How to make optimal decisions, get out of the rat race, and align with your True North.

How to make optimal decisions, get out of the rat race, and align with your True North.

In any one moment your body is receiving millions of bites of information to process.

How then do you make the right decisions that are in alignment with your highest intention and dream life?

First consider the sheer amount of information you are bombarded with on a daily basis from outside of you – information from your senses, advertisements, bank statements, bills, news, etc.

Then consider all the signals coming from your body – information about hunger (satiety), hydration, immune responses, emotions, beliefs, etc.

Here’s how we can organize and align our mind.

Your dreams are within you.
Others can inspire you, but your dreams are from the information within.

The light of your awareness must then be directed inward to recieve the truth of what you want.

Did you know there is something like 10x more information coming from your body to your brain than from outside you into your brain.

Yet, how often do you and others pay attention to information outside of yourself for direction?


Your body and nervous system has various centers of information processing. These centers which have more densely packed neurons are vital areas to focus on to tune into the bodies intelligence.

There are many large nerve plexi along the spine that correlate to the yogic chakra system. And there is the enteric or gut brain, the heart brain, and the brain we know and love in our head. We can think of these centers as being specialized for instincts (gut), feelings (heart), and thoughts (brain).

Optimal decisions are made when we are in tune and listening to these centers.

If we make big decisions about our path in life based on external factors we can be easy beguiled by illusions, let astray by our fears and other negative emotions, deceived by others, etc

The other option is to learn to refine our inner listening to our True North’s compass.


Furthermore… if we are always moving there is constant stimuli to process. Stillness is optimal for finding clarity.

When we are too busy in action, even if it is beneficial action, we can get swept away from our center.

Being centered refers to attending to our internal intelligence and making optimal decisions based on our goals and not being caught up in the energy of others.

The constant action, pursuit, and reward is driven by the brain’s neurotransmitter dopamine. Because of its reward and motivation associations dopamine and other neurotransmitters like epinephrine give us forward momentum. We can get lost in the momentum which kerp us cycles like addiction because of the pleasure they offer, but they may never give us true satisfaction.

True satisfaction is fulfillment with what is here and now. Not a goal off in a future yet to come. Fulfilment of the moment is associated with serotonin and oxytocin. These two systems dopamine and serotonin can sometimes compete depending on how we live our life.

I can speak for myself, my optimal state is a harmony of both, which means I dedicate time to being in simplicity and stillness and finding gratitude, and I devote time to being in savage pursuit of my goals, and the gold standard is when ample time is spent in both and one learns to be in centeredness and still while in action. Or what is known as wui-wei, in Chinese philosophy, which can be translated as effortless-action or non-doing.

It’s a delicate balance and here is how you can determine if your out of harmony.

If you can be in action and pursuit and it is easy for you to slow down and find stillness of body and mind, then your in balanced of action and stillness. If not, you have various programs running in your nervous system that are sending you signals that tell you you need to move forward and be somewhere other than here and now.

This moment is all we have. The past and future are not real outside of mind. If this is you, it’s important to learn to slow down and process the information in your nervous system, find stillness and contentment, orientate your decisions in alignment with your goals and release any fear, anxiety, worry, sadness, or anger that is clouding your capacity to see the present moment as it is… as open and available for you to determine the quality of your own inner state, and then to empower your actions out of the cycles your locked in and make new choices that give you greater internal and external freedom.

These cycles we get caught in are based on early conditioning, the pressure of the ‘rat race’, and unprocessed emotion in your system.

The practices of breathwork and qigong offer the tools to rapidly process information in the nervous system, to attune to the centers of intelligence in the body (gut, heart, head) and align you with your truth and true north compass.

The breath is the vehicle to enter into the body. The practices of qigong teach how to work with the energy of the breath through movement, breathwork, and meditation.

I offer 1 on 1 sessions and coaching to help individuals find their center and align with their truth.

Reach out and learn these practices today by sending a message.

Fulfillment is here, now!

Bless Aya Aum

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