Harmony Between the Sacred and the Profane

Warning – this article contains graphic and mature content. This article is an experiment, to get the full effects, please follow the instructions. I’m going to offer you an experience to learn about yourself. The theme of this lesson is on the sacred and the profane, and how to find the sacred in all things…Continue reading “Harmony Between the Sacred and the Profane”

How to Free Yourself from Thinking

The modern mind is consumed with thinking…or talking to oneself. Is this not true?How many hours of the day is there a constant self-monitoring, self-judging, and looping series of mental fluctuations streaming in your awareness. The majority of those thought patterns are cycles that keep one trapped in familiar boundaries.When your in mind, your inContinue reading “How to Free Yourself from Thinking”

The Spiritual Significance of not giving a Fuck.

Fuck. It is such  a  beautiful word. There are over 26 different ways it can be used in a sentence. And research has studied that when people say it that it lowers stress hormones…which makes sense why we intuitively yell it when we are frustrated. To not give a fuck, is of great spiritual value.Continue reading “The Spiritual Significance of not giving a Fuck.”

Taoism as a modern medicine for the mind.

When I first read about Taoism in my early twenties it struck a chord within me that changed my pathway. Which is fitting because Taoism may be translated as ‘the Way’. And it was English writer, speaker and rascal Alan Watts who first turned me onto the concepts of ‘the Way’ and Taoism. But, Taoism,Continue reading “Taoism as a modern medicine for the mind.”

Understanding the Energy Body

At a subtle level, everything is vibration and light. There is matter, energy, and in the Chinese and yogic systems a third more subtle energy which we can call spirit or the divine. From subtle to gross, it goes spirit or divine energy, into energy *light and vibration, then into matter. Your totality comprises allContinue reading “Understanding the Energy Body”