These words are musings on truth…I am writing them to assess their level of truth as I express them and feel them through the felt-sense of their harmony in my being, and by the response by my larger body (the reader)Let’s dive right into an expanded view of the human-energy-matrix.

Your larger being proper is geometric, and thus there are layers above and below. Higher and lower selves, and their unity.

1. Supraconscious – beyond the bodymind, connected and associated with unity consciousness/god

2. Conscious mind – the consciousness most people operate in through the 5 senses

3. Subconscious (personal and collective) – personal and collective programmed patterns of being and relating, phobias, likes, dislikes, attractions, aversions etc.

4. Unconscious (personal and collective) – a deeper well-spring of archetypal energies and universal symbols, etc

At varying levels of analysis, these 4 structures are found in your body…

1. In the structure of your nervous system (brain and spinal cord proper)

2. In your structure of your body

3. In the structure of the universe

The four layers from supra to unconscious represent evolution, form unconscious matter, reptile, human, to God…. These are all found in the structure of the brain at the level of spinal cord, reptilian brain, limbic, and higher cortical brain, and at the level of your body…your body, referring to different aspects of your bodymind (they are one structure) wherein much of the unconscious and subconscious is stored in the lower body, the conscious in the head, and the supraconscious just beyond the head extending into the ethers and eternity

Most people’s consciousness and awareness resides primarily in the conscious mind. Though, in each moment, even if we are experiencing a particular aspect of our being, we are the whole, and thus, all layers from unconscious to supraconscious will affect your reality. But we do cycle through all stages every day, and in EVERY breath cycle (inhale to exhale), most people, most of the time are just not conscious of each part of the cycle.

Note: this is a particular framing and articulation of the states of consciousness we experience, here is another…In yoga the Om, or AUM (A-U-M) represent 3 states of consciousness: A = waking (conscious), U = dreaming (subconscious), and M = deep sleep (unconscious)When chanting AUM…. The “a” is a vibration that begins low In the body and in its vibratory tone, the “u” in the middle body, and the “m” is in the head…the proper chant is followed by silence after speech, the silence represent supraconsciousness, it is simultaneously the entire sound of AUM and the void for which it takes place in.

Once again we find the hierarchical nature and structuring of the states of consciousness represented in the body and being, and this time with a simple technique.[transition]In Kriya yoga, and with the breathwork I teach, the practices utilize the breath as a means of self-realization – becoming conscious of your entire being, unconscious to supra- through technique. By learning the practices I teach one will gain conscious access to all levels of their MIND, MIND in all caps denotes the great mind that spans all the 4 levels of consciousness, differentiated from the small mind, of the personal consciousness.

What lies within the pathway of Kriya yoga and breathwork?

Access to the subconscious systems that are creating the conditions of your life. And a capacity to rewire and rewrite all conditioned circuits with your conscious will.Access to the active archetypal energies that are being expressed in your being in this lifetime.

Access to heightened supraconscious states, with energy and information from all parts of the universe.An intimate understanding of your body and being, your soul blueprint, and a moment to moment connection to your soul and source.It is all through the breath, which is the vehicle your consciousness can ride into the highs and lows of your being. How deep or high you go depends on your willingness to turn within and perform the internal actions to bring more of your expression online and into actuality.

Kriya yoga is an internal science of the soul.In you, all there is to be known, and can be known…the way has be directly under your nose your entire life.

Breathwork is the direct path towards realization. It not a religion, it asks you to believe nothing, the truth is transmitted directly through the experience of breathing, nothing here need be believed, only the practiced need to be done. Breath is the source of original teachings, before Jesus, Buddha, before Gita, and Koran. It is your source for the direct experience of truth, not through any source or book, but felt in your own being, rippling through every cell. When the true breath has penetrated every cell of your being, realization is yours.

Cycling back to the 4 cycles and the idea that we go through them every day, and in every breath cycle. As the breath comes in, goes down, turn around, and comes back up, it touches every layer of your being…. From supra consciousness (god) to the unconscious. By learning to consciously breath and concentrate on the breath as it goes in and out and cycles around, we can learn to maintain consciousness through the cycles, the practice begins by simply watching the breath, and at a certain level of mastery an individual becomes conscious even while sleeping. For it is the body that sleeps, consciousness continues to cycle.

The breathing practices I share are not complex, and do not involve complex patterns of yoga asana movements which can be intimidating, and aren’t necessary for accessing all layers of consciousness. They do however require proper instruction and guidance, but they are open and available for all people.

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What does it mean to you to be fully present?

What is the expression of your totality?

To be present, one needs to be whole…. wholly embodied, wholly in realization and self-awareness, wholly connected to their being, and operating in a moment to moment relationship with the universe.

What then prevents a person from being present?

Here are 4 ways individuals avoid the present

  1. Regret
  2. Nostalgia
  3. Fantasy
  4. Anxiety

These four states are projections of consciousness into the past or future.  To be in the past or future is to be out of contact with present reality and in your mind. The projected future is imaginal, it is fantasy, it is a personal projection…it is important, and there is value in having the capacity to project a personal envisionment for the future, but if too much time is spent in this realm, one will lose contact with the present. Regret and nostolgia keep us in the past. Many individuals are continually coming back to earlier moments in time, replaying the emotions of the past in the present, perhaps being attached to certain stories of the past, holding onto certain beliefs of past actions…all of these will present one from being fully present.

The past will continually call you back until it is complete. 

A complete past involves clearing the emotional memory from the body to receive its wisdom.  When the wisdom of the past experience is learned one can let go of that story and move forward in their learnings.

How to cultivate greater presence?

Be here, now.

 It sounds simple.

A good gauge is the breath.  How long can you sit still and count or watch the breath without the mind jumping in and redirecting attention from the present and into thoughts?

The breath is both the anchor to the present moment, and a guide to deepening present awareness.

Why is mind always pulling one away from the present?

It is the minds nature to expand and explore… An untrained mind will act in its nature. The practice of simply watching the breath in mindfulness is a way to train the mind. 

It is said that the mind is a terrible master, but a horrible servant.

But, it’s not only the mind that pulls us away from the present….it is also feeling

If we are fully present in each moment we will experience a constant stream of feeling….this means you will experience highs and lows, upset, boredom, sadness, joy, and all the things! If there is an unconscious desire to feel pleasurable states and avoid discomforting states, when discomfort arises in the body the unconscious urge will be to avoid feeling and avoid the present….the unconscious urge will lead one to numb themselves with drug, or food, or television, etc..everyone has their unique go to control patterns for regulating feeling without actually feeling.

The shift that takes place is when an individual makes the choice to be conscious and feel pain and pleasure. 

This is what one practices is mindful meditation and breath awareness meditation…. The practice is to simply sit and feel…to feel the boredom, to feel the stored hurt, to feel everything as it happens, without ‘doing’ anything, without avoiding, without numbing, just being with it.

The switch to move into pain instead of avoid it will cause a great resilience in character and empowerment…a certain level of energy will be reclaimed that can be utilized to bring more of your being online in the present moment.

The nature of your being is to grow and expand.

On all levels of your being, your essence seeks to know and grow…. Thus, to commit to continual presence, one is asked to be in a continually awake state of expansion. Now, there are forces of life, that create expansions and contractions, such as the breath, but the path and process is to continually expand after every contraction. 

To get up after each time you fall.

To try and try, even when you fail.

When an individual spirit has given up, there is no try, there is no energy to maintain presence.


What are some observations you have made about individuals who live at a high level of presence?

I know they are living in their highest intention, for themselves and their cosmos, this intention is an embodied field of awareness.  They maintain a high level of energy through their interrelationships and connection with the shared growth process of all beings. Their entire being, and all its vibratory centers are alive and activated, clear and open to give and receive energy.  They live at a level of surrender, or non-resistance to life and its challenges. They live in a high vibrational state of love and gratitude and choose it over lower vibrational emotional energies of fear, guilt, and regret. They are willing to be seen and authentic, offering their own creative expression and love to the creation. Their eye is open, and willing to see truth. 

There’s much more… what other qualities do you find in awakened people of high presence?

What are your methods for staying present?  

I’d love to learn.


Aya – zk


DISCLAIMER – This is an exploration piece of writing that will help to give you a deeper understanding of some of the philosophical underpinnings of Tantra. It will be a brief overview of the 36 tattvas (36-9 covered), known to be a roadmap of consciousness. There is great value in understanding this complex system, but I’d like to also note it will get a tad philosophical, and there is always something lost when explaining something as broad as the ‘tantric worldview’ which is not as doctrinal or defined as I’m about to express it. My aim here is to offer a more detailed understanding for what tantra teaches, and how that exploration happens through the practices I share, such as movement, meditation, and breath.

Tantra is non-dual.It is an exploration into opposites.
Tantra will often use the language of shiva (pure consciousness – masculine principle) and Shakti (matter + energy, and the world we experience as form and with our senses– feminine principle)Of the 36 tattvas, #36-17 are known as the lower tattvas, and they are associated with shakti.Here is a snapshot:
#36-32- the 5 elements#31-27 – subtle elements – such as odor, flavour, appearance, tactility, etc.#26-22 – body elements – evacuation (bowels) reproduction (genitals), locomotion (feet), etc#21-17 – pair with 31-27, smell, taste, seeing, touch, and hearing.….#36-17 are what you can experience in your body and in the world.In many spiritual systems, such as classical Sankhya philosophy or classical the 8 limb yoga of Patanjali there is a dualistic split, and a preference towards the male principle, the spirit, or shiva (pure consciousness)…they position the world as maya, or illusion, and many of the methods of meditation and the goal is to transcend this material universe and the human body and its senses, and to live in the realm of pure spirit.
The Tantrikas on the other hand, saw this as being world denying, and the lower tattvas, the senses, the contracted self and ego, and the world of form was taken in and embraced. Tantra then reclaimed what was taboo, such as sexuality in spirituality, eating meat, wine, and grains. Tantra did not simply reclaim them, it transforms them, by creating sensual meditations that utilize sense experience to realize wholeness.
The position here is that many people eat, or make love, but on a very surface level. A Tantrika is one who moves deeply into experience, enjoying the fullness of flavour, making sex a ceremony, and refining awareness and the senses to more totally experience the world.
Examples. I’ve heard of the great Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh guiding a sensual meditation in mindfulness wherein they ate an orange…. But it took them over 45 minutes to slowly take in every quality of their own being and the oranges being. Another example is the Japaneseteaceremony (known as sadō lit., “The Way of Tea“) Which is a Japanese cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha that can take hours.
In regards to what I teach, when practicing yoga, or spending time with me on retreat, we are diving deeply into our senses, and with an authentic exploration and safe container, we are unraveling layers within the self to experience more….to feel more deeply, to nourish more deeply, to love more deeply, and to learn to use the breath to feel and activate our nervous system for greater sensitivity and awareness. We create an openness to experience all emotions, from joy to grief, from hot temperatures and sweat lodges to cold river dips. I hold the space for you to enter your totality and enter into full presence.
When the senses are nourished fully, awareness is suffused with aesthetic rapture, which increases your capacity to feel and know beauty. To explore the polarities of life with equal openness creates a resilience in character and an openness to life in all its forms and challenges.
In Tantra, and in what I teach, we focus on mindfulness and being. In mindfulness, one increases their sensitivity, concentration, and attention of being in the moment, while attending to their body, emotions, and mind.
In regards to the tattva system, mind is split into 3 qualities (other systems have 5).
Tattva # 16 – manas – or the faculty of sense processing and attention
In many people’s experience of reality, their faculty of mind is focused on the past… projecting past scenarios into the present moment, or projecting into the future, or being consumed in a constant stream of thoughts….. by taking attention and learning to focus it purely on sense processing, the awareness shifts more deeply into the present, allowing for a great state of being.
Tattva #15 Ahankara – ego –
The ego is the self construct that creates an “I, me, mine”.The mind creates ego, which is a fictitious identity that is constructed of constructs and previous self-images projected into the present as if their static realities. In Tantra, the ego is the contracted from of your totality, thus in mindfulness one learns to become aware of the ego, not to kill it, but to befriend it and constantly expand it.
Tattva # 14 Buddhi – intellect – faculty of discernmentThis faculty of mind is responsible for reason. In mindfulness, meditation and yoga we look to refine the discerning faculty of the mind to make good decisions. In Tantra there are no wrong decisions, only learnings….but some lessons are difficult, and with good discernment we can make good decisions which make the experience of reality flow with greater ease.
Think of the flow of life like a constant ocean wave coming ashore. A pure mind is what one aims for, which creates an easeful allowing of the wave to come ashore and wash over the sand. In this metaphor your mind in the sand, and the impressions of your mind (samskara – mental grooves) are like deep impressions or footprints in the sand which prevent the flow of life from easefully washing over.
Tantric practice clears the mind to not be patterned from the past.There is a great deal more to know about the feminine principle and tattvas 36-17, such as how the energy moves with the 3 guna’s (lightness, energy and passion, and inertia). But, I’ll save that for a class I’ll teach.
Thus we have explored the feminine principle of the world of form and energy, and the 3 qualities of mind.Now we move into the more abstract male principle of shiva or pure consciousness.
Tattva #12 – is shiva, the pure witness. Shiva is the ground of being, for which all matter and energy (shakti) is contained within. Shiva consciousness is omnipotent, omniscience, and omnipresent.
Tattavas #36-17 are the contracted and manifested reality, whereas shiva is the fullest expansion. Thus the philosophy of Tantra is that pure consciousness with its desire to know itself created limitations and contractions within itself known as the 5 shells (tattvas #7-10)#7 – limited power of action, #8 limited power of knowledge or incomplete knowing, #7 Desire, #10 time, #11 causality
In our contracted form we experience these limitations, and the encouragement and exploration in Tantra is to find the edge….there is thus a recognition that we have limited power to action and knowledge, but there is still a movement towards knowing more, for our knowledge in a contracted form will never be complete, and still we seek to know more…forever expanding into infinity.
Desire arises from a craving to be in yoga, in pure unity within pure consciousness or the divine… all desire for affection, sex, money, power etc stems from our incompleteness as a contracted form from our own divinity…thus, in Tantra it is important to recognize that satisfaction will never be achieved by sense pleasure, sex, money, or power, but there is also not a need to deny them, just to see that they will never satisfy your eternal soul, and thus, the impetus is to transform these desires into a prayer that connects you to the divine.For example, if you are in a relationship, see your partner as your divine counter-part, and enter into your relationship dually, on a human level, and at the level of divine self. If you are trying to meet your human needs and desires, you will always be unfulfilled, as will your relationship. If you recognize your divinity and connection to pure consciousness, you may then act from a place of fullness in your love, and it will be an expression of completeness, and you will be satisfied regardless of the relationship you may or may not have.
Then you may be in the world and not of it, then you may be satisfied without external circumstances needing to go your way, and still, you may be successful in life.
Tantra encouraged success in spirit, and in worldly life. Many spiritual systems of inquiry are about transcending this world, or creating a perfect world (heaven) that is not this world. Tantra says, enjoy both heaven and earth.
The tattva #10 is time… in tantra there is an encouragement to recognize time. Tantra is the art of recognizing life, for its fullness. A key word in tantra is awareness. Be aware of body, mind, emotion, time, qualities, desire, causality, limitation, etc. This is how tantra expands your consciousness, the more you can be aware of, and hold in your awareness, the more expanded you will be. Opening your consciousness.
It when one lives in the full awareness that all is temporary that they truly experience life…when we fail to recognize the limitations of time, we may lose ourself in the moment and take it for granted. Thus, by learning to be mindful of this moment of time, and simultaneously the past and future, and the fact that all is here, and all will be gone, we can fully take in the present, and be anchored in eternity.
Tantra recognizes time and that many people avoid the experience of the present moment because of feelings of regret, nostalgia, fantasy, and anxiety. When one recognizes these states, and feels them, they no longer avoid them, and they are better equipped to be more present.
Tattva #11 – causality
In Tantra one deals with karma by being unattached to the outcomes of action, which creates no karma. It teaches that the desire to attain or avoid specific results creates karma.I’m going to stop at tattva #6 for today, which is maya.Maya means illusion. But, in Tantra illusion is not negative, because it is necessary to for us to see duality for self-exploration. Therefore, once more tantra is about recognition. Tantra does not judge whether duality is good or bad, it simply recognizes there is duality and increases awareness.
I’d like to end on that final note, Tantra is about refining awareness, being totally involved in life, in its fullness, without preference for salvation or suffering, without desire for the fruits of actions, Tantra says yes to life, yes to experience.
As a teacher of Tantra and Tantric practices the space I hold is for you to experience all that you are, I do this by embodying these philosophies In my life which creates the capacity for you to do the same, I create and guide individuals through their body, feeling, and mind, and teach them techniques to experience of the fullness of their consciousness. Because Tantra is not merely a philosophy, though a road map is nice…tantra is about techniques, that is what the word tantra means. That is why tantra is not about goals, or philosophy, it is not about morals, it is about liberation and expansion. It is about loving all that you are, and all that the world is.
Tantra can help an individual on every level of their being and their being in the world. From finding connection to the earth, their tribe, their sexuality, their relationship, their occupation and offerings, their love, their voice and expression, their vision, and their connection to the divine. Because it sees an individual in their totality, it works on you at every level of being, and can offer you expansion in every aspect of what you are.
It’s an honour to hold space and learn from you. For though I teach tantra, I am as much a student, and the students are the teacher. We are teaching each other through our reflections and we are gaining self-knowledge. I need you to know myself, I love you, to love myself.
We are all one.And we are all many.Much love.
Let’s dance soon?



Blessed new year
Tremendous shifts have happened

My prayer for all people is to simply be mindful – be present in your body, with your feeling, and with your mind, and with the ever-changing mental states
The ascension process on the level of the personal and collective is spiraling and expanding energy…the force and rate of expansion has created enough inertia that there will be less ‘doing’ of inner work….that is to say, less effort…more and more the process will be a simple allowing. Which gives the opportunity for all people to move into a greater state of being….without needing to ‘do’ anything, each individual consciousness is rapidly processing their karma and the clear channels and bodhisattvas are holding the space for this process to happen with ease.

More than ever, mass amounts of individuals have moved out of mind, out of the past, out of memory and story, and into the present moment. They are thus attuning to truth, and they are at a level of presence in the present moment creating consciousness that though they have karma, their life circumstance are no longer guided by karma, they are essentially above karma, they are free to create in the present…. there will still be a releasing of their karma, but on an effortless level of being. These individuals and their field of consciousness -not being tethered to the personal mind and body- are expanding, they are expanding their field of love and truth, these expanding fields of love and truth create the divine space for others who are less far on the way to have an effortless space to release their karma.

More and more, individual consciousness will expand, and many of you are tuning more and more into the consciousness of the earth, and becoming channels for the collective to release.

Enough beings have made the complete ascension that they are now forming a strong energetic grid, like how one creates an energetic grid with crystals. There was a time when we relied on the earth’s energetic vortex’s to spiritually evolve – these are where the major spiritual sites such as a the pyramids are- now, individuals carry the same energetic potential and they are walking spiritual cathedrals…

At one time in our evolution we built temples, now we are truly awakening and being the divine temple. ….Because the individuals who are further along in their ascension are great in numbers and are connecting to other individuals what will happen is that they will create swirling vortex’s of awaking energy by holding a level of divine connection, faith, and truth in their field.

Though much is still to come in the clearing process, there is certainty that ALL BEING ARE SAVED. I intuit that even those who pass on in the near future, although they may not have realized their full enlightenment, they won’t have to fully reincarnate because the collective field created by all the bodhisattvas that are on this planet will carry them to the light.

Within our lifetime – time is going to become more and more meaningless- all beings will realize their highest enlightened self. Every individual will move through a process wherein all their energetic centered are opened and cleared and the divine light will purify every being…. At a level of energy and light each individual will activate their light body and spirit body. When one activates their energy body they will gain greater access to their spiritual skills, such as being able to tap into the akashics. Their soul blueprint, and the archetypes they need to evolve through will become realized, and they will move through it at an accelerated rate. Many individuals will have an increased amount of spiritual experiences that will expand their consciousness all the way to divine light, which will then anchor an aspect of their consciousness at this level of light, and then their innate intelligence will align them at an accelerate rate towards this direction. It’s like downloading a road map towards evolution into unity consciousness.

When individuals live and operate in their light body they alter how they communicate with the world and with themselves. Ordinarily (on the physical plane) communication through language is course and is a poor way to express truth and feelings….when individuals are connected at the level of energy and light, their entire beings can communicate, without words….something important here is that information exchange among their DNA will take place. So not only will each individual evolve their own DNA, they will begin to tap into the collective pool of DNA of other beings…giving a capacity to download new skills, talents, and capacities, without training….this is the level of effortless and non-doing I was speaking of in the beginning. As this process continues and we become less identified with our individual body, more and more we will dissolve our separate consciousness and eventually we will dissolve our bodies and enter one consciousness with the earth. At that point, the collective memory and intelligence of every being on this earth will synthesize, accelerating evolutionary expansion through non-linear timescales.
A few points to touch on….

It’s good to find where your at. There are various levels of enlightenment as you move through the primary 8 chakras, and into the higher dimensional chakras. It is good to find individuals who are at a high level of enlightenment who can help you accelerate, download, and integrate at a high level. At a certain point of divine alignment your individual energy is fully guided by spirit, which will allow for a effortless being. You will no longer need to worry about abundance, your relationships will flourish, your work will be needed and you will be effortlessly employed by spirit, your heart will expand and expand, you will begin to speak your truth and it will make it to those who need to hear it, and your intuitive understanding in each unfolding moment will allow you to not have to use your mind to plan projected futures, but rather you will simply walk the world at a level of faith and the path will unfold with each step you take. It is going to become more and more clear that each individual is being carried by spirit, and it will free up all the energy each individual was pouring into ‘doing’ things for money, or to meet their unmet needs, their cup will be filled with spirit and they will walk a divine path. By walking in absolute faith, truth and love, you hold this level of consciousness in your field.

Even once you have become enlightened (at whatever stage), it is important to note that the learning and lessons of existence still come. Though your actions and alignment will offer much in the way of clarity and support, there will still be choices, there will still be the cultivation of spiritual values, and there is much to experience. To become fully self-realized one will have to experience all levels of their being.

There are many individuals who are still early in their evolution, and though they are travelling at an accelerated rate, their rate of expansion relative to some beings on this planet is drastically different. What I have felt in my own body and being is a rapid acceleration of energy to create my shift, and now a full integration into my body.
This level of integration allows me to be simultaneously in my highest centers, but fully embodied in my lower chakras at a level of calm being. I no longer need to do work to ‘raise’ my energy, my process has shifted from no longer being a personal ascension, it is now about being a bodhisatvas and my breath and body is sustained in this realm till all beings have reached enlightenment. I have felt the shift in my body and because I channel and feel the collective, I know that many others have also made this transition. Which means new waves of light workers are becoming beacons with absolute clarity and divine direction, their words, actions, and medicine is now carried by angels and will reach those it needs. They too are also at a level of integration of beingness wherein they are calm and assured. This is a beautiful way to hold space for others.
I have seen visions that I, along with many others will be orchestrating massive gathering of collective healing. In 2021 I will be offering a variety of planet medicines in combination with dance, movement, meditation, and breath practices. The size and scale of these offering is going to increase, and I appreciate those who have reached out for collaboration, and I’m still open to continue to make connections. I have taken my body bodhisattva vows, and they are no longer something I have to consciously and effortfully repeat, I have integrated them into my subconscious and now they are operating at a level of my being. That is to say, I have committed my existence to freeing all beings, and I will go where spirit moves me, I am guided by the breath, and its an honour to be with you in these times.

I thank you for listeningI thank you for being hereI thank great spirit I connected to the sacred directions and offer my life as a prayerI love you

– Aya – ZK



Energetic dynamics denotes the unseen or subtle exchange that occurs in a realm beyond the 5 senses.
Learning the underlying energetics of your interactions teaches a deeper awareness of the dance of matter and energy -the two fundamental aspects of existence-

I am going to be briefly covering the following topics:

1. Emotional
2. Mental/thinking
3. Moving
4. Breathing
5. Sleeping
6. Eating
7. Financial

Intro – the human energy matrix

“The physical body and the perceptions that are received through the 5 main sense organs presents a slice of reality.”
Readers will be familiar that we have both a physical body of tissues and an energy body that is known as the nervous system. The nervous system is an aspect of your energy body, which extends far beyond the body in its range through its electromagnetic field of influence. For example, your heart creates is an electromagnetic field generator expounding a field of energy that extends several feet in all directions.

Further, there are also subtle energetic centers or vortex’s of energy that run through and beyond the central channel of your spine. It is important to note that the physical regulation and manifestation of your body, and by extension anything on the physical comes from the subtle to the gross; from energy to matte; from thoughts to feelings to physical sensations. The root is the mind -there are various levels of mind from subconscious to supraconscious, but those won’t be covered here, let us keep it simple.

Let us start with the energy of emotions.


The word emotion denotes energy in motion.

Every emotional state has a corresponding way the energy flows through your being and body. For example, positive emotions are often uplifting or expanding, such as the way a smile causes your lips and face to arise, and your body sense to become lighter. Whereas negative emotional states cause a downward movement of energy and contraction. Positive and negative here do note denote a moral judgement of right or wrong, they simply present two polarities. The distinction I’m making is that sadness is not bad, nor are you wrong to feel sadness. It is important to be clear on this distinction because energy awareness and management is optimized when we are not repressing or avoiding particular states and clinging to others. This creates a non-judgmental way of interfacing with our own energy and emotion which allows for the natural flow of energy (emotions) to move through us and share their wisdom.

The energy body that is influenced by emotions is a system that runs most effectively when it is clear. A clear emotional state and a clear emotional body refers to an openness to feel the present moment as it unfolds, without any blockages in one’s emotional field – the literal field of energy that is being generated by the human energy matrix-. Your emotional body runs through your entire body and around it. You feel emotions on through your entire body and being -when you allow it-.
One can check in to see if their emotion state is clear be assess their breath, how they feel, and how open they are to feel the highs and lows of life.

Emotional body awareness and keys to health:

– Feel and move your whole body every day to create good conditions for the flow and energy and emotion

– Intelligent exercise that moves the 6 major energetic zones of the body promotes optimal emotional regulation (legs, pelvis, core, chest (and arms), neck, and head)

– Make time to sit in silence and feel…whatever arises with love and without judgement ..this will help to decondition the preference to feel positive emotions and avoid negative emotions

– Breathing and breathwork is intimately related to your mental-emotional state, proper breathing and making time to build a relationship with the breath is important for emotional balance – more on that in the breathing section.

– Balancing the 4 elements. The 4 elements (earth, wind, water, and fire) are the fundamental energies of creation. On an energetic and vibratory level these elements make up your body and your energy field will become balanced when exposed to these elements in the environment or by using shamanic and/or breathing techniques that balance these energies (example see my post on 5 elements breathing). To work with the 4 elements, simply have them in your presence. Sit with a fire or candle. Be in or near water or take a shower. Be in the mountain air, or outside where the air is clear. Be barefoot and connected to the earth. These acts will all regulate your emotional field and will do much to work on the health of your body mind and soul.

– Be aware of your emotional state through the day, and when your interacting with people, sense and tune into how you or they are feeling. You’ll be surprised how much you can be aware of. If you think about it, this energy exchange of our emotional field is always happening, it just depends on how aware we are of it.

– To best feel your subtle body and the energy of emotions a light diet, or fasting does aid in the process.

– Try and clear your emotional body every day and as soon as you feel congested by utilizing movement and breath to shift your state – dance, yoga, sing, chant, run, work out, shower, cold-plunge, etc
End of part 1

Part 2 – Mental/Thinking Energy regulation – coming soon

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