Building movement intelligence andmasculine and feminine teaching styles in yoga

Please not that Masculine and feminine refers to two polarities, I would have used the words yin and yang, but there are already yoga styles named yin yoga and yang yoga.

Masculine teaching is assertive.
Femine teaching is open and accommodating.

A good way to understand the Masculine style is the original 26 and 2, formerly known as Bikram yoga.

The class is yang, in that it is more external with lights and open eyes rather than internal with darkness and closed eyes. It is about straight lines and locked joints rather than relaxed bent knees.

The forms are the same and there is a script that is nearly always followed the same. It is straight forward and you know exactly what your getting.

The opposite would be if a feminine style teacher came in and started changing the sequence. Making it creative, flowing, and using words like juicy and spicy. Instead of simply directing you where to move your body and the benifits of the asanas, the feminine teacher may encourage or offer things you may feel or that you could open yourself to feeling.

Masculine and feminine teachers both have advantages and disadvantages. And it’s not that finding a happy place in the middle is ideal either!

Yoga is a living and open tradition for individuals to offer their energy into the practice and to use the practice for their lives.

As a yoga practitioner I practice all styles because there are times in my life when embodying my masculine is the best medicine for my life. For a period I may just practice masculine forms, perhaps in tandem with martial arts and the result will be that my whole energy and business decisions and life decisions will reflect this. The practice is my nervous system software.

On the other hand, it’s currently fall and the seasons are becoming more yin and balanced. So I’m currently practice more of an integration of masculine and feminine practices.

Which isn’t to say any one day I might not go hard in a yang way. It means that on the whole there is more balance. What I’m offering and getting at is a kind of movement intelligence that is like eating with the seasons.

Yoga is skill in action. It is about meeting the energies of the day/environment/season/cycle with intelligence.

Movement is medicine… it is a software for your bodymind. So as one becomes more intelligent with movement medicine they will have a repitoire of practices that prepare them for any energy. This is why yoga has practices that range from intense and hot to yoga nidra which is sleep yoga.

If you want an all natural medicine that can prepare your bodymind for any challenge, there’s a yoga for that.

That’s why I studied and regularly cycle between kriya, yin, vinyasa, kundalini, hatha, embodied flow, nidra, among others also including varieties of qigong, dance, martial arts, running, weight lifting, etc

Movement medicine and intelligence.

Now, it should be noted that my energetic type is balanced between masculine and feminine. There are individuals whose energy falls more towards one polarity.

Typically these individuals will pick a movement medicine that suits their type…it’s not that other styles wouldn’t bolster benifits, but if your extremely yang, a yin class may be difficult. Though…It may be their best medicine at the right time, if they are willing.

Final thoughts.

How you move and breath is a software for your bodymind.

Example. Got a bunch a linear tasks on your to-do list then go for a long linear jog.

Have a bunch of tensions from the work week and want to unwind on the weekend? Dance into freedom and ease.

Feeling soft and out of your power? Hit the punching bag.

Increase your movement intelligence by strategically thinking about your day/tasks and how you want to show up and choosing practices to embody that energy.

Each time you do you’ll strengthen your resolve, will, and movement intelligence.

If you’d like to learn more, consider booking a session today and learning to develop your movement intelligence

Plant Medicine Energetic Dieting

Have you ever heard of an energetic diet?

We are all familiar with nutritional dieting… energetic dieting is similar to nutritional dieting in that it follows certain observances (things to do and don’t do), except energetic dieting is more inclusive.

The observances involve what you watch, who you interact with, and sexual activity among other things.

Various traditions have different ways of energetic dieting and the exact parameters depend on the specific intentions of the practice.

I’m currently in a plant dieta with Bobinsana. The dieta is part of the shipibo indigenous practices and is often undertaken by those apprenticing with ayahuasca or simply for ones own healing.

Traditionally, the diets are done in the jungle in isolation…for a week, weeks, months, etc.

It is a time to focus one’s whole body and mind to connect with the spirit of the plant and receive it’s teachings. In this way, a medicine man will learn how to heal themselves and/or others. The plant may teach them in their dreams or in the waking. Sometimes the plant will offer healing songs the medicine person can sing.

As our world has evolved the traditional dieta has adapted and that’s what I’m currently practicing.

I have a restricted diet (think bland food without salt and sugar), I don’t touch people (unless necessary for my work), no sex (not even thinking about it), and I monitor all my thoughts, shows I watch, etc, while taking time to connect with the plant spirit of Bobinsana.

The idea is to simulate being isolated in the jungle (as close to it)… free from distractions.

Why so strict?

Everything we do is subject to energy exchange. We are always in relationship to life and giving and receiving energy. Our food, what we watch, who we talk to and touch is all affecting us in intricate ways.

To have a period where the energetic bombardment is limited is akin to being by a peaceful lake in the valley when no one is around. The mind and body functions at a whole other level.

As I change my diet I exert a kind of discipline that filters into my life. Ever more grateful for the subtle flavors.

Going without sex and not thinking about sex is revealing of patterns of desire and how they affect my relationships, choices, and even how I leak my energy out.

If you’ve ever done a fast you may know this feeling: at first the conditioned patterns of regularity and reward are strong. Then it goes away and the desire for food diminishes until you get to a state where your genuinely not hungry or even thinking or caring about food. Not permanently… it comes back in waves… some strong and intense for short periods… other slow and gentle…

This pattern is one of desire.

It’s the same for sex. The thoughts and desire for sex diminishes for periods in celibacy, then it comes in waves of varying intensity. This is part of the trails … many people fail when the desire gets intense… this is part of the re-conditioning of desire and attachment.

I have had a few sexual dreams… even in dreams I cannot be having sex. So I wake up in the dream and resist temptations. Successful so far!

Though I can think back to my first ayahuasca sessions many eyars ago where I failed the test and released in my dream.

Woke up the moment before I orgasmed in my dream… and unfortunately I woke up to a wet bed. Not only did I fail, I missed the orgasm and had to clean up my failure!

How does one stop themselves from orgasming in a dream?

By becoming more conscious. It is possible to wake in dreams. The plant i am working with helps me to do so most nights. It’s like taking psychedelics every night to do deep inner work.

Many people know it’s good to build passive income while you sleep, it’s also good to do inner work while you sleep 😛

The growth potential that is possible is huge…

But, plant diets can go downhill.

Think of the diet as an accelerated evolutionary portal.

When things are going well, they are going great.

If they go downhill… they can slip fast.

Life will tempt you.

Beautiful women – mara.

Delicious food


It’s not that salt and sex is evil.

It’s about commitment. And having the power over the conditioning of desire. Getting to know desire. Getting to know the nature of mind. There are many fruits of the practice of energetic dieting.

I also can’t touch people (except for work and I do rituals to clear that energy)

I didn’t realize how many people I hug.

But each touch or hug is an energy exchange.

When your energetically sensitive and on plant medicines it’s important to be cautious about what your interacting always is, but plant medicines amplify everything.

People carry all their stress and negative emotion in the aura (electromagnetic fields) around them. Exchange touch and the energy transfer increases.

As I practice this energetic dieting I’m hyper aware of touch… others emotions… who is packing my groceries… I watch I’m watching and it’s affect on my energy… how I’m thinking…etc

It’s a tremendous experience where I’m fully engaged 24/7 in a process. What a great tool to evolve the consciousness.

What I’ve shared just scratches the surface and doesn’t touch on the healing I’ve done… I’ll save that for my podcasts.

So then, would you ever follow an energetic diet?

What it’s like to be a channel

What do I mean by channel?
We are all channels.

We are receivers and transmitters of energy and information.
Most people are just attuned to their own frequency, and they transmit the energy and information from themselves.

A developed channel is someone who is trained in emptying themselves out and attuning to other frequencies to bring in energy and information.
Because everything is energy and information, it is possible to tap into the intelligence of anything in the universe with adequate training and receive information from it.

3 commonly discussed areas wherein people may have heard of channeling is mediumship (speaking to ancestors), Channeling higher beings, and channeling power animals. These practices have been around since before civilizations in shamanic and indigenous cultures.

On a lighter level, when someone does a quality impression of another individual, they are channeling their energy. Maybe you have a musician or philosopher you admire, and you emulate their style… your channeling their energy.
It’s not a bizarre as some make it out to be.

To become a channel one must delete any mental programming and belief that it is not possible and allow an openness to receive.
We all receive intuitive messages different…some are kinaesthetic others are clairvoyant or clairaudient. Like learning any new skill, it takes practice to be a clear and effective channel.

When you become a channel, you open yourself to ancestors, who may speak through you from beyond this realm.

They may come to you with their pain, wanting to be heard and seen.

They may share the history of their trauma, and how they abused your family members in their early childhood, or cheated on their spouse. They see the legacy of their pain in their family and when one of their kin can listen, they offer the strength and keys to heal.

As a channel you may have the responsibility of sharing this sensitive information with your family and doing the work to clean your own body and mind from the poison of multi-generation pain and trauma. You may be aware of these patterns of pain, but your family may not be, nor will they necessarily be willing to see and know. Because the choice to see our truth may mean we have to feel the pain we have been carrying since we were young, and many don’t have the support, practices, or understanding of how to carry this pain.

So channels may carry the pain of their family.
It is important to develop a strong energetic awareness to prevent the energy of this trauma from affecting you. If you are sensitive to energy and unaware of the energy you carry and how you take on energy you can end up taking in the energy of your hurt relatives and manifesting their diseases in your body – note, this also commonly happens with dogs who take on the diseases of their owners.
Energetic boundaries and cleaning is important.

When your higher ears are open other beings will also try and speak to you.
Animals, various spiritual beings such as ascended masters, teachers, and light beings.
It’s important as one learns to open their mind to new possibility to have an anchor.

The 3 best anchors are the body, the earth, and your heart (love).

As you open yourself up to new possibility it is increasingly important to develop your subtle sensitivities and discernment. This discernment is developed from being connecting with the wisdom of the body, especially the enteric nervous system (lower dantien), and the heart nervous system (middle dantien).

Many individuals open their mind with plant medicines or various ways of altering one’s consciousness and they don’t have an effective anchor in their body and heart and the can easily lose their way.

The heart is the internal compass.

When an individual starts channeling, they must discern what their mind is simply making up vs. what is truth. This path towards increasing one’s orientation towards their truth is a product of one moving into their heart. The deeper one moves into their heart, the more layers of emotion and healing will have to happen.

We have a personal heart, and a spiritual heart. As you move closer to your center you connect deeper with your spiritual heart and the One Love. This is the light that gives you guidance and the courage to continue to walk into the darkness of trauma.
The pain and hurt is not simply yours, or your ancestors, or your communities, or your earth’s, it is ours.

We are one, and we are all connected.
Beyond time and space.

A channel lives in this reality and they can access and communicate energy and information from past and future.

The final piece I’ll share is that a channel can channel themselves…well, a version of themselves I’ll call the higher self. This is not the you (personal mind and body) that exists here and now, but the essential energy of you that exists beyond time and space.
For example, if you want to accomplish a large task such as starting a business…you may want to connect with your higher self and the part of you who has already completed the task and gather energy and information from this future you are creating. By tapping into this future template of the person you are developing into, you are projecting your energy into the future and making a connection in space time to the moment where your at now. By making this connection you are developing a certainty that what you are accomplishing is going to happen and you can continue to tap into your higher self for guidance and strength and it will help you develop your vision.

My Shamanic and Medical Qigong program and the work I have done with Psilocyban and Ayahuasca have given me the tools to navigate the world the channeling.

The breathwork and Qigong I offer helps other individuals to learn these ways too.
If your interested in learning more, book a session today and explore the possibility of accessing information beyond what many think is possible.

Aya Aum

New exert from my upcoming Ebook – The HeART and Breath of Tantra.

In this book I share a collection of my favorite Tantric techniques from the Vigyan Tantra to aid others in embodying their True Nature and releasing old patterns of the conditioned mind to open their life to new dimensions of possibility. The book offers techniques, my explanations of the technique, and poetry. The essence of Tantric teachings as shared in this book is three-fold, to experience the love (heart), beauty (art), and the richness of the present moment (breath). One of my dedications for this book is written for my beloved partner I’ve yet to meet. Many of the poems, such as the one written here is dedicated to her. The process of writing this Ebook is infused with my intention to help others to experience greater levels of freedom and love. And to cultivate the highest expression of love so that when I meet my future partner I will be ready. Further, the poems help to explain the techniques.

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Blessings on your Way.

The following poem is written in the chapter that explores the 42 techniques from the Vigyan Tantra, which is as follows:

Technique #42:

“Intone a sound audibly, then less and less audibly as feeling deepens into this silent harmony”

Shakti my love, let me tell you ‘I love you’

First, listen to the words I speak as I anoint you with the 3 sacred sounds that represent the connection of the ‘I” to the ‘You’ with love.

It is a peculiar sentence, because it uses three words, but really there is only one in love.

I love you.

As I speak these words can you hear that there is a period at the end? It is the closing of the statement with finality and totality.
There is not an exclamation mark at the end as I speak these words… I am not shouting at you.
Early love is filled with infatuation and over-excitement. Mature love evolves into an ever-present contentment of this beautific moment and so I speak them without hurry and with complete sincerity.

When I say these three words, “ I Love you”, can you hear wherefrom their vibration is sourced.

In source of course

From the depth of me, to the depth of you, when I speak these words aloud I vibrate my body to the music that plays throughout the 7 kingdoms and the 13 realms. Let me say these sacred words again, I love you…I repeat them until my celestial light filled DNA core receives these codes and transmits the cellular machinery of my body to build me into the man capable of holding more love to give.

As I say these words out loud my organs receive the vibration and harmony in my cells is here.

When I speak these words others can hear my truth and in eternity the ripples go on to grow the potential and possibility of others to hear and know the same.

Now let me whisper these words to you in prayer.
I love you.
As my tone and volume become more subtle, can you hear the emotional energy of my vibration. To hear a quiet noise you must listen with greater awareness. Let love awaken you to this new level knowing and experiencing.

A gentle voice is a whisper from the heart, complete with the love codes from me to your.
Now let us penetrate a layer deeper as I simply breath out and repeat ‘I love you’ in my mind.

Can you feel the tone in the field of love we are swimming in?

When I breath out in this way you cannot hear me say the three words, and yet if you are aware, you can read the truth in my eyes and sense the delicate ripples of my heart beating your name.

This crystalized dimension of knowing is the least confined to time and space, and even if you are not present in the same place you will know when it is true. Non-local transmission of communication is possible because I do not need to transmit sound from my tongue to your ear as if we live only as two separate beings.

I need only to be in tune with the song of love and the words that are written on my heart will be known in yours because love is beyond the body and mind.

I love you is simply the condensed poetry of what is unspeakable.

When I truly am attuned to love and loving you, no words need be said, so let us enjoy this breath and each others company.

Aya Aum

How to make optimal decisions, get out of the rat race, and align with your True North.

How to make optimal decisions, get out of the rat race, and align with your True North.

In any one moment your body is receiving millions of bites of information to process.

How then do you make the right decisions that are in alignment with your highest intention and dream life?

First consider the sheer amount of information you are bombarded with on a daily basis from outside of you – information from your senses, advertisements, bank statements, bills, news, etc.

Then consider all the signals coming from your body – information about hunger (satiety), hydration, immune responses, emotions, beliefs, etc.

Here’s how we can organize and align our mind.

Your dreams are within you.
Others can inspire you, but your dreams are from the information within.

The light of your awareness must then be directed inward to recieve the truth of what you want.

Did you know there is something like 10x more information coming from your body to your brain than from outside you into your brain.

Yet, how often do you and others pay attention to information outside of yourself for direction?


Your body and nervous system has various centers of information processing. These centers which have more densely packed neurons are vital areas to focus on to tune into the bodies intelligence.

There are many large nerve plexi along the spine that correlate to the yogic chakra system. And there is the enteric or gut brain, the heart brain, and the brain we know and love in our head. We can think of these centers as being specialized for instincts (gut), feelings (heart), and thoughts (brain).

Optimal decisions are made when we are in tune and listening to these centers.

If we make big decisions about our path in life based on external factors we can be easy beguiled by illusions, let astray by our fears and other negative emotions, deceived by others, etc

The other option is to learn to refine our inner listening to our True North’s compass.


Furthermore… if we are always moving there is constant stimuli to process. Stillness is optimal for finding clarity.

When we are too busy in action, even if it is beneficial action, we can get swept away from our center.

Being centered refers to attending to our internal intelligence and making optimal decisions based on our goals and not being caught up in the energy of others.

The constant action, pursuit, and reward is driven by the brain’s neurotransmitter dopamine. Because of its reward and motivation associations dopamine and other neurotransmitters like epinephrine give us forward momentum. We can get lost in the momentum which kerp us cycles like addiction because of the pleasure they offer, but they may never give us true satisfaction.

True satisfaction is fulfillment with what is here and now. Not a goal off in a future yet to come. Fulfilment of the moment is associated with serotonin and oxytocin. These two systems dopamine and serotonin can sometimes compete depending on how we live our life.

I can speak for myself, my optimal state is a harmony of both, which means I dedicate time to being in simplicity and stillness and finding gratitude, and I devote time to being in savage pursuit of my goals, and the gold standard is when ample time is spent in both and one learns to be in centeredness and still while in action. Or what is known as wui-wei, in Chinese philosophy, which can be translated as effortless-action or non-doing.

It’s a delicate balance and here is how you can determine if your out of harmony.

If you can be in action and pursuit and it is easy for you to slow down and find stillness of body and mind, then your in balanced of action and stillness. If not, you have various programs running in your nervous system that are sending you signals that tell you you need to move forward and be somewhere other than here and now.

This moment is all we have. The past and future are not real outside of mind. If this is you, it’s important to learn to slow down and process the information in your nervous system, find stillness and contentment, orientate your decisions in alignment with your goals and release any fear, anxiety, worry, sadness, or anger that is clouding your capacity to see the present moment as it is… as open and available for you to determine the quality of your own inner state, and then to empower your actions out of the cycles your locked in and make new choices that give you greater internal and external freedom.

These cycles we get caught in are based on early conditioning, the pressure of the ‘rat race’, and unprocessed emotion in your system.

The practices of breathwork and qigong offer the tools to rapidly process information in the nervous system, to attune to the centers of intelligence in the body (gut, heart, head) and align you with your truth and true north compass.

The breath is the vehicle to enter into the body. The practices of qigong teach how to work with the energy of the breath through movement, breathwork, and meditation.

I offer 1 on 1 sessions and coaching to help individuals find their center and align with their truth.

Reach out and learn these practices today by sending a message.

Fulfillment is here, now!

Bless Aya Aum