Conscious Connected Breathing – a Descriptive Journey

Only the sound of breath.
A continuous and circular river of life giving energy.
Inhale penetrates into exhale.
Exhale gives way to inhale.

The effort on the inhale is the body saying YES to life.
The inhale opens so that she may receive.

The exhale is the great surrender.
She exhales with grace as a preparation for her last breath.

Lying supine.
Her back body is rooted on the earth.
Her front body meets the sky and air.
Above and below.

As the breath rhythm continues, it begins to stabilize, and she can soften her effort and allow the breath to breathe itself.
Natural Breathing.
Her attention and awareness are pointed within. With love, curiosity, and equanimity she scans her mind onto and into her body where she opens herself into a world of feelings and sensations.
The life pulse begins to vibrate and tingle.
Rolling waves of sensation wash over her like breathewaves.

Truth is revealed.
Not scripture. No Gita, or Koran. No bible, or Torah.
Direct transmission of truth. Beyond language and mentation.
Truth is what is happening right now….not as she wants it, but as it is.

In her attention she is confronted with many sensations that are full, open, and inviting.
Other parts of her body feel held, restricted, blocked, and ugly.
In the ultimate practice of self-love she listens to her body. Like a true lover, she does not try and fix the problems as they arise, but simply wraps them in her tender compassion.
If she reacts to every unpleasant sensation old habit patterns of the mind would take over.
If she tried to control, fix, or change her state every time unpleasant sensations arise, she would not give them the space to share their wisdom….her wisdom…universal wisdom.

She surrenders.
Becoming soft.
It takes immeasurable strength to remain soft in the height of pain.
It takes resilience to maintain connection to love when anger arises like a wild-fire from within.

Surrender is only complete when there is no desire for what is happening to end. So then…she casts herself wholly into the river of sensation. Her attempts are not complete…as she is still attached. The tethers to the past are too deep. Her bondage is too much to let go of in this instant.

So she returns to her breath and this practice. Again and again.
The practice chips away the rigid layers of ego and the mind’s identification with the false self.
Humility and surrender melt these false layers and her breath becomes deeper with every shedding.

She has to work continuously.
The practice is called conscious connected breathwork.
Translated as, becoming aware of the relationships of life.
By maintaining connection to the sensation and breath, one tethers their attention in the present.
Transcending the mind’s tendency to live in the emotions/stories of the past.
Not entertaining positive and negative projections into the future.

The present. Where all of life lives simultaneously.
The whole spectrum of high and low, heaven and hell, and ecstasy and suffering live here.
And if one is surrendered in the present, they give no preference for which sensations arises within.

Only the courageous remain present.
It’s much safer and comfortable to live in the wake.
It appears easier to live in fantasy, maybe then there will be a happily ever after.
Appearances aren’t always true.
You can’t avoid life’s fullness. Time will catch up to you. Here or hereafter.
Death is coming.
Truth is knocking at your door.

Each breath is a preparation for death.
The surrender of the exhale is a mini dying for you to see how much your holding onto.

She breaths continuously.
Her heart beats a steady rhythm like a calvary marching band.
Amidst the discomfort and tension she is feeling, she is stable.
Anchored in acceptance.

She is still holding on to many attachments and yet, she is able to hold herself in love.
As the sessions comes to its close she has released much….but still there is more.
She is not weighed down by what she is carrying. There is more work to be done… and it is her labor of love.
The final part of the practice is to remain completely still. The breath naturally becomes shallow…as if hardly breathing at all.

Her mind drops into her center. The same center we all share.
In her still quite state, she can feel as one with the all. A taste of the limitless.
For a time she remains here….
Then time begins to tick again and she moves back into the multiplicity of ten-thousand things.
As she moves back into the world she is restored.
Like a birth, she is now open to receive life refreshed.

She rises till she is ready to rest.
Her breath flows in and out with ease and allowing.
A piece of her is anchored in the stillness.
One foot in life, the other in death.
Between these two doors, the breath.

The end-less.

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