…. seriously! (not seriously) what is possible in love?

Let’s find out.

Blessings and wishing you the love that is True

Aya Aum

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