New exert from my upcoming Ebook – The HeART and Breath of Tantra.

In this book I share a collection of my favorite Tantric techniques from the Vigyan Tantra to aid others in embodying their True Nature and releasing old patterns of the conditioned mind to open their life to new dimensions of possibility. The book offers techniques, my explanations of the technique, and poetry. The essence of Tantric teachings as shared in this book is three-fold, to experience the love (heart), beauty (art), and the richness of the present moment (breath). One of my dedications for this book is written for my beloved partner I’ve yet to meet. Many of the poems, such as the one written here is dedicated to her. The process of writing this Ebook is infused with my intention to help others to experience greater levels of freedom and love. And to cultivate the highest expression of love so that when I meet my future partner I will be ready. Further, the poems help to explain the techniques.

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Blessings on your Way.

The following poem is written in the chapter that explores the 42 techniques from the Vigyan Tantra, which is as follows:

Technique #42:

“Intone a sound audibly, then less and less audibly as feeling deepens into this silent harmony”

Shakti my love, let me tell you ‘I love you’

First, listen to the words I speak as I anoint you with the 3 sacred sounds that represent the connection of the ‘I” to the ‘You’ with love.

It is a peculiar sentence, because it uses three words, but really there is only one in love.

I love you.

As I speak these words can you hear that there is a period at the end? It is the closing of the statement with finality and totality.
There is not an exclamation mark at the end as I speak these words… I am not shouting at you.
Early love is filled with infatuation and over-excitement. Mature love evolves into an ever-present contentment of this beautific moment and so I speak them without hurry and with complete sincerity.

When I say these three words, “ I Love you”, can you hear wherefrom their vibration is sourced.

In source of course

From the depth of me, to the depth of you, when I speak these words aloud I vibrate my body to the music that plays throughout the 7 kingdoms and the 13 realms. Let me say these sacred words again, I love you…I repeat them until my celestial light filled DNA core receives these codes and transmits the cellular machinery of my body to build me into the man capable of holding more love to give.

As I say these words out loud my organs receive the vibration and harmony in my cells is here.

When I speak these words others can hear my truth and in eternity the ripples go on to grow the potential and possibility of others to hear and know the same.

Now let me whisper these words to you in prayer.
I love you.
As my tone and volume become more subtle, can you hear the emotional energy of my vibration. To hear a quiet noise you must listen with greater awareness. Let love awaken you to this new level knowing and experiencing.

A gentle voice is a whisper from the heart, complete with the love codes from me to your.
Now let us penetrate a layer deeper as I simply breath out and repeat ‘I love you’ in my mind.

Can you feel the tone in the field of love we are swimming in?

When I breath out in this way you cannot hear me say the three words, and yet if you are aware, you can read the truth in my eyes and sense the delicate ripples of my heart beating your name.

This crystalized dimension of knowing is the least confined to time and space, and even if you are not present in the same place you will know when it is true. Non-local transmission of communication is possible because I do not need to transmit sound from my tongue to your ear as if we live only as two separate beings.

I need only to be in tune with the song of love and the words that are written on my heart will be known in yours because love is beyond the body and mind.

I love you is simply the condensed poetry of what is unspeakable.

When I truly am attuned to love and loving you, no words need be said, so let us enjoy this breath and each others company.

Aya Aum

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