Death; eternal life – a poem

mankind should make the transcending of death the ultimate goal. For when we rise beyond our own death we are eternal.
to die before you die is to be infinite
It is to break the bonds of samsara
the dance of lila
When we learn to let go of dying we become death
all existential anxieties release
the chains of religious programming resolve
the ego dissolves
when we accept death, the root of all fears, all the danger is the world fades
for those who know they cannot die fear nothing in this life/ giving room to become everything
The realization that there is a part of you that is eternal is to become conscious of the great spirit
the dreamer has awakened to the dream and becomes the dream
Its all a projection of the mind
its all a dance
a dance of the dead
a dance of creation
the dance of destruction
and then creation
rebirth, breathe
galaxies come into being
the sun rises
the sun sets
the universe is destroyed
the earth is born in the divine feminine
the dance of opposites
that which you resist persists
run from death and his hounds will forever ravage your tail
when the mind is at peace, no plague of black death can draw us ill
when we transcend death we become the cosmic Christ on the cross
our pain is our offering
when we transcend pain we transcend ourselves, we transcend death, we are baptized and born again, eternal and risen
our suffering is our song to the creator, our joyful woes in the face of terror are thanks for the blessing of life
our lives are our sacrifice, our gift to give
when you give your life away you become infinite
I am the ascendant
I am that I am
being and non-being
yin and yang
dying is a process, just as living is a process, and just as sex is a process, you are not the one dying, but the process of change
you will die, and you have died ten-thousand times before and will die ten-thousand more
there is only one now, and you eternally rest here beyond life and death
rest your soul easy in the ecstasy of living and dying; the dance of humanity
be calm in the eye of the storm
the loom of the cloud
the heart of the volcano
the pulse of war
the sick ills of disease
and be pleased to show mercy
oh god
I humbly surrender to the infinite and when its time to breathe my last breathe I will let go
I will let go
I will let go and be reborn


fire rise, dragon’s breathe
flaming tale
as old as time
energy and ecstasy
vibrant trance, the dance of body
look how the spirit moves like smoke
nothing but flow
energy and vibration
rhythm and pulse
expansion and contract
orgasm and release
a living creation
the living heart of energy
the red’s turn white
the blue’s turn orange
sparks sail through the 4 directions
the smoke gathers and forms a Being that dances over the holy embers and all are aware
all the spirits join when the flame’s are loud
they hear the heat
they feel the prayers of the people
they come to dance
all of creation moves in glorious ecstasy
see miracles come true
fire seer
seeing into the future we alter our awareness
alter our state
the altar is the place of transcendence
but the night is late
and the wood is low
hypnosis grows
and all falls silent except a crackling log,

Tatuwari; grandfather flame, aho till we meet again

Write Your Story, Author Your Existence

This is literature
This is poetry
I am the author, the authoritarian; the logos
I am the ghost with a pen
I am free to express any point of view,
without censor,
without needing to love or even agree with the words
I let go
We should all let go when we read, so that we might hear the words the author meant to say, and not filter them our way
Look to learn,
not to judge
Be open to a new perspective
give way to fantasy
Explore your evil,
sick sexual dream
Screaming black night
Red murder

White child innocent
I’m a racist
A thief, a priest
A beggar and a chooser
A loser, boozer
Loving mother, devouring father
I write the words,
you give them meaning

Write from a perspective you disagree with
Step outside yourself
Write a joyful sonnet, about murder
Write about the glory of war

tell a story of survival or sin,
and sacrifice
To write is to create
To transcend without borders
your pen is your wand, your words are magic
Stories can alter the future, they have guided our species since before writing
Our collective myth is the song of ages
The stories we tell ourselves are the narratives we live by
What role do you play in your own novel?
Are you the hero, or a side character?
Your tale is waiting to be written
It does not matter if your a shaman, a baker, or a butcher, good literature gives meaning to any form of Being
Written from the heart of harmony, all things become beautiful
Tell your story well, and people will carry its words and vibration for generations to come, echoing your essence, calling out your name
Tell your story well and people will learn from it, cherish it, and want to tell it over and over and over and again
Be a person worth reading about, or that others would want to write about
Immerse your story in myth, archetypical themes and characters
Delve into meaning
Live in fantasy
The world is a drama; a dance
You are the cosmic actor
Your entire world is of your creation, including all your relations, your either writing it consciously or unconsciously. If there is something in your life you do not enjoy, ask yourself if your choosing that fate consciously, or unconsciously. Writing is a tool for awakening. The pen is more powerful than the sword.
Take responsibility to your words and deed
Author your thoughts as if they were being written of jade tablets for all eternity to read
The world needs your story
Your word is medicine

Psychedelic Love

psychedelic love
entheogenic ecstasy
el-ess-dee, set me free
I’ve got a song in my heart, a rhythm in my feet, and a joyful rebellion I’m taking to the streets
I rise to the forefront of the psychedelic revolution
the archaic revival
our hope for survival
to once more align ourselves with the wise one’s who’ve watch over this earth since before the age of man
the plant teachers
our fungi alliance
our door to the land of spirit
into the mind Gaia
Where we are all one
join me under the sun, the sol
smoke this sweet leaf and bear your soul
it begs to dance
and I lust to see you move
freedom looks good on your beauty divine
sexual trust, breathing deep and low, let’s enjoy our psychedelic love slow
let it grow
let it flow
let’s be one
my psychedelic love has just begun
Aya aya aya
My queen I come for counsel
Be taken into me, may your spirit merge with mine
prayers to your divine
teach me of love, teach me to be human
Your holy garden, the amazon
the heart of the earth,
sacred pachumama
———— Love
Its about love
The new mythology is about love
We are writing the new mythology, the story our people will live by
Story will save us
look to art for the answers
Our world needs us
To grow our gardens, our communities, and our hearts
All creation needs our love
Look at life as a mirror, all that you see is your dream, its your story, a living reflection of your living being
Take responsibility for your world, love it as you love yourself, because it is you
accept it unconditionally
beyond good and evil
allow the plants to show you the way
allow the tao to flow through you like a river
allow yourself to let go
allow a little more room for love in your heart
decrease the things in your life that do not feed your soul and make time for a little more love in your life
Let your heart grow
let your mind expand
join in the drama
take up your cross and bear your burden
the hero’s journey is calling
your life is falling away, slipping on through your

fingers like sand
this current manifestation of you is a truly unique phenomena that has never and will never be repeated, make your one time under the sun shine like the stars you see illuminating the night, for though you are infinite, it does not make an moment any less important, for this moment lasts forever and you can choose to live it singing, dancing, and being grateful.
come on!
I’m calling you!
Join me under the stars, with a cup of mushroom tea and this old drum
we can make love,

its not too cold tonight with you in my arms
Join me on the white sand on this here beach
We’ll take peyote and pray to the fire till the sun becomes moon
no need to worry about anything
we can dance for 4 days without food and lord will be there
join me on a 10 day fast in the forest
living in awareness
as we quite our mind in meditation every cell becomes alive
100 trillion centers of awareness
aroused in the juicy sexual essence that pulses through all the earth
Come over to my house
Its a simple place, filled with objects of meaning, natural elements and trees. We can fill the room with candles and incense and smoke and sip on blue lotus while massaging each other. By stimulating meridians we can bring healing through awareness, allowing sweet chi to move through the energy body. We don’t have to be alone, let us bring as many joyful beings in the room as the space allows and make some beautiful vibrations.

The song and art of this generation has the hand of the creator behind it. Not since the temples of the ancients has such divinely inspired art been produced. Let’s make our mark on this beautiful earth and restore sacred images and geometry to our land. Let’s revive the beautiful. Let us build the cities of heaven, adorned by the touch of nature, the divine hand of the goddess.
guide as back into relation with our planet. Let us not forget we are nature, it lives in us, it speaks through us. Let us learn to once more speak to the trees and the animals. Let us turn back to those cultures which have not lost the living connection with spirit. May we walk the red road. The eagle and the condor fly together, the prophesy foretold, of a time when the people will once again listen to the ancestors. Our parents call from the grave to be revived. Let the ancestors once more live on, as they have always been here in each and every one of our cells. May their lives, and the lives of all living beings come and gone be proud of the people that inherited their struggle. We are the guardians of this planet, all generations of humanity and all the earth’s creature depend on us.  On You. Worry not, you are not alone -you are never alone- the community is rising, the revolution is starting. The plants, the mushrooms, the animals, -all the wise spirits and teachers- are all on our side, we speak and act on behalf of the living earth. The right side of history. Join me,
now now
With love and chi
-Zachary Koop

A Hero’s Journey: Men’s Retreat

Your life is calling.

Your myth awaits.

For too long man has lived without myth, and his sense of meaning and purpose is diminished because of it. We are living in the wake of a new world, where out-dated myths no longer satisfy the modern man’s search for meaning. Though they impart deep wisdom which we would be wise not to forget, we must rewrite our story as individuals and as a collective. This is the hero’s journey, and this is your story. for those of you unfamiliar with the hero’s journey and its mythical structure refer to the diagram below.


the hero’s journey is a popular story structure derived from Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth from his book The Hero With A Thousand Faces and adapted by Christopher Vogler is the Twelve Stage Hero’s Journey. This is essentially a more detailed Character Arc for a story’s hero which is overlayed onto the more traditional three-act structure of beginning, middle, and end. Joseph’s cross-cultural studies of comparative mythology found that behind the diverse stories across multiple societies there was a common structure, an archetypal form behind the story. Not only is this structure universal in collective mythologies, but also in our personal myths. the hero’s journey is a road any man or woman can walk. It is this call to adventure that awakens us to our true purpose.  For myths take into account the entire cosmos and your place in it.
A Hero’s Journey, the men’s retreat has this focus in mind.

As individuals we must all answer our call to our higher purpose. Thus and therefore we come to the wilderness for healing and guidance in our journey. The wilderness presents the perfect container for spirit to work in our lives. As individuals come to the forest for breathe circles, yoga, qi gong, meditation, free movement, wisdom teachings, hot springs, and sweat lodges they will open themselves up to be a vessel for spirit. As you align yourself with spirit, it works through you to heal and guide your journey. this is your chance, your opportunity to receive the call.
What is the Call To Adventure?
The Hero’s adventure begins when he receives a call to action, such as a direct threat to his safety, his family, his way of life or to the peace of the community in which he lives. It may not be as dramatic as a gunshot, but simply a phone call or conversation but whatever the call is, and however it manifests itself, it ultimately disrupts the comfort of the Hero’s Ordinary World and presents a challenge or quest that must be undertaken.
Though the call may be something specific to the individual, there is collective call for boys to become men in our community and lead humanity forward. There is a direct and real threat to all our families as our way of life hangs in the balance. If we do not change our relationship with nature and the earth herself, then this whole planet will suffer. We must protect our waters, our rivers, and our trees for they do not speak, yet they hold universal wisdom; we must speak for the animals, the insect, and all earth’s creatures that walk, crawl, swim and fly. We must stand up for our humanity, for our human brothers and sisters, and our humanness. To become fully human means to see yourself in the face of every stranger. The call is yours, to be the hero of your story, or to live a role given to you. Have a plan, or be a part of someone else’s.
We are not separate from nature
Many people realize on an intellectual level that we are one with nature and cannot survive without her. From this intellectual realization we must feel it in our bones and live it in our actions. We have chased spirit out of our cities, nature no longer flourishes alongside humans, the animals no longer gather in great numbers, for they are dying off in the 6th great extinction that this world has known.
Without millions of years of interstellar explosions creating the basic elements the very structure of your body could not be, it is in this realization that we find that it takes the entire universe to create and support you. The entire universe sustains and has created you. The universe, or God has not created you randomly, but for a unique and meaningful purpose, that purpose is to be found in the deep of your bones, as you look within yourself, no one can show you the way to your own heart.
Nature, being the perfect balance of chaos and order, yin and yang, and the perfect blending of the 4 elements, the same four elements that your body is made has a tremendous ability to bring your body into harmony. It is out of this harmony and union of man and his environment that he fades away, by he I mean the limited self-construct or ego with its limited view of reality that we usually walk around in. When we get out of our own way, we allow for the universe to speak through us. For nature is the greatest teacher.
It was in nature I first learned to truly meditate. For many people try to meditate in their home and find themselves restless and stuck in their minds. But nature has a brilliant way of teaching meditation without words, simply walk till one tires and sit next to a stream, no action is necessary to find calm, to find that place of peace and connection and expanded awareness.
It was out in nature that man evolved.
It was through a close and personal relationship with the land that every original culture learnt its ways of being, its songs, its methods of healing, hunting, and loving. Nature is the giver and sustainer of life, without this relationship there is disease and destruction.  It is through the close study of nature that man finds eternal knowledge. For when we walk out into the deep of nature, we find ourselves walking into a place beyond time. For everywhere we look in a city we are continually reminded what year it is, our place in history, and our role in the story we are telling ourselves. Yet when we go out into the woods, far from any signs of man we find it easy to be timeless, for a forest can appear the same for thousands of years. The forest is a place of fantasy and myth, a place where authentic freedom can exist in the expression of self, beyond the constraints of culture it is in nature we find that we are eternal.
Nature teaches us how to live.
It teaches us the way things work when they are sustainable. for example, many aboriginal cultures view the hunt as sacred ceremony, the animal is to be respected and honoured as it gives its life to be apart of our life. These myths inform a sustainable and respectful way of treating nature.
The rite of passage
One of the traditions that we have lost since developing our nations is a men’s rite of passage. In most traditional cultures men would undergo a ceremony to lift them up into the responsibility of becoming a man. Women naturally have their own ceremony as they begin to menstruate and become women, whereas a man must be initiated. Yet our culture has lost this tradition and many men have not risen to their role as protector and server of their community and tribe. Therefore, this wilderness retreat can be just that, a ceremony wherein you rise to become the man this world needs. We seek healing within ourselves so that we can heal our communities. We seek our highest self, and we are brave, for we act not for ourselves, but as the expression and guardian of our entire universe. You have but one life to live, to stand honourably and offer your life for the life you have been given, such is repentance for the gift you have received. To live, to breathe, to nourish your soul and spirit as a human is a precious gift, one that must be respected. Your life is calling, nature is calling you back to her, to remember who you are, and to teach you how to be, to love, and to give.

A Hero’s Journey: Men’s Retreat can be a way of you to connect to your personal myth.  To find brotherhood and community to support and guide you in your journey.  Through the practices and guidance you will receive you will have an opportunity to heal and connect with the parts of yourself that need attention.