5 addictions and passions that are held in your body that drain your energy.

Just as too much exercise will drain your physical system’s energy (jing), so too will these addictions.

  1. Anger: Anger can be a cause for addiction as individuals become habituated to utilizing the energy of this emotion, or they may be unable to maintain consciousness in the heat of anger because of early conditioning on the appropriateness of expressing emotion, or the truth of what their anger is revealing. I use to jack myself up on rage to progress in athletics, it was a short-term stimulant that like stress can provide fuel for a fool.
  2. Hate – It may seem silly that we harbor hate because it’s opposite quality is love. But, love ain’t always easy. Opening our heart to love involves cracking ourselves open being humbled. I’ve often found is easier to hate than to love, but, the spiritual path is not the easy way.
  3. Delight – Excessive hunger for delightful states can drain the body of resource as it creates a state of desire to experience one thing over another (resistant + control emerge), rather than mindfully practicing presence of what is. It can be easy to chase desire and delight and for some much of their human activity seeks this end – which never brings fulfilment, only a hungry ghost.
  4. Love : the love I am speaking to is romantic love when it becomes avoidant and addictive. I’ve been my own victim to basking too long in the safety of delight of love’s allure. Recollecting back, I was avoiding the necessary hardship that lie ahead in an attempt to preserve a fantasy that was only finite.
  5. Fear – Fear produces disharmony on all levels. Like anger, it can provide short-term energy, but it will also call in worry, arrogance, and ego-ism.

to best regulate my mental-emotion state I practice and teach Breathwork and Qigong. These practice build your energy and resilience for you to be strong and conscious. By learning these arts you gain tools to continually evolve and offer your gifts to your family, community and planet.

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A Guide to Daily Mental-Emotional-Physical-Spiritual Practice.

We are always consciously or unconsciously creating our inner and outer world through our choices.

If you desire balance and to anchor in a new level of living and manifestation it will require greater levels of consciousness.

Here are some practices to explore on your journey.

1. Inner smile – YouTube mantak chia.
Inner smile works on the emotional creation cycle which states that we are always cycling between positive and negative emotions. The inner smile meditation moves an individual through their emotions (positive and negative) to clear the negative and invite in the positive.

2. Daily Qigong or Yoga – the body, mind, and spirit are in harmony when they are one. When we become overly mental (caught in thought) it can detach us from our body and its intelligence. So too with our spirit. By combining intentional emotion, movement, mental activity, and breath, we integrate mind/body/spirit.

3. Pulling cards or using divination tools:
In order to have a conversation with the universe, we have to develop a way to connect with a realm beyond the senses and thought. Cards and divination tools help us to access parts of ourselves through symbols and metaphor. The process of listening and self-inquiry involved in pulling a card primes the bodymind to surrender and ask for help.

4. Stillness/meditation – different layers of self are accessed through moving vs. seated/stillness meditation. Life is about balancing forces, both the yin and yang are neccesary.

5. Gratitude – gratitude says ‘yes’ to all of life. When we learn to accept all experiences in  our day (easeful and challenging) as gifts for our growing, we overcome all situations.

6. Prayer – meditation is yin, it is a deep listening. Prayer is yang, it is an outward offering of exchange… your life’s prayer is your heart’s highest intention.

7. Breath – breath is spirit, conscious breath imbues consciousness, healing, and guides the body and mind.

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13 actions for presence and well-being

1. Take time to slowly stroke and massage your body – as you would a lover or a new born. Slow-soothing touch signals to the nervous system it is safe. (The whole body has an armor when we feel unsafe or stressed, so if you have time, touch the whole body – in the shower works well)

2. When you brush your teeth in the mirror – practice mirror work.  There are many ways to do mirror work, an example being…look at yourself as if you were seeing beauty for the first time. Then appreciate yourself and all your features. Notice when/if judgement arises and rewrite the conditioning. BONUS: affirmations for every interdental contact while flossing.

3. FREEZE. while in activity or action freeze and be as still as possible. In that moment, try to still and slow everything like when kids play hide and seek, and become aware.

4. Sing a song in a super silly way to play with your inner child. Get really into it and move your body and your pitch and tone like a child to get full effects. As with any practice, if self-judgement arises, meet it, see it, and come back to wholeness and unconditonal acceptence.

5. Take a pose! Try standing (or walking) in a new way. For example, superman 🦸‍♂️  pose. Be mindful of your legs and chest. Are your legs supporting you if a good way that you have balance if someone were to push you – that’s a good sign your standing well.  Most people become less conscious of their walk and it becomes shallow as they become busy, restore the joy of walking by being aware and expressing your legs (even a few cm’s) to make your stride bigger or smaller.

6. Tap your body. Especially your adrenals (on top of kidneys), the top of your head, your sternum (center of chest).

7. Practice putting your palms on your stomach (below or above clothes) and drawing circles while breathing into your palms. It will help you to breath into your organs and relax the body. (If you have just eaten, go clockwise.)

8. When you have a small desire….consider it, then don’t act on it. Even if you only delay it, the more conscious you can be of your desires will offer you more insight and power into your choices. – i like to ask myself before I eat more food, if this is going to give me the satisfaction I truly desire.

9. When eating, be sure to take in the smell, sight, and taste of the food. To breath in a relaxed manner while chewing. To be aware of your stomach and how full it is. To nourish yourself in a positive environment and with gratitude. Eating is how we recieve, and gratitude primes our parasympathetic system to actually recieve the nutrition we are putting in.

10. Dedicate a love-making session to just exploring and talking. – do you like when I do such and such? I have this desire. And don’t keep it just limited to the body, what feelings come up, where is the mind, and how can you two connect more deeply. Be sure to hold the space for your partner with love.

11. When you walk, move your toes as if your barefoot.

12. Try this prayer: I thank you mom (then say her name and envision her) and my dad (same thing), grandmas, grandpas, aunties, uncles, nieces, and nephews. I thank the four legged (see one) 2 legged, flying ones, crawling ones, swimming ones. I am thankful for the oceans (see them), rivers, mountains, fields, and forests. I’m thankful for the whole earth, and all the stars in space. And I’m thankful for my own heart. – then try and hold all of your relations just mentioned in your heart through your day.

13. Take a moment to remember that this life is short, even if you live 100 years when your time is over it will pass by in the blink of an eye. In this remembering, come to touch upon what is important. What values are worth taking with you into eternity. Take them with you on this strange journey we call life. Share them, and continue to pray. And I don’t neccesarily mean to bow your head and recite a bunch of words. Prayer is a way of action with inspiration of what is important in your heart. To live your prayers is to consciously create your life from the center out. There’s no more empowering way to bring about presence and a beautiful life then to create it.

I thank you for listening.
Remember the entire cosmos sustains you with every breath. If the planets weren’t orbiting in their perfect way the whole galaxy would topple out of order. Each breath you are exchanging a melody of molecules to sustain your body. And as your heart beats, remember that that same rythme beats in the hearts of millions of other beings, including the center of the earth. From birth to death, there is breath, and we are always connected.

Take care of yourself.
Love you


What is Spirit Quest and is it right for you?

Spirit Quest is a life-changing experience that helps individuals orientate towards their purpose and enhance their soul connection to spirit. The experience is 4 days, representing the 4 directions, 4 seasons, and mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Spirit Quest is a ceremony that begins when the individual hears the call to commit to their path, to reclaim their energy, activate their gifts and potential, and lead their life in a good way. This happens before the first day of Spirit Quest, and it is good to know beforehand because to get the most of the experience, the subconscious needs time to prepare and become open to new experiences and a dedicated shift. Further guidance on preparation is available.

The Spirit Quest Ceremony involves a sweat lodge led in the Sachteen Territory (Pemberton Area), lead by Elder Vern Shannos and Supported by Mumsie. The sweat initiates the water or dry fast…which will continue until the morning of the last day where we will close the ceremony with another lodge. During the 4 days there will be 2 breath, movement, and meditation ceremonies a day, and the rest of the time will be spent in silent meditation. The small group will all spend time in the ceremonial temple building …and there is an option to stay in there the whole experience. Though, everyone will also have a tent if they wish to spend time alone.

There are more details, but it could take me pages to write all the details of ceremony and why it is important to do it in the way we are doing it. Though, I would like to mention that the sweat lodge and the associated heat, and the fasting and the associated hunger, and the meditation and associated boredom… are all part of the process. They are catalysts which help the processing of information to find clarity. This ceremony is not a ‘warrior’ ceremony to try and push your limits…it’s about connecting with your purpose. So then, if the lodge is too hot, or you need to break your fast early, that is okay. I’m happy to discuss beforehand and I’ll be there supporting.

Why do a spirit quest?

Fasting, breathwork, meditation, and sweat lodge are all traditions with time-tested proof of their durability and effectiveness for making spiritual growth. 4 days of ceremony and copious amounts of silence allows you to process your past, find acceptance, healing, and clarity, which opens up the spiritual eye to receive a vision…. Which may be an actual vision you experience, or just a knowing of what you will focus on to live your purpose and potential.
The vision quest I did at the beginning of the year showed me that I was to do 8 retreats this year, and now this is the final one. (The most I’ve done in previous years is 2).

The vision quest I did in the summer gave a vision of the work I’ll be doing over the next ~45 years training around the world with different medicine teachers, and starting my own breath, movement, and meditation school.

I’m feeling humbled to know what lies next, and to support others in finding their way.

Additional questions.
Is there washrooms? Out houses
Anything else to know about the land? There is a river we can bath in for cold therapy.

Any other questions, feel free to ask.

Pricing is $700 for the land, Elder, guidance and support. Payment plans and sliding scale available. If this calls to you, we can discuss an exchange.

All my relations.

Vipassana and Breath Witnessing Techniques

It had been said that Vipassana has helped more people become enlightened than any other technique.
Let us explore this technique.
First, what is enlightenment?

Well, it is not easy to put into words – perhaps it is impossible.
But, let I’ll try and be pragmatic to offer some insight into understanding for our present purposes.
Enlightenment is about becoming conscious.

Enlightenment is when your spirit or the light of consciousness pervades every cell. It is when spirit integrates into your mind and body. It is when you become awaken to your true and total nature.
Since birth (and you have had many births) you have been awakening. At the beginning of each incarnation every child begins to awaken to their mind and body and thus begins the process of integrating their consciousness or spirit into embodiment.
It is a process. So then, on a practical level…the enlightenment process involves becoming more AWARE.

There are 3 directions we can enter into this process and all spiritual techniques and breath practices can be classified in these 3 directions.

The 3 directions are as follows:

  1. The pathway of control and effort
  2. The pathway of surrender
  3. The middle way
    You may walk all three, or you may choose to focus on one for a period.

The pathway of control involves effort and discipline.
Learning to practice physical asanas involves control and effort.
Reciting prayers and offering service and penance involves effort.
Much of all human activity involves effort.

In truth, it is possible to practice any spiritual practice in anyway…for example, you can practice action with ease and surrender…or you can practice yoga with a perfect balance of effort and ease. However, in general, certain techniques are taught in specific ways by specific teachers. Like, Bikram Yoga, which is a yang dominant technique of effort. You could practice those same Asanas with grace and ease, but that is not how they are typically taught. Make sense?

It is important to teach a certain technique a certain way so that you may become total in your awareness. There is a reason why techniques are practiced over and over, because you are not total in your awareness upon first learning something. It takes time and practice to discover new layers of yourself with each new cycle…these cycles of learning are the awakening process of enlightenment in action. If you have no practice, you are still awakening, but depending how you live your life, typically the process will move much slower.

So then, what is Vipassana and breath witnessing techniques?
They are directed towards surrender and ease…they are passive and involve inactivity. For an example of what a breath witnessing technique may involve is thus: Sit straight, and witness your breath. That’s it. No complex asana postures, no hare Krishna, no church service, no dervish dancing….just sit.
Now, anyone who has tried to simply sit knows it is not so easy to be still.

Stillness is hard, especially for the modern mind and body which is always in motion. Body in motion, emotional energy is flowing, mental chatter is seemingly unceasing. So there is a plethora of teachings on how to witness the mind and body without getting caught in it.

But, the technique is straight forward. Become passive. Become receptive. Be a witness. A non-doer…just BE.
Now then, as a technique of awakening it is so beautiful. It is the historical Buddha’s chosen technique, and there have been few individuals as awake as him.
As discussed, enlightenment is about become aware. So much of action is external. There is activity, but not always awareness. Many people can drive their car and work and eat almost entirely on auto-pilot.

This technique offers a way of entering into oneself and laying down the ordinary way of DOING that most get so caught up in, they forget their true nature and inner silence.

Breath witnessing asks that you drop your effort. Drop your ego. Drop your need to make things better, or to achieve anything. Though Enlightenment may be a ‘goal’, to try and achieve this goal in meditation may keep one tied into the efforting mode of being. So then, the medicine of breath witnessing comes with time, and there’s nothing you can do to make it happen. Which relates to the spiritual concept of grace…a force that falls upon you without your own effort and doing.

The pathway of surrender teaches one a way to approach life. We all have conditioned patterns of being and relating to the world and problems…and for the Western mind, most people approach their life and problems through effort and activity. To learn to surrender is a true jewel. For there areas and situations in life when your individual effort is useless…like when death comes. So breath witnessing prepares us for this vital transition time, and many other difficult times and teaches us to move through them with grace.

For example, when many people receive challenge, such as a hard divorce, if they do not know how to surrender they will attempt to control the situation…if their not willing to feel their emotions they may do 10,00 things to avoid feeling and being present with reality…instead they will try and change it…they will seek to maintain a pleasurable state, rather than accepting the challenge and allowing their mind and body to process. This avoidance of reality prevents awakening.

So then, that is a bit about breath witnessing and vipassana. The same quality of learning to surrender is found in the conscious connected breathwork I teach. Though breathwork, like yoga can be taught in many ways. There are many effortful techniques of breath which are wonderful tools. As a teacher I train in effortful practices, surrender practices, and the middle way.

This is why I’m honoured to offer a breath fundamentals course in September which will provide an introduction to working with the breath in all its dimensions. We will be exploring Vipasana technique, Conscious Breathwork, Kundalini and more.
Blessings and love.

  • Aya