Peotry from the Depth

I shed my skin in ecdysisPeices of myselfAll over the floor. Layers of worryseared from my skin.To beginI felt damaged bydensityImmensity of woeLeaves me with the propensityTowards leaving this city After my excavation…I’m exactly where I need to be.Under the seared skin is a new layer of perfection. I shrink down into an atom.You wouldn’tContinue reading “Peotry from the Depth”

Conversations with the Higher Self.

[Beginning Introduction] My mind is uneasy. There is indecision my body and a lack of clarity.My nervous system is out of harmony and my emotions keep getting congested. I choose to turn within to find clarity on my situation by connecting with my higher self. [Setting] I am seated on a chair with both feetContinue reading “Conversations with the Higher Self.”