Plant Medicine Energetic Dieting

Have you ever heard of an energetic diet?

We are all familiar with nutritional dieting… energetic dieting is similar to nutritional dieting in that it follows certain observances (things to do and don’t do), except energetic dieting is more inclusive.

The observances involve what you watch, who you interact with, and sexual activity among other things.

Various traditions have different ways of energetic dieting and the exact parameters depend on the specific intentions of the practice.

I’m currently in a plant dieta with Bobinsana. The dieta is part of the shipibo indigenous practices and is often undertaken by those apprenticing with ayahuasca or simply for ones own healing.

Traditionally, the diets are done in the jungle in isolation…for a week, weeks, months, etc.

It is a time to focus one’s whole body and mind to connect with the spirit of the plant and receive it’s teachings. In this way, a medicine man will learn how to heal themselves and/or others. The plant may teach them in their dreams or in the waking. Sometimes the plant will offer healing songs the medicine person can sing.

As our world has evolved the traditional dieta has adapted and that’s what I’m currently practicing.

I have a restricted diet (think bland food without salt and sugar), I don’t touch people (unless necessary for my work), no sex (not even thinking about it), and I monitor all my thoughts, shows I watch, etc, while taking time to connect with the plant spirit of Bobinsana.

The idea is to simulate being isolated in the jungle (as close to it)… free from distractions.

Why so strict?

Everything we do is subject to energy exchange. We are always in relationship to life and giving and receiving energy. Our food, what we watch, who we talk to and touch is all affecting us in intricate ways.

To have a period where the energetic bombardment is limited is akin to being by a peaceful lake in the valley when no one is around. The mind and body functions at a whole other level.

As I change my diet I exert a kind of discipline that filters into my life. Ever more grateful for the subtle flavors.

Going without sex and not thinking about sex is revealing of patterns of desire and how they affect my relationships, choices, and even how I leak my energy out.

If you’ve ever done a fast you may know this feeling: at first the conditioned patterns of regularity and reward are strong. Then it goes away and the desire for food diminishes until you get to a state where your genuinely not hungry or even thinking or caring about food. Not permanently… it comes back in waves… some strong and intense for short periods… other slow and gentle…

This pattern is one of desire.

It’s the same for sex. The thoughts and desire for sex diminishes for periods in celibacy, then it comes in waves of varying intensity. This is part of the trails … many people fail when the desire gets intense… this is part of the re-conditioning of desire and attachment.

I have had a few sexual dreams… even in dreams I cannot be having sex. So I wake up in the dream and resist temptations. Successful so far!

Though I can think back to my first ayahuasca sessions many eyars ago where I failed the test and released in my dream.

Woke up the moment before I orgasmed in my dream… and unfortunately I woke up to a wet bed. Not only did I fail, I missed the orgasm and had to clean up my failure!

How does one stop themselves from orgasming in a dream?

By becoming more conscious. It is possible to wake in dreams. The plant i am working with helps me to do so most nights. It’s like taking psychedelics every night to do deep inner work.

Many people know it’s good to build passive income while you sleep, it’s also good to do inner work while you sleep 😛

The growth potential that is possible is huge…

But, plant diets can go downhill.

Think of the diet as an accelerated evolutionary portal.

When things are going well, they are going great.

If they go downhill… they can slip fast.

Life will tempt you.

Beautiful women – mara.

Delicious food


It’s not that salt and sex is evil.

It’s about commitment. And having the power over the conditioning of desire. Getting to know desire. Getting to know the nature of mind. There are many fruits of the practice of energetic dieting.

I also can’t touch people (except for work and I do rituals to clear that energy)

I didn’t realize how many people I hug.

But each touch or hug is an energy exchange.

When your energetically sensitive and on plant medicines it’s important to be cautious about what your interacting always is, but plant medicines amplify everything.

People carry all their stress and negative emotion in the aura (electromagnetic fields) around them. Exchange touch and the energy transfer increases.

As I practice this energetic dieting I’m hyper aware of touch… others emotions… who is packing my groceries… I watch I’m watching and it’s affect on my energy… how I’m thinking…etc

It’s a tremendous experience where I’m fully engaged 24/7 in a process. What a great tool to evolve the consciousness.

What I’ve shared just scratches the surface and doesn’t touch on the healing I’ve done… I’ll save that for my podcasts.

So then, would you ever follow an energetic diet?

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