How to make optimal decisions, get out of the rat race, and align with your True North.

How to make optimal decisions, get out of the rat race, and align with your True North.

In any one moment your body is receiving millions of bites of information to process.

How then do you make the right decisions that are in alignment with your highest intention and dream life?

First consider the sheer amount of information you are bombarded with on a daily basis from outside of you – information from your senses, advertisements, bank statements, bills, news, etc.

Then consider all the signals coming from your body – information about hunger (satiety), hydration, immune responses, emotions, beliefs, etc.

Here’s how we can organize and align our mind.

Your dreams are within you.
Others can inspire you, but your dreams are from the information within.

The light of your awareness must then be directed inward to recieve the truth of what you want.

Did you know there is something like 10x more information coming from your body to your brain than from outside you into your brain.

Yet, how often do you and others pay attention to information outside of yourself for direction?


Your body and nervous system has various centers of information processing. These centers which have more densely packed neurons are vital areas to focus on to tune into the bodies intelligence.

There are many large nerve plexi along the spine that correlate to the yogic chakra system. And there is the enteric or gut brain, the heart brain, and the brain we know and love in our head. We can think of these centers as being specialized for instincts (gut), feelings (heart), and thoughts (brain).

Optimal decisions are made when we are in tune and listening to these centers.

If we make big decisions about our path in life based on external factors we can be easy beguiled by illusions, let astray by our fears and other negative emotions, deceived by others, etc

The other option is to learn to refine our inner listening to our True North’s compass.


Furthermore… if we are always moving there is constant stimuli to process. Stillness is optimal for finding clarity.

When we are too busy in action, even if it is beneficial action, we can get swept away from our center.

Being centered refers to attending to our internal intelligence and making optimal decisions based on our goals and not being caught up in the energy of others.

The constant action, pursuit, and reward is driven by the brain’s neurotransmitter dopamine. Because of its reward and motivation associations dopamine and other neurotransmitters like epinephrine give us forward momentum. We can get lost in the momentum which kerp us cycles like addiction because of the pleasure they offer, but they may never give us true satisfaction.

True satisfaction is fulfillment with what is here and now. Not a goal off in a future yet to come. Fulfilment of the moment is associated with serotonin and oxytocin. These two systems dopamine and serotonin can sometimes compete depending on how we live our life.

I can speak for myself, my optimal state is a harmony of both, which means I dedicate time to being in simplicity and stillness and finding gratitude, and I devote time to being in savage pursuit of my goals, and the gold standard is when ample time is spent in both and one learns to be in centeredness and still while in action. Or what is known as wui-wei, in Chinese philosophy, which can be translated as effortless-action or non-doing.

It’s a delicate balance and here is how you can determine if your out of harmony.

If you can be in action and pursuit and it is easy for you to slow down and find stillness of body and mind, then your in balanced of action and stillness. If not, you have various programs running in your nervous system that are sending you signals that tell you you need to move forward and be somewhere other than here and now.

This moment is all we have. The past and future are not real outside of mind. If this is you, it’s important to learn to slow down and process the information in your nervous system, find stillness and contentment, orientate your decisions in alignment with your goals and release any fear, anxiety, worry, sadness, or anger that is clouding your capacity to see the present moment as it is… as open and available for you to determine the quality of your own inner state, and then to empower your actions out of the cycles your locked in and make new choices that give you greater internal and external freedom.

These cycles we get caught in are based on early conditioning, the pressure of the ‘rat race’, and unprocessed emotion in your system.

The practices of breathwork and qigong offer the tools to rapidly process information in the nervous system, to attune to the centers of intelligence in the body (gut, heart, head) and align you with your truth and true north compass.

The breath is the vehicle to enter into the body. The practices of qigong teach how to work with the energy of the breath through movement, breathwork, and meditation.

I offer 1 on 1 sessions and coaching to help individuals find their center and align with their truth.

Reach out and learn these practices today by sending a message.

Fulfillment is here, now!

Bless Aya Aum

What’s Possible in Love?

Seriously (not serious) what is the potential of love?

In your life… what metamorphosises in your mind, life, and sense of self have been made possible through the transformational fire of love?

Here is a quandary to quander with…

mind creates time. (small ‘m’ mind denoted personal mind as opposed to universal Mind with capital ‘M’)

Your mind creates time and gives you the experience of moving through the now moment. It also gives a sense of there being a past and future. But… time is not neccessarily linear.

Love is beyond mind.
Love is beyond time.

Through love we can touch upon that which lies outside the ordinary time and space of mind and body.

It’s not something I can prove by weight and measure so it’s not objective.

But, I’m posing this quandary to your subjective or personal sense of knowing through intuition.

Subjective science or inner sciences play by different rules.

Love plays by different rules.

You can’t weigh or measure it, but few would argue it doesn’t exist.

I had a partner once tell me that ‘love is that which transcends all dimensions’

Beyond life and death.

Can you tap into this…

Can you feel the aliveness of love between you and your ancestors.

Feel into it… is it just your love extending out or can you recieve love from your ancestors that have past this dimensional realm?

Try this one… can you feel love from your future self?

What’s that like?

Here’s the one I’ve been sensing into …

I can feel the love of my future partner and I don’t know who she is…

It’s been strong recently since I let go of my limiting beliefs about relationships, got clear on my purpose, and what I wanted in partnership.

I was and am open to recieve and immediately the energy shifted. It has not come to manifestation in the physical, but the underlying energetic scaffolding is being built in each moment I attune to this force of love.

I don’t need to seek her, because the love I’m after is within me. I may potentially never meet her in this life. It’s the attunement to the purest expression of love that I’m focused on and like a true north compass my actions are evolving.

I am evolving …
I am … present. In love, there is no where to go. All goals, however noble or grand do not make one more or less deserving of love.

Love is the great perfection that penetrates all things. We only need to attune to it and allow it to guide us.

It requires surrender. True surrender. Surrender is death.

Love kills.
Love rebirths.
And love transcends all dimensions.

Tapping into the field of love gives me a connection to all others in a new way.

When I offer healings I can be tune into the field of energy beyond time and space and be a channel for love. . . In as best as my vehicle (body mind) can be pure.

So purification is my passion.

Love is not simply a tender mother who is ever-forgiving.

Love is pachamama’s hurricanes and razor sharp tiger’s claws.

Love is Kali.

So then, what is possible with love?
It is a great mystery which my limited (m)ind cannot conceive… so I humbly listen and play love’s game.

Standing in love.
Falling in love.

Just an actor in this divine drama.

Through love I am strong…
For love I bear the cold longer.
I sing from my depth.
For love I train to fight and protect.
For love I purify.

For my love I lay my life, for my body will be taken anyway, may as well learn to offer it as best I can. What better way than in divine partnership.

Divine partnership is the ideal container for love to heal and align the bodymind to True North.

It is a place where wounds are safe to be seen. For only love can heal our deepest parts. It is wholeness we all need, and for those whose path it is to be in partnership, it is through another that we are given the opportunity to find ourselves complete in another.

The love we perfect in that partnership becomes the caliber of love possible that we may offer to the all.

It begins with self, our own heart is the center, and we flower outwards until our love encompasses all the known universe… and beyond.

So then…. seriously! (not seriously) what is possible in love?

Let’s find out.

Blessings and wishing you the love that is True

Aya Aum

Awakening the Compassionate Heart with Tonglen Meditation

I’m here to share the beauty of meditation with you.
Meditation is a treasure.
It can teach us to find the most valuable wisdom.
That wisdom lives in our heart.
Our greatest longings for love, joy, and acceptance are all within us.

On one hand, this is great news! Because if everything we seek is within us, we have all the power and the capacity to realize our innate wholeness in any moment we attend to this truth.

And yet, it’s not so easy.

Layers of conditioning from the way we were raised, from the culture we live in, and from our own attachments, aversions, and unhealthy relationship with our own ego prevent us from realizing what is already here and now.

Tonglen meditation is a powerful practice to retrain the mind. Tonglen meditation is used for awakening bodhichitta which can be translated as the compassionate heart. This practice can be done during formal meditation sessions, or as you live your life in the world.

Tonglen meditation is a Buddhist technique attributed to Atisha (980 – 1054 CE) and later popularized by Geshe Chekawa in the 12th century. Chekawa reportedly taught this technique to many individuals afflicted with leprosy and it helped them to surrender to their condition and even heal it.

As you read the instructions and explanations you can see if you resonate with the technique.

The Four Principles of Tonglen Meditation.

  1. Flashing Openness:

The first step is to be aware! Your attention is everything. Mindful of body, mindful of emotion, mindful of mind and breath. It is essential to discovering your innate awakened nature to be present to what is arising…which means stepping out of the mental chatter, whether it be ruminations of the past or projections of the future. Be here now and meet yourself as you are, with honesty, and without trying to get somewhere beyond here and now.

  1. Working with the basic textures:

The instruction here is to breath in hot, heavy and darkness, and to breath out cool, white, lightness.

  1. Working to relieve the pain of a certain person, animal, or yourself:

In this step we direct our attention to a specific person and feel and breath in their pain, their suffering, their discontent, and then we breath out into spaciousness and relief for that person.

  1. Expanding the practice:

Expand your practice by maintaining your connection to your specific person and their respective suffering and then create an intention that all beings will be relieved of this same suffering.

Further Explanations:

In the beginning of Tonglen we practice mindfulness of the present moment. It is easy to avoid the present moment in our modern culture which involves a lot of external stimulation that can pull us from our center. By first coming into presence, we can meet ourselves where we are at.

The second part of the practice involves connecting with subtle layers of energy. This part of the practice will enhance your awareness of subtle sensations, it will connect you deeper to the breath and present moment, it will integrate more of your mind in your body, and balance your nervous system.

The third step is where the alchemy begins to work in the heart. By connecting our heart/feeling with another we are extending the scope of our sense of compassion. It is important that we connect with ourselves at the beginning of this meditation and work from our center outwards otherwise we will develop the tendency to put others before ourself, which may sound like a noble thing, but we cannot totally love another unless we do it from our center and love ourselves first.

As we connect with another, we are making this meditation personal, and yet, the basic emotion or suffering of that person is universal. The particular story is unique, but the fundamental energy of the emotion is universal and thus it connects us.
When you continuously breath in a sense of their suffering and an intention to have them relieved of this suffering you are encoding this information into your subconscious which is retraining your perceptions and actions.

By then expanding our intention to include all beings we are expanding our consciousness and sense of self to include all selves.
I love this technique.

It can take you from being stuck in your own stories, emotions, and problems to feeling connected to all beings with goodness in the heart.

The fruit of the practice grows with time…as we continually plant the seeds of intention in the subconscious, we start to alter our perception and actions and our life blossoms in a whole new direction. We decondition the desire to avoid discomfort and attach to pleasure by willingly moving towards discomfort with love. Through this we can gain a resilience and a love that guides our life.

As mentioned, you can practice this is a formal meditation technique (ei. Sitting on a cushion) or you can practice as you go about your day. I even integrate it into my qigong classes and 1 on 1 breathwork sessions which is a powerful way to retrain your mind towards compassion and awaken the love that is within.


The Sacred Way of Tantric Intimacy

Raise your standards of intimacy.
Hold the space for your goddess to radiate by offering unconditional acceptance of her being.
See her in her wholeness.

Connect with her on all levels.
Be present with your physical attraction, embodying your sexuality and allowing it to evolve the way you move and interact.
Be courageous in your emotion and allow your feelings to flow from your center without guard or hesitation.
Be in flow as in a dance or a fight.
Meet one another’s mind at the same frequency, and let the words come naturally.
Surrender to the will of your heart and all else will follow with ease.

Let your intimacy be a process that expands your awareness.
Let it be meditation.
Let it be primal.
Let it be saintly.
Let it be dynamic.

Attraction is based on polarity.
Etch your character in relation to your partner.
Be mature in your masculine and be mindful of areas of growth.

She does not expect perfection. Your awareness of your limitation and vulnerability is more important than any ideal. Be mindful of your immaturities and any conditioning that is not in alignment with your highest path. Fragmented pieces of your childhood and processes based on lack and desire fall short of the highest standards of love. Love her from a place of wholeness. There is no resting. There is always more work to be done, so be ever watchful and present. Love is not a test, but an arena for infinite expansion.
By holding the space for yourself and working on yourself with devotion, you will allow the stage to be set for deep intimacy to occur.

The depth of your intimacy is limited by your own internal relationship with self.
She is not there is fulfil your deepest needs. She cannot give you love and satisfy your desire. It is upon us to learn to love ourselves wholly. Our relationships are the gifts of our growing.

Sex is a small aspect of intimacy.
The part of you that penetrates your partner deepest is not your cock, it is your love carried on the subtle breath you breathe. Your shared love and breath is the spiritual connection that is beyond all words. It is beyond the physical, emotional, and mental connection…and it organizes and aligns these lower vibrations.

Your sex is to be an expression of your love.
When sex is merely an expression and satisfaction of desire, it is not the highest standard of sex. It is not morally wrong, it is simply a waste of your life-force.

Emotional intimacy is when two individuals connect at a deep love of feeling. This feeling has a depth that brings one closer to their center. But, it is still a connection that exists between two separate beings. The highest standard of love is when two beings connect at the level spirit where there is no individual. This depth of love is your center, and it is their center, and the center that all beings share.

Is that clear?

Emotional bonds are felt through the individual being and body.
Spiritual connection takes place at the level of spirit and is not associated with the body or the individual.
This is the highest manifestation of love.

A single glimpse at this level of love will entirely change the nature of the individual and they will come to know this love in all beings.
This level of love will cause a flourishing in all areas of both individuals life and it is worth waiting ten-thousand lifetimes for.

This kind of intimacy can be cultivated for the devoted through the teachings of Tantra.
Which is the supreme science of self-realization and love.

Through the techniques of tantra one can learn to recognize their True Nature.

True Nature is not the conditioned self or the limited self that is associated with the body of the ego-construction that has been patterns in this and many lifetimes.

Your True Nature is your center.
In order to know your center you must peel back the many layers and masks and penetrate into your depths.

Love is the force that transcends all dimensions.
Your breath is the vehicle.

How to Breath While Making Love

Shiva, if you want to keep our love aflame you must learn the sacred art of breathing.

Shakti, what is this sacred art?

Learning the sacred art of breathing is the only way to know love in your depths.

Shallow breathers stay on the surface of ecstasy, while those who know how to allow the breath to penetrate deep know the depths of love.



So then Shiva, when you recognize me, breath me in.

Breath me into your eyes and see me. Breath me into your ears and hear me. Breath me in through all of your senses and know me in you.

Breath me in through your skin and feel me in your body.

Breath my whole body and being in, from head to toe, know my emotion and mind through my breath.

Listen to the song of my breath.

Dance with the ebb and flow of life.

Breath into your intentions and consciously activate what is arising in you.

Breath in the truth that is alive.


When we are near, relax and let our breaths natural synchronize with one another. When breath is in harmony, all else will flow. Let the primary conversation be one of body and energy, let us use words with precision.

When you speak, which is another way of breathing, harmonize your words with your heart.

Let there be an openness to give and receive the sensations of breath In your heart.

Then my love can enter.



Before you kiss me take a gentle, but full inhale, then softly and slowly as you kiss me exhale.

The inhale stimulates the heartrate to rise, whereas the exhale encourages the heartrate to slow and relaxes the body.

Relax into the kiss and soften.


When are you turned on, deepen your breathing and release your exhale with sound.

Use different tones to vibrate and express different areas of your body and different aspects of pleasure. Your pleasure is maximized by the degree you can express and open yourself to receive my nectar.

As our breathing pace quickens, feel the energy pulse through your body.

It is important to allow this energy to move through the body and not get to built up in any one region.

You must learn to control your pelvic diaphragm and lift this primordial energy up through your spinal system.

By touching the body we can assist the breath in penetrating every cell.


When you are near my ear, breath your warm breath and sensual intentions there.

Let there be a fierceness and a growl as you activate your primal instincts.

Let your spine be fluid and your energy dynamic.

At times I would wish you bind and constrict me like a bao.

Other times you pounce as a tiger unto its prey.

Let there be an intensity of action and breathing that is then balanced by stillness.


Slow my body down and bring your nose and lips next to mine.

Let us breath so delicately that if there was a feather underneath our nose it would not blow.

Subtle breathing allows for subtle sensations to become heightened.

Release any control of the breathing and simply surrender into the moment.

The surrendering of breathing allows for a surrender of control.

Release the conditioning you wear into the street and show up in your full potential as a lover.


Next, let me sit on top of you. As I breath out, breath me in and circulate my breath into your lingam, let me receive it into my yoni and I will breath it up and back into you. Let us circulate the energy of the breath until it awakens new dimensions of pleasure.

Then we hold our breath and sift into eternity.

Pulsing our genitals and pumping cerebralspinal fluid through the spinal column through rhythmic contractions of the spinal pumps.

Then release the exhale and let your breath guide you.


When you begin to kiss my lower body. Learn to cool and heat your breath.

Practice releasing and relaxing your tongue so that it may taste the air like a snake. 

Learn to breath through your tongue.

Study animal tongues and the way snakes move to learn the primal way.


You must feel to breath, so surrender your psychic armoring and be naked unto our love.

Breath in to feel …

Your passion.

Your insecurity.

Your power.

Your fragility.

You are a multi-dimensional being and all that you are open and available to feel, is what is possible to heal….in you and to hold the space for me to do the same.



Your breathing marks the incoming energy that is animating your body and sustaining your life.

Let a gratitude and devotion be anointing your incoming breath.


If we sustain eye contact and breath in harmony and without pause, we can blur the line between one moment and next, as well as we can dissolve the separation between you and I.  When there is but one breath, we are to come into union.

This my love, is the sacred art of breathing. When there is no more two bodies, but one breath, all is known.  

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