THE SUBTLE ART OF DYING(this a piece of contemplative writing, allow yourself to use it as a meditation, or read it with a mind of reflection)To begin…Death is …?Let us shed light on death -Its purpose… our relation to it… and why it is such a mystery.To get the most out of this contemplation, pleaseContinue reading

KRIYA YOGA, THE BREATH, AND THE 4 LAYERS OF CONSCIOUSNESS Blessings These words are musings on truth…I am writing them to assess their level of truth as I express them and feel them through the felt-sense of their harmony in my being, and by the response by my larger body (the reader)Let’s dive right intoContinue reading


DISCLAIMER – This is an exploration piece of writing that will help to give you a deeper understanding of some of the philosophical underpinnings of Tantra. It will be a brief overview of the 36 tattvas (36-9 covered), known to be a roadmap of consciousness. There is great value in understanding this complex system, butContinue reading “UNDERSTANDING THE PHILOSPHY OF TANTRA”