Manifesting a soul mate and living purpose

…In the picture you’ll find a list I wrote in 2019. It was one of several lists I made of the qualities I was searching for in a relationship. Today I blessed it with a tear drop – a symbolic offering of the emotional energy I am cultivating in myself.…It’s been ~4 years since myContinue reading “Manifesting a soul mate and living purpose”

journey beyond sanity – the tale of two lovers.

She was the jewel of all lovers. A single taste of her nectar could convince a man he need not breath to live, but her alone. He was no ordinary man. Even the universe itself could not have predicted this match.Their meeting was a match, that would burn to flame. He was surfing on 4Continue reading “journey beyond sanity – the tale of two lovers.”

The Heart of Duality – Taking a leap in life – Surrendering to the breath

In the heart of duality lies a sacred relationship between opposites.I call it the heart of duality, because it is through love that we transcend the duality. “To truly integrate the understanding of duality is to love both polarities as one” Meaning: life is a series choices, each is a fork in the road –Continue reading “The Heart of Duality – Taking a leap in life – Surrendering to the breath”

What to do, when you don’t know what to do

There are times when something must be done!There are times when there is a way, but the way must be found.Here is a list of things that can be done when you are looking to find clarity of mind/emotion/body. Breathe The first and most fundamental decision one can make is to turn within and consciouslyContinue reading “What to do, when you don’t know what to do”