Metaphysics is a term originally used by Aristotle, meta – means beyond, and it refers to the study of what comes after, or what goes beyond physics. It is therefore a science of the non-physical, energetic, and spiritual dimensions of life.

I am currently studying the metaphysics of Chinese energetic medicine (ancient Wu and Taoist teachings), Tantra, and The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

It is both confusing and enlightening to study these three systems at once. The language and systems they use seem to converge and harmonious ways at times, and at other times they seem to conflict or at least they discuss aspects which other systems make no mention of. Each system certainly has a great deal of information it propounds as true, and there is a certainty that comes from the depth and complexity of each respective system. Which is true? If each give different instructions on how to live, eat, pray, and die, which to follow?

In general, each system expounds an understanding of the nature of life and death, what this universe is, and by extension, what you are, and how each composite piece is related, and where it all came from.
At a fundamental level they propose a concept of unity, a source, an undifferentiated energy, be it the Dao, paramashiva, or any other name. From this ultimate undifferentiated creative energy there is a split, where one becomes two, which may be discussed as the taiji (yin and yang transformations) or Purusha (individual subject) and Prakriti (objective experience). There is then a further division into complexity often involving elements, some systems use four, or five depending on what they are discussing (note 5 elements in one system may not be the same 5 elements in another system).

It can be confusing to grasp each respective metaphysical understanding and hold multiple simultaneously, and yet, there is a beauty in this process. When the mind, more specifically my mind, attempts to understand complexities of seeming paradox the aspect of my mind, known as the intellect will become challenged. It is therapeutic to hit a point in ones thinking in which there is a seeming impasse in understanding.
To come against a mystery is a beautiful occurrence. It gives an opportunity for a deep insight to unfold. For insight is similar to solving a riddle, it’s often not a linear process of calculation, but rather there is often a point where the mind must restructure it’s very approach and its understanding of the question to explore a new pathway of knowing. When insight is viewed in the brain, there is a recruitment of entirely new brain areas coming online to help synthesize a new understanding.

The therapeutics of this process are similar to a Zen koan, which are riddles that are meant to be complex, like “what is the sound of one hand clapping”. A disciple is meant to sit with these absurd statements until a moment of satori or sudden realization (insight) hits them and restructures their understanding of the basic problem.
Life is this way. It is a Zen Koan. One can try and understand its metaphysics and they will run into a complexity, or a paradox, or a riddle. They won’t be able to solve in linearly or using the same intellect and understanding that they originally approached the seeming paradox with. One will have to surrender their current way of viewing the paradox and restructure their approach and synthesize additional pieces of their experience and knowledge to better understanding a way forward.

When there is a restructuring of a new understanding there is also self knowledge and growth that occurs. The growth that occurs from insight is not linear. It comes when an individual is willing to surrender their current way and find a new way.

My engagement in these studies of metaphysics is dual. There is a part of my being that desires to know…it seeks knowledge and understanding. And there is a part of me that seeks the great mystery, not merely for the insight that may ensue, but to come against the limitations of my knowing. For there are some things in life, such as death, love, and god which are eternal mysteries.

Anything that can be said or known about them is incomplete. That is why poet, philosopher, and all humans reflect on their nature from the beginning of time, and still there is no universal answers. Each moment of truth lasts for a time, to give a way forward, and then the great mystery is revealed again. Like peering deep into outer space, or peering into the atom, or peering into your own being.

It creates ‘awe’ in me. Awe being composed of one-part sublime amazement and another portion, pure terror. Like standing atop an erupting volcano, pure beauty beyond the senses capacity to take in, and a force capable of sheering the fragile spirit from the body.

Aho great mystery, knowable and unknowable.



With no face to see
The eyes take center stage

The eyes not only reflect light, but they give off light too

Illuminated eyes are found when the soul is seeing
Children’s eyes are full of this heavenly glow

Sickness and trauma cause the light of eye to reside in the shadow

Their eyes have several important cranial nerves devoted to their movement and function

Eye movements are a complex coordination of multiple muscles

The eyes vibrate and scan
If one has trauma and their body is in a fight or flight, the eyes are likely to dart and scan
Uneasy and on unconscious threat detection

The eyes of an avid meditator may be trained to become near to still and relaxed
Taking on a calming quality and allowing for a different perception to be seen

The eyes reflect the nervous system, for much less a sensory organ, they are literally an extension of the nerves of the brain.. when you look into someone’s eyes you are seeing into the inner workings of their brain

You are seeing deeply into them

And if you look long enough, the electricity between both your nervous systems will synchronize like an invisible bridge if light between brains

It is a beautiful intimacy

It allows for an increase in communication between participants

Which is why it can be beautiful or jarring to hold eye contact with certain individuals

With clear eyes to see, it is hard to hide one’s state
If there’s something you have to hide, you will more than likely avoid eye contact

Your eyes are a doorway into your visual system

When you are stressed or you are concentrating, your field of vision becomes small like a spotlight…activating the inner core of photoreceptors and recruiting brain areas associated with colour perception, details, and classification areas… for example, your brain has separate compartments for identifying faces, or motion, or vehicles and other categories. It is possible to suffer a stroke or recieve damage to specific areas and have for example, perfectly in tact vision for most matters, expect an inability to recognize faces.

When your relaxed and your nervous system is in parasympathetic, your field of vision will widen and you can become aware of your peripheral vision

In parasympaethic, the body has recognized it is safe and takes a wider view. The periphery of your visual system has a greater degree of subconscious brain associations than when the brain focuses like a spot light.

When someone has unresolved trauma and unprocessed emotion they can live for days, weeks, or years in a sympathetic or stressed state that puts their visual system on spotlight vision.. when they release said trauma their vision often widens markedly opening their eyes to new perceptions

The doorway of sight is set free and the bodymind in a beautiful sense is saying yes to seeing, yes I am safe to be here, yes to the flow of life.

The eyes help to coordinate the nervous system and to orientate the body in space

Many systems of mindbody practice teach eye exercises or utilize specific eye movements for this purpose

Like stretching a limb in it’s full range of motion, it is good to utilize the full perceptual field of the eyes and create conscious movement

Because the eyes are often consumed by unconscious movement and having their attention dragged in every direction by the busy nature of modern society, it is healthy for the eyes to reprogram their routine patterns

As mentioned, the eyes have a great deal of neurological connections and are vital in our mental emotional state and coordinating processes of the body, taking good care of the eyes is vital to maintaining good health and a high degree of awareness

We have lost the environments that best stimulating eye health… ei. Natural environments with colour, depth, and the right balance of complexity, and sunlight

As mentioned, simple eye exercises can influence and even shift the body into a greater relaxed state… for example, try widening your vision and focusing on deep belly breathing.. it will relax the bodymind


With the increase in eye awareness here are some things to notice

Peoples eyes can indicate their intentions … to learn what eyes mean, trust your intuition and what your feel in your body when looking at another

If you are mindful of another’s eye movements you can pick up on all kinds of conscious and unconscious glances … for example, if a man is not conscious of his eyes movements he may subconsciously be pulled towards an attractive women’s body …he may or may not even be aware of it

If you want to play with eye contact … eye gaze with a partner and get them to think various intentions and see and feel if you can intuit which one’s are positive and welcoming vs. Critical.

The eyes can smile
The eyes can cry
The eyes may blink excessively if an individual is not wanting to see the world or constantly changing thoughts

The eyes, like any other part of the body can relax ..and they can store tension.. most people don’t think to conscious relax their eyes… but… try this.. rub your hands together to create some heat, then place them over your eyes… rotate and massage 10 x each direction, then breath into your eyes and contract them to the best of your ability on the inhale and relax them on the exhale

Eyes eyes eyes

Enough for today.

CONTROLLING YOUR LIFE FORCE (with breathwork and semen retention)

After 6 days without food you’d think I’d be exhausted. Alas, I was playful and practicing yoga for 10+ hours a day. Totally naked, free, and happy. I would go on to fast for several more days before returning to food for energy.

The physical human body is one aspect of the mindbody-spirit complex or extended human energy matrix.

Life force is broad term for the energy that is coming and going in and out of the body.

The main conduit of life force energy that comes into the body is through the breath. We breath in life force energy or prana and it nourishes and maintains the body. We also have a reserve of life force, we inherited some of this energy when we were born, and we can also ‘charge’ our battery through energy cultivation. We can receive energy from the breath, food, inspiration, and practices.

A decade or more ago I was quite unaware of the subtle energy exchange of my body and being and the cosmos. Being a young buck with lots of energy to burn, I ate a ton of food, which supplied some energy, and my natural reserves of being young and healthy supplied me with all I needed. As such, I was quite unintelligent with my energy, eating excessively and relying on calories for energy, wasting semen regularly through ejaculation, and I was unattuned to my breath, and the energy exchange of giving and receiving I was making with the cosmos. I was out of balance.
Fast forward a number of years as I started years of celibacy, semen retention, fasting, mindbody practices, and meditations. I began to rewrite my understanding and relationship to energy. Through fasting I developed a delicate awareness of how to take in and cultivate energy without the need of calories. Through semen retention and not pursuing sexual activity for a period of my life I became deeply aware of how my sexual behaviours were drawing my attention and often taking my energy. Through retaining and learning to re-circulate my semen I found a reservoir of energy and a doorway into mastery and alternate states of consciousness. No longer a slave to the impulsive sexual seeking, I was fully satisfied without sex. What a beautiful transformation to have in my early 20’s.

Next level energy awareness.

I currently practice a high level of energy awareness. Food is no longer the dominant source of my energy, my practices of yoga and qigong and breathwork charge my body with prana/energy. Food serves a truly vital role, but I am no longer attached to eating as I once was. It was a curve to learn to live in this way, especially during exercise…but, there exist a new intelligence that arises. For energy is couples with information, and the energy we take in is filled with information…when there is excessive energy and information coming from food sources our body has to deal with sorting and restructuring this information to turn it from a banana or pickle into a human being.
This process, and the more complex the diet, will effect on the energy of the bodymind, and particularly the thinking processes. For the brain and stomach compete for energy, and if you want to clear mind, diet is an excellent place to start. Further, when one exercises with a calorie deficiency, they will quickly learn the most intelligent ways of moving and breathing. When there is an excess it is easy to effort and use energy without intelligence, when there is a small reserve of energy, one learns to manage through energy with precision.


Here are some of the non-food items that give me energy: breathwork, semen retention, maintaining my energies (not looking excessive energy into the world through the 5 senses), and through inspiration.

Let me touch on the last two.

Maintaining my energies; sense withdrawal. The senses of the human body take in information and energy and the nervous system must process it. We are always being bombarded with energy and information, whether it is simply noise or visual stimuli or marketing and people begging for your attention. It all takes a toll on one’s mind and energy.

Meditation and breathwork has taught me how to withdraw my energy internally which takes the energy that may have been leaking out into the world and places the energy and information processing power of my nervous system into the internal processes of my body for self-healing, thinking, and resting. It is a truly valuable skill that I am happy to share.

Taking in energy through inspiration.

On my extended trips to the forest to fast I am without the ordinary access to calories for energy. I become acutely aware of how inspiration inspires action. To inspire is a beautiful word that also refers to breath. It is through this internal inspiration to action that the life energy of breath comes in. I will express it is an internal reservoir of energy that humans can tap into. For example, there is a tradition known as the Sun Dance, in which participants fast for 4 days, without food or water, dancing, and praying. There is much more to this ceremony, but I can assure you the participants are not running on the ordinary energy that most people do, they are tapping into a dimension of energy and information that is beyond the bodymind. It is known as source energy to some, or spiritual energy. It is a beautiful inspired action that creates fundamental changes to the bodymind of the participants and can bring about powerful prayers and action.

Review and contemplations:

The extended view of the human is that we operate as a larger energy field-matrix. Our individual energy is always in a dynamic interaction and energy exchange with the larger cosmos. The human energy matrix is born with a reserve of life energy, and we operate like re-chargeable battery. The subtle art of navigating energy exchange comes through an awareness of how we give and receive energy.

Energy is used for metabolism, processing sense data and information, desire, ejaculation (in men), and actions. Energy use can be balanced by practices that help to cultivate and maintain energy.

Energy can be cultivated and stored in the body by receiving breath, love, food (especially high pranic foods), inspiration, and rest.

Practices that help to maintain, circulate, or best utilize energy include: breathwork, yoga, qigong, grounding, gratitude, giving, volunteering, kindness, semen retention, Taoist sexual energy or tantric practices, meditation, exercise, and rest.

– How are your energy levels?
– Does energy get blocked in any area of your body? (ex. Legs, hips, stomach, heart, throat)
– How is your relative balance of giving and receiving?
– Do you have a connection with source energy?
– Do you want help with energy management, have questions, or would you like to try some of the practices I have discussed? DM me and we can explore

Bonus exercise:
5 minutes time to complete

Take a piece of paper and split it in half, on one half write energy in, and on the other half, write energy out. Then list all the things that give you energy and those that take your energy. (yes some things depending on how you do them can be both) the exercise is helping for identifying these and building a deeper awareness of how you use your energy

5 Elements Breathwork

5 Elements Breathing

5 Elements Breathing is a foundational breathwork practice that you can use for relaxing, balancing, and evolving.

It consists of 5 separate styles of breathing in one consciously connected rhythm.

With consistent practice the breath form will take root in your body and mind, creating a tool you can access and utilize at any time.

Let me first explore the nature of the technique, followed by a full explanation of how to perform it.

There are 5 elements that make up our cosmos: earth, water, fire, wind, and ether. Through the countless interactions of the 5 elements all of creation dances. All life, including every animal, and tree, as well as your body are an interaction of the 5 elements.

These elements can be thought of as the composite components of your organism, for example, your bones are earth, your blood is water, fire is your digestive and metabolic processes, and wind is your breath. They are also the qualities of your mind, a stable mind, a creative and flowing mind, a fiery and passionate mind, a light mind of ideas, and a spiritual mind. Thus, each of the 5 breathing styles will create a certain quality of mind within you. 5 Elements Breathing can thus be used to cultivate specific states of mind…for example, looking for a stable and calmness in your mind? Try Earth Breathing. Are you looking to clear and let go? Try Water Breath, etc. Further, By breathing all the 5 elements will help to balance these elemental natures within you, offering you insights into how you may have come off balance, and giving you a tool to come back to your center.

I’m going to encourage you consciously connect your in and out breath as you try the breathing. This breathing can be done with pauses before and/or after in the inhale or exhale. I am choosing to invite in a conscious rhythm where your inhale meets your exhale without any pause for it gives a quality of flow and allows for an easeful and effortless breath to develop within a short period. Our breath is the source of life coming into the body, and when we consciously and continuously breath in and out we become aware of the flow of life. Through staying in connection with the flow of life there is an ease and bliss that can arise, an effortless being in the moment, without the effortful quality of doing. It can be a practice to get there, but it can and often happens quite quickly, especially with proper guidance.

I will explain the technique twice. One in more detail with notes, then a simplified version.

5 Elements Breathing:

  • Choose a body position (sit, lie, or stand)
  • Begin to consciously connect your inhale to meet your exhale while breathing in and out through your nose….paying attention to the gap between inhale and exhale and eliminating any pause.
  • Stay conscious of the breath, even if there is distraction, come back to consciously breathing.
  • Allow your exhales to have some force, paired with a contraction of the pelvic floor, abdomen, and throat constriction. The exhalation has a downward thrusting energy. Whereas the inhalation is much more passive. There will develop a reflexive action as the inhale effortlessly begins to climb up the body. Thus far, we are consciously connecting the breath with some degree of effort on the exhale, and a passive inhale. (note, this can be done in reverse, effortful inhale and passive exhale, or effort on inhale and exhale, or no effort at all on either – all will create different breath forms). Allow the breath to move up and down the body in a circular way.
  • Breathing in and out through the nose is the earth element. It creates a stable mind and balance in the body.
  • Next, we move onto the element water, continue to consciously connect the breath and breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Stay consistent by breathing out with effort or control, and allowing for a passive inhale to rise up your body from belly, heart, and into the head. The breath will often begin to build in volume at this point. The quality of the water element is one of letting go and releasing.
  • Next, we move into the realm of fire by inhaling through the mouth and exhaling through the nose. In this breath form the breath builds and you may find it easier to draw the inhalation up the body. The exhales here have an opportunity to elongate and you will have better control of the breath and your life force. The quality of fire breathing is to build heat and energy.
  • Continuing to breath in a connected manner, move to breathing in and out through an open mouth. Breath in effortlessly from belly, heart, then head, then allowing the breath to come back down and around to complete a circle. Wind breathing create an effortless quality of being.
  • Then finally we come back to breathing in and out through the nose. Connecting to the subtle element of ether. Unlike with earth element, ether is subtle, and so it is encouraged to breath effortlessly and while taking in as little breath as possible. You’ll notice an increased capacity to breath with ease, and even to bring the ‘breath’ or prana into your whole body, instead of breathing into the lungs.
  • This completes one round.


  • Do at least 5 breaths in each elements to balance. Though feel free to explore breathing for longer, sometimes I’ll breath for minutes, or conversely, I’ll do a 1 or 2 hour breath sessions wherein I’m continually cycling through the different elemental breath forms for variable times.
  • It can be effective to breath effortfully and with movement and muscular contraction for a round or two, then to activate an effortless breathing style wherein the body is still and it is just the breath moving through.
  • Breathing techniques are simple in nature. The effects and mastery of them depends on many factors, and good in-person guidance from a trained facilitator is the best way to learn and advance your skill.
  • Variables to play with include speed, volume, body movements, and breath holds.
  • The 5 elements relate to the chakras in this way: earth – 1st chakra; water – 2nd chakra; fire – 3rd chakra; wind – 4th chakra; ether 5-7 chakras. See if you can feel and feel how the different breath forms create a different clearing on energy and activation through the various chakra locations. 5 elements breathing will create balance and harmony of the energy flow in the 7 chakras.

Short Breakdown of technique

  • Consciously connect the in and out breath with no pause or gap. Keep the awareness and attention on the breath and body at all times – keep the breath within the body, like you are a container, and you are circulating energy around your body in a circle.
  • Earth element: Breath in and out through your nose – (minimum 5 breath)
  • Water element: Breath in through nose, out through mouth – – (minimum 5 breath)
  • Fire element: Breath in in through mouth, out through nose – (minimum 5 breath)
  • Wind element: Breath in and out through mouth – – (minimum 5 breath)
  • Ether element: Breath subtly and shallow in and out through the nose – – (minimum 5 breath)
  • End of round one.

For best effects complete 3-5 rounds.

Feel free to use this breath frequently through the day to create a good and clear breath pattern at any point. Also try exploring it in a yoga posture to deepen your practice. Breath energy is life energy, learning these simple techniques is a simple way to gain better mastery of your life. As with any teaching that is transmitted over the internet and through text, there are limitations in sharing in this way. To properly learn the technique and the may variations to deepen it, visit my website and book a 1-on-1 and become a breath master.


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Relationship: Relationship, in this specific context refers to the interaction between two individuals in a partnership

Inner work: Denotes an inward process that may involve inquiry, observation, awareness, healing, and growth in the domain of the mental, emotion, physical, and spiritual aspects of self.

Are you and your partner doing inner work? Inner work is essential to maintaining aliveness through the cycles of the universe. Your relationship, in its specific incarnation happens within the context of the universe and it abides by the principles of creation, maintenance, destruction. this cycle is forever repeating itself on every level of being of you and the cosmos. To resist this cycle will bring suffering. To live in harmony with the cycle will bring a continued renewal, like the coming of spring each year. To live in harmony with the cycle will see your partnership live and die, and be reborn with every new cycle a new falling in love and a deepening thereof.

In the beginning you have fallen in love at a certain stage in your individual cycle. Your then current mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual stage was the starting point. the quality of your relationship will be related to your continued growth.

Please contemplate the following to find your truth: Growth begins in the center and moves outward.

Why is this an essential teaching? Because the process of evolution is an inward journey that moves and manifests outwardly. Confuse it and become lost.

In the context of relationship, this means ‘me’ first. This is not selfish, nor narcissistic. It’s a recognition that we are individuals, and it is through our individual ego that we interphase with the cosmos. We are spiritual beings having a individual human experience. The harmony of the individual “I” depends on the relative balance of giving and receiving that happens through the self. One must know thyself, to give thyself.

Further, we can only know if we are balanced when we are in our center. When one comes to fulfil their own needs, they have everything to give. When one gives from wholeness, their love is of a whole different degree then when we give out of routine, or duty.

To give from wholeness, we need to be a whole human. This requires inner work. Through inner work one develops a way in the world of finding balance and health in the domains of their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions of self. When an individual has created balance within themselves, they have everything to give. When an individual is incomplete, they have unmet needs, they will then seek them in the world, or in their partner, and the energy exchange will be unequal in the partnership. Which is not a death sentence for a period, but if left un-checked, this imbalance will grow into resentment, or mistrust, or another maladies.

Having a developed inner work practice creates a channel for an individual to have continued growth, balance, and fulfilment. When an inner work practice is complete, the individual is total, they are fulfilled. Then they are not reliant on their partner, not co-dependent, not needing to have their ego stroked, or to please anyone.

As you are reading this you may be aware that this is not the ordinary situation. I am not asking you to be ordinary. If you think that this envisionment is too idealistic, then you have not encountered the right practices, tools, and mentors. This level relationship is possible for others, and it is possible for you.

The other option is to remain in a relationship where neither are truly doing their work. Or they are doing some work, but they are not totally committed. I say this, unless you have lived totally, you will die with regret. This life is too precious to hold back your potential, love is too sacred to dismember it. If you remain in a relationship that one or neither partner is doing their work, you or your partner will be attached to a stage of development or a certain aspect of the cycle (creation, maintenance, destruction), and the sands of time will sing your fate, and the fall may be hard.

There is a way to live through life with grace. There are those who have done it, and so can you. To enter into this level of mastery, you must commit to hold yourself to your highest standard and potential. Said another way, your love must be your divine offering to the creator.

Daily practice is required. A continued commitment to live awake and aware of life, living totally. In the beginning it is gradual, and slowly slowly your awareness will blossom like a flower. your love will grow and be beautiful refuge for all those who live in its presence.

the practices I teach involve Breath, movement, and meditation. For in these 3 contain dozens of highly advanced systems of evolution that address the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of self. These practices, when taught well can bring every cell of your body online, priming you to live totally, to give you the tools to turn within, to find your balance, to fill your cup, and find wholeness. then you have your love to give. Then you have lived.

I teach Tantra, Kundalini, Dynamic Meditations, Still Meditation, Breathwork, pranyama, etc. these ancient and modern practices carry with them a power to transform. I have found fulfilment through them, A way to continually renew my love and fill my cup, and It is an honor to teach them from this place of love.

If your curious to know more…follow my blog, come to an event, or try a 1 on 1 session in breathwork, tantra, or pranyama.