Opening the Heart – Poem

There was an expectation of love
The reality isss pain
Harboured hurt
For two daysss

I sat silence
Sitting with my sadnessss
it began to bubble and rissse

Like a coiled snake slithering from up the spine
I simply surrendered to the floor, to the fetal, and left myself open for all the pain to leave my body
It felt as though 27 yearsss of holding to the pain of birth and every suffering since was precipitating into a single stinging tear drop
The room is dark and I cannot see, but I know the tear drop is as black as a closed coffin
I can feel it burn as it slithers down my face
I’m trembling, convulsing, and my breath is leaving my body
With every inhale I’m struggling to hold onto my life as my body begins to harden and my muscles become rigid
My tongue extrudes beyond the borders of my mouth and a harsh air releases from my lungsss
This is the voice of death
The wretched exhale the dying make as they release their last breath

The sound of their life force leaving the body
The same exhale my grandpa made as he passed into the land of the dead
The same guttural voice that comes from the depths that dragons, demons, and underworldly creatures connect with when they speak from the realms of darknesss
This exhale come from the deepest parts of the lungs,

It comes from the roots of our being which reach down into Hell

I’m dying
My body begins to sweat, a feeble attempt to regulate itself
I begin to tremble and vibrate

Another attempt for my body to harmonize and regulate

I’m struggling for air

I surrender and let go
I allow the process to unfold
If death is near then I welcome her with an open heart
as I surrender my struggle stops and my body goes flaccid
no breath, no body, everything goes black
I witness my body sink into the earth and as I watch from above I remain unattached
There is a sense of calm, the kind of stillness that can only be found after days of meditating in the forest or cave
A realm of peace and harmony
Then in an instant I’m torn atom by atom in 12 directions through 12 dimensions
I’m shattered, the feeling is ineffable and all that comes after is beyond comprehension
Reality begins to unfold at lightspeed

there are rising and falling civilizations entering my Being
Flashes of sacred texts in language I’ve never encountered flash before me

Hieroglyphs, sacred art, sacred structures, sacred geometry
I see my parents growing old and I witness their death

There is immeasurable sadness with no body to express it, it is a realm of pure suffering

A voice speaks from nowhere in a language I’ve never heard, yet I translate their words to mean “you are dead”
Upon hearing this it comes to my attention that there is still breath
No body, but breath
not my breath, but breath
I witness this breath, as one witnesses their breath in deep meditation, not as a breather, but as a witness to a process that happens of itself
I merge with this breath and realize it is made of light
I feel the elements seethe from my body, and my memories begin to dissolve
The earth and metal of my being burn, only to be washed away by water, and the remaining pieces blown into the winds
There is sadness that slithers from hell to heaven, and when it reaches the golden palace of light in the clouds the sadness turns to nothing – no thing – void – shunyata
I oscillate between my separate personal memories, and then into the One Breath of all Being, and with every oscillation I free up a piece of my personal history and offer it the One Breath
This process peels layers of me and my relations and purifies them
But the process fails to complete
I begin to descend down the tail of the snake and back into my senses, but beyond my body
A voice speaks again, and I can’t make sense of the words
Its vibration is unharmonious and it appears to be questioning me
I am trying to speak, but I have no words and no way of understanding
A state of confusion falls like a dense dark fog and fear raptures the ether and air
In a blink of an eye, I open my eyes and I’m back in my home on the floor
I look to my body, and it is green, scaled, and disfigured

Fear creeps through my veins and touches my sacred places
My fingers are elongated like alien hands and I’m witnessing ten-thousand nightmares in every cell
I cry
I collapse to the floor and shiver in the fetal

I cry and cry till I close my eyes find in myself the saddest parts of me own Being
Not only do I encounter all the pain of my personal history, but I see the suffering of many of my relationships lying in the depths of my Being

There is sadness that pours through me, each tear is a holographic memory of a life of suffering of a human being, and as it falls down my cheek their story plays before my soul
Then there is a key
an ancient key that is shaped like the Egyptian ankh, the cross-like symbol of eternal life
The key shines with gold and washes away and clears my light body
My organs compress and release their respective emotions
I feel lighter
I feel my light body vibrate
One last tear begins to form on the medial aspect of my eye
it’s the holograph of my own life and suffering
I witness it rise to life
I watch it fall like the rain
Then I witness it contact the earth and pop like a soap bubble


The Art of Mindfulness


The greatest gift you can give to yourself or another is presence

Mindfulness is the practice of presence.

Presence is the state is being here, now.

To be here, now, is to be conscious of each moment as it folds into the next, being conscious of the changing energies of our thoughts, emotions, felt sensations in the body and spirit. When we live mindfully, we live fully.  When we are wholly present, we are in tune with our bodies and its needs.  When we are in tune with ourselves, we are in alignment with our values and our purpose.  When we are mindful of our stress, we can then listen to our bodies and regulate our nervous system.  When we are mindful, we become a observer of our thoughts, and emotions, and when we are that observer, we are not absorbed or attached to those thoughts or emotions, they then do not sweep us away, but give us the choice to enter into them or allow them to pass.

If we are not mindful

–          We fail to experience life to its fullest, tuning into pieces of our day and running on the subconscious programs and thought patterns of the past.

–          We eat, but fail to chew our foods properly for the 25-40 bites it takes to aid in digestion.  We fail to interact with the vibration of the food we are eating.  Then we fail to assess how that food makes us feel, and whether it was what our body needed.  One perspective is that food is medicine, and just because a food is purported as being healthy, does not necessarily mean it’s the right medicine for you at that moment.

–          We fail to listen to our bodies when they are crying out that they are stressed and tired and need recovery, rest, and relaxation.

–          We fail to listen to our emotions and practice the proper expression of their energies.

–          We are not aware of the moment to moment decisions we make every day, that if we were mindful of, we could then choose to make different decision to better our lives, or see new opportunities.

–          If we are too caught up in thinking about the past or the future, we are not present.  Pair this situation with the above mentioned not listening to our emotions and our stresses, then we are dysregulated in so many ways that we cannot be fully present.  Then when we interact with our family and friends, we are not capable of giving them true presence.  We give them pieces of our self.

To become more mindful is to become more aware.

Where to begin:

Set a reminder on your phone at the beginning, middle, and end of each day.  The reminder is a call to check in with your body, your thoughts, and your emotions.  Its as simple as spending a few moments, perhaps 10 breaths to come back to center. Body, thoughts, and emotions. Checking in the body, tuning into any tensions or sensations that arise in that moment. Assessing your emotions, allowing any energies to arise, and just allowing them be, just witnessing them and allowing them to express themselves and release. Taking a few mindful breaths, becoming attuned to the process of breathing in, and letting the exhale fall away, releasing all the tensions and stress your holding in the body, and regulating your nervous system.


Mindful eating is the practice of eating well.  To eat without distractions, to chew properly, and be grateful for the nourishment that the earth provides.



Introduction to the Breathe and Emotions


How we breathe is how we think – Edward Dangerfield


In this post I will be introducing you to the relationship of the breath to the body and the emotions.  Then I will give a few short instructions on developing a relationship with breath, and then concluding with an introduction to mindfulness meditation


Without training, breathing patterns naturally guide the physical body to experience and express the dominant patterns of the Mind.  Therefore, an individual in an excited state of Mind, will have a breathing pattern much different than that of someone who is feeling sleepy. Further, emotional stress, for example, can increase the rate of the body’s respiration.


The body, breathe, and emotions

Any shift in a person’s body, emotion, and thought will cause a corresponding change to all 3 systems. In Chinese medicine each of the five element’s primary acquired emotions are associated with a specific breathing pattern.  The follow is an introduction to 6 important breathing patterns. 

1.       Anger – liver: Respiratory pattern will be shallow with a stronger emphasis on the exhalation

2.       Joy – heart: Respiratory pattern will be moderate, and irregular, with quick bursts

3.       Shock – heart: When a person experiences shock, the breath immediately stops as the Qi attacks the heart  

4.       Worry – spleen: The breath is shallow and weak, and often held for long periods of time, follows by a long gulping burst of inhalation and exhalation. Spontaneous sighing is also common

5.       Grief – lungs: A grieving or sad person’s respiratory pattern will be choppy, broken, and obstructed

6.       Fear – kidneys: A fearful or scared person breathe pattern will be fast, held high in the lungs, and shallow

In several psychological experiments specific breath patterns are follow and the corresponding emotions can be felt.  For example, its quiet common for someone using the grief response respiratory pattern to start to cry. 

Now that you are aware of some breath patterns and their emotional associations you can use this information to understand another person’s state of mind. The breath does not lie. 





Stress and the breath

When we are relaxed and at peace we breathe comfortably, expanding our diagram from bottom to top.  As we exhale we release the breath and or muscles relax.  When we are stressed, we are more inclined to take short shallow breaths from our upper lungs and hold our exhale.  When we hold our exhale we retain tensions in the body, these tensions represents stored emotions, stress, ad energy.  As we learn to relax and release of our exhale we let go of tensions, emotions, and stress, and restore the harmony of the respiratory cycle and the cycling of energy throughout the body. 

The amount of stress you retain is not necessarily related to the amount of stress you encounter, retained stress is a function of your reaction to it.  If you are constantly rushing, not paying attention to your breath, your stress, and your emotions, its easy for them to build up in the body.  When we are mindful, even in stressful situations we can guide our breath to release and relax, and thus carry no tensions. 


Try and build a relationship with your breath throughout the day.  Checking in with your breath, your emotions, and your thoughts in the morning to guide your body to relaxation, then check in throughout the day, and then again at night to release any energy stored in the body. This schedule can be achieved in as little as 10 breaths per session, and if practiced for weeks and months will work towards building a constant awareness of the breath, and thus an awareness of the moment to moment changes in your body, your thoughts, and your emotions.

Mindful breathing meditation

Sit in a relaxed and comfortable position, either sitting or lying or standing. 

Keep the spine straight with the chin gentled tucked towards the neck

Take a moment to presence your body and feel the support of the earth below

Set an intention to mindfully meditate for the next few minutes

Inhaling from your diaphragm and through your nose, breathe in and in your mind say “I am mindful that I am breathing in”

Exhale through your nose or mouth, and say in your mind “I am mindful that I’m breathing out”

After 10 breaths simply say (in your head) In, upon inhalation, and out, upon exhalation.

After another 10 breaths simply and mindfully witness breathing in and out

Witnessing the breath




Witnessing any emotions, and thoughts that arise, and when they come simply leave them be, and return to mindfully watching the breath

When your mind becomes calm honour your practice and leave with the intention to carry that calm state of mind into your day



With love and support

-Zachary Koop

Presence – freewriting

Is there anybody out there?
Are you here?

You may think your here, now
But you are being torn apart
Pieces of you are lost in the past
Preventing you from being present
When you were born, you were perfect, present and wholly involved in the Now
As we experience and express ourselves as a unique individual we transition through developmental stages
We can see these in terms of chakras and energy
psychological stages
numerical ages
Yet we do not progress through these stages perfectly
The beauty of being human is to be perfectly imperfect
When we experience trauma, disorder, disease, or any ill fate we may also have a stunting or delaying in an area of development
For example,
Perhaps our first 12 months of being human were ungrounded, and we were born in war-torn Syria. The first year of our life is important in our development of our roots, our sense of safety, security, and grounding to our earth, our tribe, and community.
The next stage according to the chakras is 6 months to 2 years, and athey re crucial to developing healthy relationships. If we experience developmental issues in these critical years it can later affect our creativity and our ability to have a healthy relationship with sexuality.
The chakra system is no light read, unless you skim it
It’s an inclusive system which incorporates physiological organs and body structures, colours, yoga poses for balancing, herbs, meridian point correlates, and is a powerful tool for working on and balancing your human energy system and creating growth in all areas of your Being

Then there is the shamanic idea of soul loss and retrieval
Lend me your ears and listen to this story in your mind’s eye
It was late, later than young Mary and Todd were use to staying up. But their father went out for a drink and had left them alone, again. He was in the habit of having a few too many beers and leaving them home alone on the weekend. They are both nearly 10 years old and they are coming quite accustom to managing on their own. Yet tonight felt different
They began to shiver minutes before their father came home
Piss drunk
His wretched breath stunk of beer and vomit
His greying beard was evident of his bodies accelerated aging due to a poorly led life
Turning his gaze to Todd his words were flames and he ordered him to bed.

Grabbing and forcing Todd into his room with his hairy arms
As his large paw clawed at Todd’s arm he left red flesh from his firm grasp
next his evil was turned towards Mary, which he took to his room
Where he proceeded to touch her soft arms
her screams could be heard across the house
Todd ran in to attack his dad and save his sister
but a mere smack put Todd unconscious
Mary was no push over, she kicked and screamed and bit
but she was unable to avail her fat father and his drunken sexual desire
He took his slimy tongue and had his sick serpent way with her
Both Todd and Mary grew up, moved away, and continued life
Yet a piece of Mary was left behind that night, a piece of her soul was lost.
Mary smiles, but not with a whole and open heart
She loves, but not wholly
She can’t open her heart, for she is scared to be vulnerable
She is scared to express her personal power
She is unable to have a healthy sexual relationships
She is fearful
Mary is not broken
She is beautiful
Mary sought healing for years, trying psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, journaling and countless other treatments before taking a trip down to Peru to work with the visionary plant Ayahuasca and a master shaman or traditional healer
In a dark ceremonial building the shaman, her, and 6 other people and 2 facilitators

she consumed the healing brew, ayahuasca and within the hour she started to experience an altered state of consciousness
Her visions brought her back, back to the night she was raped
trembling and shaking she felt a warm light opening at the root of her spine
she could feel the shamans voice penetrating deep into her bones
Her cellular memory of the event released and in a moment she saw her fathers face
It made her purge, sick, black, vomit
her back hunched and great waves of energy moved through her
she became a vessel of a great wind, and she started to scream
her cries were broken by fits of sobbing
the facilitators gathered near, lending their energy and letting her knew she is safe
One facilitator placed a hand on her and she began to calm
She saw her fathers face flash once more, and she began to cry
Just then a wave a green light came crowning down and consumed her
She felt a brilliant white flower blossom in her heart center and she felt love for her father
In that moment she felt forgiveness for him
She felt unconditional love for the first time since she was a baby, before her mom had passed
The feeling faded after that night, but not completely. Mary got a glimpse
Mary felt what forgiveness feels like
She knew what she needed to do
ayahuasca is not a magical cure, but it can show you the way
It would take years before Mary was ready to let go
but when she did, she opened herself up to new love
new light
Her story, her strength
was a gift
She went on to help her brother heal from an addiction he had developed from his traumatic childhood
She went on to find love, not just in a man, but in all her relationships
She became a leader, a healer, and a mother
Mary was never broken, not during her childhood, or any point during her struggle
she had just lost a piece of herself
its like when we are a kid and we play hide and seek
we like to get lost, so we can find ourselves again
that’s what being human is about
Your struggles are blessings
they are there for you to overcome
I thank life for my depression
I once wound up in a psychiatric ward after attempting suicide
I’ve been hurting most my life
I abused steroids to make myself strong, but no matter how physical powerful I became I was still weak
Still running
Using women
using drugs
selling drugs
I lived in darkness so I could discover the light
I have the scars on my body, and the tattoos that tell my story
I’ve ventured deep into the darkness of my own shadow

I shone a light into my blackest night
the sun rose, and a new day dawned
When we heal our past we free ourselves
no longer are we fragmented
When we heal ourselves we can become fully present, no longer in the prison of the past
When we trust the universe we no longer need to fear the future, and thus we give up anxiety
then we give up fear
when we surrender our fear of death, all other fears fade and we can be present
When we are truly present, we see the here and now
We see truth
we can see others more clearly than they can see themselves
we see the patterns they are playing out, and we know how we can heal them
Most people live in moments
they come alive only during parts of their day
the rest they spend unconsciously acting our patterns
habitual tendencies
routine compulsions
cycles of desire
old desires transforming into new desires, but always chasing
when we are awake, we are conscious of every moment of our lives

free of conditioning
truly living
connected to:

the body

the breath
the emotions
the mind
and the spirit
not divided
not stuck in the head -always talking to oneself

true presense of the here and now
this kind of presence lends itself into extraordinary feats
healing abilities
intuitive abilities
mind-body control
learning is accelerated
dreams manifest themselves
is there anybody there?
where are you at?
What emotions from your past are keeping you from being present?
How far do you stray from your breathe?
Can you be conscious of your breath all day? Or is your mind pulling you endlessly away from the pain of the present you are running from

why the pain?

why the addiction?

freedom and the present
When you were a child you were free
you still are
but you don’t act it
over time you developed rigid patterns of behaviour
you once danced and moved your body in every which way
now, most people walk in straight lines and lift weights in one plane
yet you are free to dance, and spin, rotate your arms in 3-dimensions
you once sang, without care and full of joy
singing is the path to joy
now you speak on a limited register
your tongue no longer dances
yet you are free to sing and learn to make beautiful music that can heal
most people act out a role
they have a personality that is rigid
through your identification and the occupational mask you wear you have limited your freedom
you can be and act freely
a truly free individual loves to be with themselves, because they surprise themselves
I’ve spent weeks alone and I never get lonely
I am the combination of every one I have ever met
When you become truly free and unguarded spontaneous creativity flows through you and you become a witness to the joy of being
I laugh at my own jokes because they do not come from me
I love to read my writing because it does not come from me
When I speak I don’t think about what I’m going to say, I become silent, and out of that silence there are words
they do not come from me

Its a process of getting out of your own way
be free
Free to dance, to sing, to express yourself without judgement
no self
You can go your entire life without ever-living a single moment
or perhaps living only in fragments
in heightened moments
You’ll realize this at some point
for most people its right before they die
or on their deathbed
a beautiful life is one that is lived
perfectly imperfect
lessons from zen
time is an illusion
life is not made of words
no words can ever describe life
there is no true progress
goals are great, but there is no progress
everything is always in balance
good and evil are one
there is no separate self
meaning, YOU cannot do anything
good or bad
no need to weigh the good things you do against the bad
free yourself of this religious conditioning
sometimes all we are doing by trying to do what is right based on what we read, or heard, or think, or are influenced by, teaches us to do it because we have to
its like loving someone because we have to
never do things because you think you have to
when we get out of our own way, we do what should be done but it comes from within
not because we have to, because out of the silence of self we act in accordance with the dao
this is enlightenment
when we stop pursuing
when we stop trying to do it ourselves
give up all notions and right and wrong, of self and other
let go
and everything falls into place
when you let go you allow things to fall into place
the more you try
the more you resist the way of things, the more out of alignment you are with the tao
when you truly give up trying, you can become present
you can live fully
you can be here, now

beyond good and evil

beyond the self

Why meditate?

Why meditate?
Why dance?
Why Sing?
Why make love?
We can attach a reason to each of these questions, the mind loves a reason for doing something. Meditating, dancing, singing, and making love can all be a means to some end. Yet, they are unique in that they are also ends unto themselves. You need not dance to become better, nor to arrive at a destination, or to work on coordination, or to let go. You don’t need a reason to dance, dancing is purposeless. The same can be said for meditation. You can go into meditation with a purpose, as a doer, with an end in mind.
Or you can simply sit.
You can shift from doing to being.
Without a goal, without the desire for enlightenment, or inner peace.
Why meditate?
Meditation teaches concentration and awareness.
Pure attention
focused, body, mind, and spirit.
As one first learns to sit they will experience discomfort. Their mind will distract them.
Because most people live in their heads. They live in the intellect. They talk to themselves incessantly. When a zen master sits, he simply sits. When he eats he eats. And when he sleeps he sleeps. Most men and women do not sit, they sit and think about ten-thousand and one things. They do not simply and mindfully eat, chewing their food the appropriate amount of times, and allowing for digestion.
To meditate is to check in with the body
body, mind, emotion, and spirit are one. Yet most people spend time in their mind, get swept up in their emotions, rarely check in with their spirit, and hardly live wholly. To live wholly is to be connected to the bodymindemotionspirit as a unity.
Meditation is a means to find peace
Inner stillness
If one regularly finds peace in the morning, and peace in the evening, soon their day will be spent in peace. Picture a spectrum, on one end there is suffering, and the other is pleasure, and in the middle is a place of contentment. Most people seek pleasure, they are caught in a never-ending desire to pursue, achieve and follow rewards. When inevitable tragedy and suffering strike they are quick to push in the positive, and get back to pleasure. Yet meditation teaches the middle way. Mediators reside in the center, calm and content. When pleasure comes they are happy, but they are not attached to it. When suffering comes, they suffering.
their peace is undisturbed by the waves of emotions that roll over.
Emotions are just that, waves of energy, quick to come, quick to wash away.

Do not become swept away in emotions, joy or anger.
Why meditate?
When one learns to turn their eyes inward they come to know they are infinite
Inner vision
inner sight; insight
When one learns to meditate, they learn to witness.
if one learns to watch the breathe without interfering, without guiding the breathe, without guiding the mind, just letting go, they realize they do not breath, but rather there is breath, and they are a witness.
you are what you are aware of.
Most people’s awareness is identified with body, mind, and emotions. Yet when we become a witness we have an oppurnutity to transcend. Most people live in their heads and look out from their eyes, as if their consciousness was coming from the brain. This position can be described as ego-centric processing. The self is the center, looking out at the world.
Yet imagine this, picture yourself sitting on a bench looking at an apple. Now take the apple’s perspective. You are an apple looking at yourself. Your awareness is displaced from the ego-center, and you are seeing things beyond yourself. This is allo-centric processing. Over time, as you continually meditate and become a witness of your body you begin to shift your awareness. No longer looking out from two eyes, you are wholly aware of your bodies position in 3-dimensional space. Because your awareness is lifted beyond the body, there is a distance created from your thoughts, emotions, and even the mind. This is not a dissociation. It is more akin to an objective looking at oneself, a truer way of knowing thyself. For how can we truly know ourself unless we see ourself from outside in. When we become aware of ourselves objectively, our problems, limiting beliefs, and blockages become apparent, just as when you look at someone else and their problems seem simple to you.
Because your awareness lives beyond the ego, or self-identification you will also experience a shift in your relationships. For we usually look at the world through our own biases and prejudices. When we lift our awareness beyond ourselves we see the world, and others more clearly. Truth, is to see things more clearly.
The disidentification with the body, mind, and emotions is primary to meditation and volumes could be written on the resultant happenings of this shift in awareness. When we are no longer identified with our body, mind and emotions we don’t take things personally. We become less attached to our looks, for they will fade. We become less disturbed by our emotions, for they are passing waves. We become less concerned with the constant negative thoughts that arise, they are just passing waves too.
no longer do things happen to us, or for us, they just happen. They happen just the way they should, and we can be at peace.

meditation is thinking
There are many forms of thinking
Say you have a mathematical problem you are trying to work out
most people’s approach to the problem would be to sit with pen and paper and try to work on that problem. They will sit there and try to work it out with the mind. Nothing wrong with this, the conscious mind is great for thinking.
here is another way to approach the problem. Work on it, then go to sleep. Research proves that your brain will continue to work on the problems your conscious mind deems important. you wake up and the problem is solved. Or maybe not.
Try again and try it this way. Work on the problem, then meditate. Out of the silence the answer will come.

When learning guitar (or any skill) one can try and try, then they take a break, and come back and viola
things to note:
Your brain has different electrical states ranging low to high. When you drink coffee you put you brain into a beta state, or a high arousal state, this state allows for outward focus and concentration. Meditation drops the brain wave states lower and this state is good for relaxation, healing, and processing of information. Sleep and trance drop the brain into even lower states of arousal, also having benefits for recovery, healing, and processing of information.

Using this information, it is clear that a good strategy would be as follows. Enter the higher arousal states for thinking and learning and taking in of information, then balancing yourself with lower brain wave states to process and utilize that information. It’s about balance.
Work, play, rest
Remember how I said your brain continues to work on the problems your conscious mind deems important. I should express it a bit different, you brain will continually work on problems, all kinds of problems. It does with subconsciously, but it uses your brain’s resources. Think about all the problems you encounter during the day, your brain has solutions to all kinds of problems and is continually working on them. But its disorganized, our modern world has too many problems, too many alerts to memorize, too many things to remember. Your brain has a limited amount of resources. If you lived in a cave and only wanted to write, your brain would have more resources to focus on just writing, instead of writing, living, family, working, and ten-thousand things.
Meditation helps to organize the brain
The analogy is thus, all the problems you encounter during the day are tabs you are opening on your computer. When one meditates at night the stream of thoughts for the 10-20 minutes will be about your day, your thoughts, and the problems that you have encounters. By meditating and simply allowing these thoughts to pass without interfering allows those tabs to close and the brain to get out of problem solving mode, and into a place of peace. Most people don’t even know what peace feels like. They don’t understand what it is to have an empty mind. Always ten-thousand things. No silence.
When your mind is not full of ten-thousand things, you are free to become more present. When you focus, you have more resources, you become more creative, your problem solving capabilities increase, when you take on a task you can put your mind, body, and emotion into it.
Meditation and the breath
most methods of meditation involve the breath
the breath is the bridge to the subconsciousness
the breath is life energy
the breath is the vehicle
The breath is conscious and subconscious
By bringing our awareness to the breath we can follow it into the subconscious
What is the subconscious?
the subconscious is you
the subconscious part of you regulates your heart, your body, it contains all your reflexes
It contains your urges, desires, memories, etc.
the conscious mind is but a spotlight, it is a sliver of awareness
the subconscious is the vast ocean of self
Tapping into your subconscious will change your life
In your subconscious are programs and conditioning, they are reflexive responses, limiting beliefs, prejudices, etc. Meditation allows us to enter the subconscious and decondition all the poor programming we have been acquiring unconsciously since birth. This is awakening. Coming into consciousness.
Programing the subconscious will alter your perceptions. It will expand your awareness.

meditation is beautiful

meditation is boring

meditation is