Relationship: Relationship, in this specific context refers to the interaction between two individuals in a partnership

Inner work: Denotes an inward process that may involve inquiry, observation, awareness, healing, and growth in the domain of the mental, emotion, physical, and spiritual aspects of self.

Are you and your partner doing inner work? Inner work is essential to maintaining aliveness through the cycles of the universe. Your relationship, in its specific incarnation happens within the context of the universe and it abides by the principles of creation, maintenance, destruction. this cycle is forever repeating itself on every level of being of you and the cosmos. To resist this cycle will bring suffering. To live in harmony with the cycle will bring a continued renewal, like the coming of spring each year. To live in harmony with the cycle will see your partnership live and die, and be reborn with every new cycle a new falling in love and a deepening thereof.

In the beginning you have fallen in love at a certain stage in your individual cycle. Your then current mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual stage was the starting point. the quality of your relationship will be related to your continued growth.

Please contemplate the following to find your truth: Growth begins in the center and moves outward.

Why is this an essential teaching? Because the process of evolution is an inward journey that moves and manifests outwardly. Confuse it and become lost.

In the context of relationship, this means ‘me’ first. This is not selfish, nor narcissistic. It’s a recognition that we are individuals, and it is through our individual ego that we interphase with the cosmos. We are spiritual beings having a individual human experience. The harmony of the individual “I” depends on the relative balance of giving and receiving that happens through the self. One must know thyself, to give thyself.

Further, we can only know if we are balanced when we are in our center. When one comes to fulfil their own needs, they have everything to give. When one gives from wholeness, their love is of a whole different degree then when we give out of routine, or duty.

To give from wholeness, we need to be a whole human. This requires inner work. Through inner work one develops a way in the world of finding balance and health in the domains of their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions of self. When an individual has created balance within themselves, they have everything to give. When an individual is incomplete, they have unmet needs, they will then seek them in the world, or in their partner, and the energy exchange will be unequal in the partnership. Which is not a death sentence for a period, but if left un-checked, this imbalance will grow into resentment, or mistrust, or another maladies.

Having a developed inner work practice creates a channel for an individual to have continued growth, balance, and fulfilment. When an inner work practice is complete, the individual is total, they are fulfilled. Then they are not reliant on their partner, not co-dependent, not needing to have their ego stroked, or to please anyone.

As you are reading this you may be aware that this is not the ordinary situation. I am not asking you to be ordinary. If you think that this envisionment is too idealistic, then you have not encountered the right practices, tools, and mentors. This level relationship is possible for others, and it is possible for you.

The other option is to remain in a relationship where neither are truly doing their work. Or they are doing some work, but they are not totally committed. I say this, unless you have lived totally, you will die with regret. This life is too precious to hold back your potential, love is too sacred to dismember it. If you remain in a relationship that one or neither partner is doing their work, you or your partner will be attached to a stage of development or a certain aspect of the cycle (creation, maintenance, destruction), and the sands of time will sing your fate, and the fall may be hard.

There is a way to live through life with grace. There are those who have done it, and so can you. To enter into this level of mastery, you must commit to hold yourself to your highest standard and potential. Said another way, your love must be your divine offering to the creator.

Daily practice is required. A continued commitment to live awake and aware of life, living totally. In the beginning it is gradual, and slowly slowly your awareness will blossom like a flower. your love will grow and be beautiful refuge for all those who live in its presence.

the practices I teach involve Breath, movement, and meditation. For in these 3 contain dozens of highly advanced systems of evolution that address the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of self. These practices, when taught well can bring every cell of your body online, priming you to live totally, to give you the tools to turn within, to find your balance, to fill your cup, and find wholeness. then you have your love to give. Then you have lived.

I teach Tantra, Kundalini, Dynamic Meditations, Still Meditation, Breathwork, pranyama, etc. these ancient and modern practices carry with them a power to transform. I have found fulfilment through them, A way to continually renew my love and fill my cup, and It is an honor to teach them from this place of love.

If your curious to know more…follow my blog, come to an event, or try a 1 on 1 session in breathwork, tantra, or pranyama.


3 Keys to a Successful Partnership

3 Keys to a Successful Partnership

Are you looking to create a beautiful and lasting partnership?

Here are 3 aspects that create the space for love to be carried through the ages and stages of life


Tantric Sensuality




Let’s start with adventure, as all relationships do. Attraction is poised on the excitement of the unknown, and the getting to know another. In the beginning, there is effortless thrill, and the air of expectation is not there. You are free to dive into the abyss. You are free to fall head over heels into the heart of another. As your relationship develops there will be a sense of habituation. I see love as grace, at first it is a gift, and the fire of love must be tended to. It’s flame renewed by continually offering yourself. Renewing your vows of adventure is as much as external affair as an internal one. Adventure may manifest as taking on new life challenges together, revitalizing the journey through life and diving into the unknown. Equally important is your continued journey to know and uncover layers of yourself, and with every new unfolding of yourself, fresh eyes to see and fall in love with your partner in a never-ending cycle of creation, maintenance, and destruction. Key points:- Continually offering yourself to love- Moving into the unknown adventure with your partner- Continually uncovering new layers of yourself to see the world and your partner with virgin eyes


Tantric Sensuality

The great play of opposites creates attraction, and it is through opposites and attraction that the dance of love forms. Eroticism, sex, and cuddling are all aspects. You are deep, infinitely deep, and your love and desire, fantasy and the creation thereof is never ending. Again and again there is a call to unravel layers of yourself and find new expression. Be a lover of the ages, and with the various stages of your life come to find new ways of loving your partner, and being loved. Play with various roles, fantasies, and exploration. Let there be a lightness in your love, that is open and un-judging. Try something out of your comfort zone, and learn from tantric masters and other mentors. It is not wrong to make love in 20 minutes, but if you have not made love over several hours, I am not certain you have ever truly made love. On another note, you can only love and express your love to the depth in degree you know it within yourself. A continual theme that will be highlighted in love, continue to grow and expand in all ways, for all of your days.


Intimacy is perhaps the most sacred way of connecting. When the body tires and the adventures lessen in the outer realms, the sexual hormones and longings will fade, what remains is your emotional closeness, communication, conflict management, and your capacity to enjoy the sweet silence shared between two lovers. The development of intimacy is only available for a partnership willing to see the light and the dark within. The continuing of intimacy is renewed only through continual self-awareness. True intimacy comes from trust, faith, and a deep love. To know someone, you must first know yourself. Love is the bridge between two hearts, if your heart is guarded, then the bridge is barriered. You must tear down every wall that you have erected against love to know love. Intimacy is the gentle softening of these walls, like the river that erodes the mountain, the waters of love will dissolve everything that stands against love, until you and your partner are but one ocean. Dissolved in union.

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Sexual energy is creative life energy

Please understand this, every feeling or sensation that you have experienced from an external stimulus can be created within

Whether we are talking about a high from a drug, an orgasm during sex, or love

I practices I teach guide you to master yourself

Sexual energy management is poor in our culture

It is often unconscious

Sexual energy is creative energy – it can be used to create pleasure, babies, and it can be circulated through the body and utilized for healing and higher brain states

It depends on energy circulation

I teach pranayama, kriyas, and mantras that help to open the body and its energetic channels to circulate the sexual energy for conscious will and intention

I have reached a level of mastery in these techniques and it’s an honour to share

Imagine being able to arouse your body’s sexual centers without physical stimulation by another or yourself…the sexual energy works on contraction and release …learning to master your sex energy centers is a simple process of learning to build a mind body connection with the respective area, then creating energetic pathways with breath and movements to circulate the energy.

My events and 1 on 1’s can teach anyone to learn

Imagine being able to orgasm and circulate the feel good cheicals of sex while waiting in line

Your whole life will change

Your whole energy will change

Your level of manifestation and creative out-put will change

The secrets lie within

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in my eye, authenticity is as pure love

it is rare

The current nature of experience that many individuals grow up with creates a lot artificial character

when you were born, you were free

a child is the most beautiful flower in all of existence

through the development process that most move through in this human experience, a child is taught … how to act, what to believe, what is true, how to thrive under the current sociopolitical structures

layer after layers of patterning is instilled into the child’s nervous system

ways of moving, breathing, speaking, acting, and doing it is well, some level of basic conditioning is part of the developmental process

the next step is to unravel all the faulty layers of self and come back in contact with one’s true essence …their original nature, their authentic self

years of conditioning and influential environments create barriers

poor methods and a lack of awareness of this basic process keeps many asleep that they are moving away farther and farther

they are moving from their center

becoming more lost and disconnected from their heart

out of alignment with their gifts and purpose

guided perhaps by fear, or pressure

in Zen, they have many methods of creating ones -beginner mind-

an emphasis on spontaneity

extreme measures of meditation

it is a like a dance ask most people to dance they won’t know how to move

they will seek to create a movement pattern that is orderly… or one that looks appealing to the outside ..they may be stunted ..like sitting in front of a blank piece of paper and not knowing what or how to draw

as if creating and dancing had a right and wrong way

to authentically dance is to move from ones center

it is to move freely however it looks is not necessarily concerning…it is an uprising of an internal feeling

though pockets of ecstatic and free movement are alive.. the vast majority of people have lost the ancient art of dance and it has devastating effects on society

for a person is ripe to become sick when they stop singing, dancing, and telling stories

when a person has lost contact with their center they are ripe to become off balance

they are guided by forces outside themselves

they may fear being controversial or trigger people or being fired or being judged or even judging themselves ..

.the poison is vile and yet, in truth.. all of these seeming barriers to authenticity aren’t actually of concern for the one who knows themselves and acts from a place of inner stillness

it takes a level of surrender

of turning within with breath and meditation

then every seeming barrier disappears and a path appears

a mythical and poetic path of being in the world

one that is resonant with truth and an openness to life

there is an authentic flowering of emotion and inspired action guides one in a magical way

the path is a great mystery and home is never out of reach

this is the science

I teach authenticity and techniques of turning within to find center

i use the breath, the secret that is right under everyone’s nose

i have walked this road, and my very nature expounds it

it is an honour to share my heart, and if your ready to come in greater contact with yours, the path is available visit: www.zkcoaching.ca

Book Now: https://zkcoaching.janeapp.com/#breathwork#pranayama#holistic#yoga#meditation#spirituality#embodied#selflove#tantra#consciousness#evolution#health#gratitude#mastery#fitness#body#growth#tantra#bodybuilding

Turning 30 – spirituality


What’s does being 30 years old represent and mean to you?

The generalized gathered significance I’ve been exposed to is that 30 represents a ‘getting real’.

The charm and exploration of the 20’s has petered out, and there is a call or cry to take stock

There is a great need to check one’s foundations

There is good reason to assess one’s current patterns and project their success into the future

this lands well with me I rest easy in my level of alignment I have spent my 20’s living well …

meaning I have had time to explore and find my love and passions, to have freedom and purposeless play, I have taken enough risks and made enough mistakes that I feel certain in my life.

I feel certain that I’m on my path.

I am certain that everyone in my life, and my current level of resources is exactly what I need to move to the next level.

I am certain that I have been guided here, and that I have put in the work to get here.

A general pattern I’ve witnessed is one of easing into intelligent action instead of effort and hustle balancing forces of outward action and inward reflection to create a steadiness that can be carried into old age

a flourishing of relationships, from deep friendships, family bonds, and business I am in tune with my guides, my highest self, and in loving communion with the all

By this time next year I will be sharing breath/tantra/yoga/qigong/meditation internationally, speaking at events, leading more developed retreats and trainings…finding new territory and optimizing old systems. I will have my book out, and my practice in Squamish will have stable roots, allowing for another 1.5 month pilgrimage to the forest to deepen my practices… and it’s just the beginning (*note these are a taste of my goals, there are more, with exact numbers – manifestation is a science)

I’m deeply blessed to be where I am and I am humbled to know I am just a *boop* in the orchestra of existence

I carry on the lineage of my family – I would be nothing without them I am nothing without those I serve, those who support me, follow me, and pray for me

I carry on lineages of yoga and breath, I have received it takes the entire cosmos to conspire to create me, I am nothing without the infinite everything it’s time to deepen my commitments and offer myself wholly to my path I surrender myself, taking these next few years in solitude and service

…just a vessel for a force far greater

the birth name is Zachary Pete Koop, son of Daryl and Julie Koop I have also been given the name Aya

it’s been a pleasure knowing you all allow me to reintroduce myself, not with another name but a whole new energy and intention, direction and dedication

I’m all in

may our meetings be a blessings to you

may my medicine I bring balance and awakening, healing and evolution

may I be humble and strong may I leader my life with love

it is done

and so it is

-book now below-