Is Health Coaching by Telephone Effective?

Health Coaching Via Telephone: Is it Effective? By: Melinda Huffman, BSN,MSN,CCNS,CHC According to Dr. John Piette, “Individuals often remember little of what they are told during outpatient encounters.” Many people are not well prepared to manage their conditions without intermittent help and guidance along the way. Managed care organizations have had plenty of experience inContinue reading “Is Health Coaching by Telephone Effective?”

5 Strategies for Weight Loss (evidence based)

Greetings! All the best to whoever reads this article.  The following paragraphs will cover 5 strategies to help you and anyone you know take the steps towards achieving their weight loss goals. Understand Your Motivation for Weight Loss and Set SMART Goals What are the reasons that foster a desire to lose weight? Is itContinue reading “5 Strategies for Weight Loss (evidence based)”

Is Health Coaching Effective?

Abstract: Because health coaching is so new, outcomes of its use and implementation are somewhat limited, especially its impact on cost. However, a brief review of the literature shared here reveals findings that we hope you’ll find useful in your work, as many of you have requested to know what types of results others areContinue reading “Is Health Coaching Effective?”

How to be Happier – a Guide to Mindful Meditation

​​ I’ve been fascinated with meditation for years, the idea that by simply sitting one can experience insights and transformations is intriguing.  The fact that various meditation techniques are ubiquitous in spiritual disciplines across the continents and through time is telling of their importance for growth.  Yet for many modern scientifically minded westerners the ideaContinue reading “How to be Happier – a Guide to Mindful Meditation”