The HeART and Breath of Tantra

So I’m writing a book!
It’s the 3rd book I’ll have written.
I may actually edit and release this one! haha.

This one is called the HeArt and Breath of Tantra and in it I explore 10 Tantric Techniques to realize your True Nature and release conditioning and programming. These techniques are simple and can often be practiced throughout your day or during your everyday life. I chose to name it as I have because I emphasis 3 key points to understanding the techniques of Tantra…through the heart (love), art (beauty), and breath (present moment). Tantra is not a philosophy, it is a way of being in the world. This book will give you many tools and practices to enter into life more totally and connect with your true potential.

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Here is one of the techniques.

Technique # 48

At the start of sexual union keep attentive on the fire in the beginning, and so continuing, avoid the embers in the end.

This is an essential Tantric sex technique that can also be applied to your sex pleasure and cultivation practice. There are a few important things to understand about the tantric way of being in the world. Tantra is about applying techniques to realize our True Nature. The nature we had before our conditioning, before the world taught us who we were, before we had desires, before we knew about right or wrong. Such a way of knowing/being is difficult for most to grasp because our beliefs are deeply ingrained in the way our subconscious processes information and creates perception. Take the idea of sexuality for example, over generations much has been taught about sexuality; certain religious traditions, authorities, or simply overarching societal norms have imposed ways of being and acting that have ingrained ideas in you about right or wrong. Who to love and what are acceptable acts of sexuality. The conditioning even runs so deep as to influence what you find beautiful. For example, at different times in history and in different parts of the world it was beautiful to carry a copious amount of bodyfat because it indicated that one was wealthy enough to afford to eat well, whereas the dominant view in most Western Civilization does not keep this same standard.

So then, without a throughout examination of the self to find your truth, it is difficult to see how your conditioning has affected your programmed attractions. In terms of sexuality, the conditioning runs deep for many generations in Western Society as religious traditions have often looked down in various ways and capacities at sexuality, even so far as to associate sex and masturbation with being a sin capable of determining if a person was worthy of God’s grace in heaven. You may not believe that now, but after generations of being suppressed under the authoritative pressures, your DNA and your subconscious still carries remnants from this implicit learning.

Tantra is Amoral. In its purity, it says nothing of right or wrong, and has no moral stance. Because it aims at offering a way for you to come back to your original purity, before all your many lifetimes and remember the True Nature of reality. It is from this original point of purity where you can determine your truth about sexuality. Tantra is known for being associated with Tantric sex because it is one of the spiritual traditions that is open to exploring conscious sexuality.

Conscious sexuality, like Tantra is a vehicle for realizing one’s True Nature. I’m going to circle back to the title of this book, the HeArt and Breath of Tantra because I want offer my original guidance that without love (the heart), and consciousness (the breath), Tantra is a dangerous tool. The techniques of Tantra are a tool, and any tool can be misused as Tantric sex has been misused. Many takes the Amoral stance of Tantra and encouragement of sex as spirituality to justify their desires, actions, and unconscious sexuality.
If Tantra is Amoral, and morals and right and wrong don’t exist, then anything goes right? Not quite, and to best explain this point I’m going to refer to the Taoist tradition which is a philosophical system that originated in China that is similar to Tantra. Taoism too is beyond right or wrong and beyond yin and yang or opposites. The word Tao refers to a path, or the Way, among many other translations. It refers to a way to move through life that cannot be spoken of; no set of rules, dogmas, or morals can describe the motion of the Tao. Taoism speaks of 3 forces, heaven (the stars, planets, sky), Earth below (nature), and the realm of mankind. To be in harmony with the Tao is to be in harmony with oneself (internal), as well as the (external) forces of earth/nature and heaven.
To understand this, I will explore an example… if you go off alone into the forest, there are no rules, and no one will tell you how to talk, walk, and how to have sex. The forces of nature and heaven provide unconditional love and energy for us as humans to explore and create. But, we cannot simply go out into nature is do whatever the fuck we want. Perhaps for a period of time, but what happens when it rains? Or when you get hungry? You will have to learn to live in harmony and co-exist with what is. There are no rules as to how you will get along, in fact, if you set yourself up with rules that become too rigid, then you may get in trouble because nature is always changing! Conversely, if you are too careless and set no rules, you will also run into trouble! This example is just you off in the forest on your own, now we must add that we live in a society of 8 billion people and billions of other animals. So despite not having any rules or morals, there is a Way we each must find for ourselves that is in harmony with the All.

Returning back to our topic of sexuality… there are no true morals. Yet, this does not mean any actions goes because it may violate one’s capacity to stay in harmony with themselves, others, or with earth and sky. This is an important cautionary interlude before diving deeper into sexuality because, as I mentioned, many justify their desires for selfish pleasure, misusing others, and ultimately staying trapped in their conditioning and addictions rather than moving towards their True Nature. Your True Nature is not habitual or addictive, these patterns of behaviour are all conditioned and keep an individual in desire. Desire is an important topic which we will discuss in the next chapter.
Where have we arrived? Sexuality is. It simply is. It is not right or wrong, in the ultimate sense there is no moral underpinnings around sex. And yet, we exist as individuals in time, in society, between heaven and earth, and we must determine our truth and develop a way in the world that is harmonious and keeps us in right relationship with all our relations (all the cosmos!).
Let us now enter into this sutra.

At the start of sexual union keep attentive on the fire in the beginning, and so continuing, avoid the embers in the end.
The beginning of sex is similar to the beginning of falling in love. It is the most beautiful experience, like a thousand blossoming flowers in the mind and body. Sex and love is a doorway into the infinite. It is a true grace that most every person has experienced in their lifetime. And oh so often the story is the same, the start of love and sex is ecstasy, and without tender care, the sex becomes placid and routine, and so follows the bond of love. Many husband and wife share the bed, make love in their standard way, (probably) a set number of thrusts before the male climaxes and the story is over. Both parties receive some pleasure, yet deeper parts of them are left unsatisfied.

The heights of sexuality can satisfy every desire you have… if you have True Tantric sex, you will no longer desire food, water, power, money, or even eternal life! You will be so complete that you will be ready to die. That is a joke. But, seriously, when all your individual’s needs are met, what next? It is natural to want to help others. This is one of the ways that Tantric sex can help you lead a more fulfilling life.

Yet for most couples, sex is not so total. Total sex requires you to be totally awake, every cell must be present. For most people, their genitals are present during sex, but, much of their being is offline. This is why Tantric sex is multidimensional, every chakra is capable of awakening to sex, and the connection must be mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. This is why most of Tantric sexuality is what I term Tantric intimacy, because the sexual union is an energy exchange that need not be limited to the physical bodies. This is the heart of Tantric sex, when it is no longer a routine physical act, but a stage for intimacy. Tantric sex often breaks the standard form of sex by integrating eye gazing, massage, emotional connection and conversation, play, dance, and meditation, etc. There is no beginning and no end. It may last for many hours.

So then, this technique is key, pay attentive to the fire in the beginning. It is up to the partners to fan these flames of love, for two people are humble tenders of the sacred fire of love and their offerings unto this sacred flame are what make possible the heights of sexuality. They are what make possible the cosmic orgasm, which is not an orgasm (expansion and contraction and then release) limited to the genitals, but when the entire body and every cell orgasm’s. Then True union is reached. True union is not when a man enters his sexual organ into a woman, still two separate beings are present in this interaction. True Union is when two beings dissolve their entire being into love. When nothing remains, then union is achieved. And this act need not necessary be paired with sexual intercourse, when one learns Tantric sex, they will learn the art of dissolving into union and can then learn to live at this level of love.

It can now be better explained why many justify their unconscious sexual desires and call it Tantra, they are not actually reaching the heights of union, but rather they are remaining at the level of their personal desire for sense pleasure. It is keeping them from dissolving. It is keeping them from knowing True Nature.
How then to practice Tantric Sex? With love. You cannot have True Union without love. Sex without love is for the senses. There is nothing wrong with it. It is simply not the heights of what is possible. To a sincere individual in search of realization, it is a waste of time and energy. To then practice Tantric sex requires a deeply intimate relationship of love. This starts with yourself. Without discovering and understanding the ways in which you block love from entering into your life – which will be the result of previous conditioning- then you cannot surrender into love. Tantric intimacy is a conscious process and one must be continually aware to participate. Your conditioning lives in your body and as you discover yourself with touch, massage, meditation, qigong, and many other tools you will begin to innerstand what stories and blocked emotions live in your body which prevent love from being received in every cell. For the forces of the earth and heaven offer their unconditional energy for you at every moment of every day. We are surrounded by unconditional love and energy for us to receive and use, if this is not your experience and truth, then you have stories and beliefs that prevent this experience from being a reality. These techniques are a pathway to releasing that conditioning and coming back to True Nature.

To keep the embers lit, be aware of why the fire was lit. It is the spark of love. What aspects of your being were turned on in and what way when you first felt the fire. Work with that energy, move it through your body, experience it, know it, express it, and dance in it. Connect with your whole body, on all levels, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Think of the love as not being yours, do not take it for granted, it is a gift. Tend to it, keep it alive, and it will carry you through all challenges until you find your way back home to your True Nature.

What can a medical Qigong/Breathwork practitioner offer you?

Medical Qigong is a holistic field of medicine that utilizes movement, breath, meditation, and massage as a means of correcting imbalances and achieving optimal energy for success.

The practices run parallel with Chinese Medicine and have been around for thousands of years… however, they have developed into thousands of systems ….some geared towards the treating of specific conditions and diseases (imbalances), other for already healthy individuals who want to increase energy, self-mastery, or spiritual development. .. I offer both.

When I see a client I make an assessment wherein I read their breathing pattern, assess organ health, and energy fields/chakras. Our breathing pattern represents our current state of emotion and health…how the breath is flowing, and where it is not capable of flowing indicates where imbalances are. I can assess how energy is flowing through the body and organs through various Qigong forms.

This gives me the information to offer specific breath/movement/meditations treatments i can offer to address the physical, mental, and emotional imbalances and restore energy flow.

After treatment I can offer prescription movements and practices that an individual would take home to practice.

The whole process is one of increasing an individuals self-awareness, and empowering them to be their own healer. Through an assessment of the breath, organs, and chakras I can give specific insight on where you may be blocked in your life.

I offer these sessions in my clinic and online in Squamish.

For a powerful energy shift, consider coming to one of the many workshops and retreats I have coming up.

It’s an honour to empower individuals with this potent medicine. I plan on pursuing this field till I’m a doctor of medical qigong. I see it as my contribution to the revolution of health that is upon us. The more we can take our health and power into our own hands, the less we rely on broken systems that create dependency.

The secret to good health is within and under our nose. Breath that in and give me a message to explore further.

breathwork #pranayama #qigong

Shift your State Guide

State = mental/emotional/physical

Step 1: Assessment Awareness

  1. Make an intention to see your truth and hold yourself in unconditional love/acceptance. Make a dedication to shift your state and empower yourself fir yourself and the betterment of the all.
  2. Orientated your awareness into your body
  • examples: body scan, self-massage or tapping, yoga asana or qigong, singing.

note: the more resistant you are to what your feeling, the more difficult it will be to focus awareness into the body

  1. Without changing your breathing pattern, witness your breathing quality without judgment
  • Is the breath short, shallow, long, deep, turbid, consistent, etc… are any parts of the body contracted and not receiving breath? (Assess from pelvic floor to throat)
  1. What is your current emotional state
  • Name it
  1. What is your current state of mind
  • What are its qualities: busy, calm, distracted, expansive, etc.
  1. Surrender.
  • Allow yourself to fully experience your current mental, emotional, and physical state without resistance.
  1. Shift

Methods of shifting

A. Change your breathing to become deeper and more full, and breath into blockages

B. Express your emotion and body (sound/vocalization, dance, art, yoga, shaking etc)

C. Feel your emotion, then it’s opposite. Then neutrality. Repeat until no charge is left.

D. Assess the cause of your current state of emotion … why are you holding onto this emotion, what benifit/negative do you have from this emotional state.

  • What is the root of this emotion… where did you first feel it, and what stories and beliefs surround the imprinting of this emotional response.
  1. Return to wholeness and set new intentions
  • When the emotion has been processed Return, return to your natural neutral state of love and acceptance of yourself and your environment. Then direct your energy and intention where you want them.

Conversations with the Higher Self.

[Beginning Introduction]

My mind is uneasy.

There is indecision my body and a lack of clarity.
My nervous system is out of harmony and my emotions keep getting congested.

I choose to turn within to find clarity on my situation by connecting with my higher self.


I am seated on a chair with both feet flat on the floor.
Situated in front of my altar, a holy host of items represent and carry the energy of my family and deepest bonds for this life.

The air is clear with incense smoke, and a single flame offers its light.


I imagine/create a golden orb of light above my head.
A smile to the orb and it descends down the front of my body.

Its warmth relaxes my judgement.
It illuminates and calms my face, neck, chest, stomach, legs and clears any energy in front of my body.

I create a second golden orb and smile to the orb and see it smiling back.
This one descends the back side of my body, clearing the energy field behind me.
A third orb arises above my head, and I open my crown and fill my brain, eyes, thyroid, heart, lungs, and all my organs, spinal cord, and bones with light that drains away and purifies my whole system.
My feet melt into the ground and grow golden tree roots.

I drop my awareness to connect with the earthly transpersonal chakra below my body.
I feel the forces of nature and call upon the owl and the snake.

I descend further into the earth and call upon the 4 elements.

Still further I travel until I reach the heart of mother earth, and I connect with love and appreciation to Pachamama.

She sends her energy up my golden tree roots and they ascend the back channel of my legs and spine.
At the top of my head they wrap around piercing my third eye, and traveling down into my lower tantien (low belly) where there is a cauldron waiting for this earth energy.

It fills the cauldron and creates golden earth energy steam which irrigates my entire body, cleansing and purifying. It spills out my palms and encircles the energy around me and clears the space.
I then ascend my consciousness above my head connecting with the soul star chakra above my head which holds the templates, archetypes, and wisdom of the my higher self.

I ascend my consciousness higher still on a wave of light and connect with the ascended masters on my path and the divine virtues.

Still higher my consciousness ascends until it becomes one with the Tao.

From form to formless, matter to light, into void.
From the void I return with a silver cord of heavenly light that descends into my crown and illuminates my spine. It fills my upper, middle, and lower tantien. As it fills my lower tantien it opens my 7 major chakras…red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and indigo. My whole being is becoming a vessel of light and it begins to leak out of every pour filling my 3 wei qi fields (associated with the energy of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies).

I am now illuminated with light from heaven and earth, as is my sacred environment.
I connect back up into my higher self chakra.


The moment I make connection with my higher self my state shifts into ease.

The feeling is one of unconditional love.
Suddenly all my worries seem trivial as I connect with the part of me who has been through these challenges. My higher self shares its light with love and compassion for where I’m at…something I’ve not been doing consistently for myself.

I use to have such trouble connecting with my higher voice of wisdom, until I learnt of my true nature as light. The truth is, that there is a part of me in time, and an eternal self. I also use to only think I could reach ascended states by means of copious disciplines and practices such as yoga, or taking powerful medicines such as Ayahuasca. When I discovered the only thing blocking the light of my soul from entering into this moment was me, I had a good laugh. Though I am connected with my higher guidance, I am still learning to listen and let go of the way I want things and to follow my highest path.


I’m feelings lost. I don’t know which spiritual practice/path is right for me…Ayahuasca, Yoga? Qigong? I don’t know if living in Squamish is where I am meant to grow and be.

****good good. Be lost. Explore what it feels like to be lost. Embrace where you are at in your cycle. All paths lead you home. It is important for you to loosen your desire to achieve on your spiritual journey. Your ambition stems from your love, and also from a place of feeling like you need to be something other than what you are, which is perfect. The path you choose will be the right one. Loosen your grip with trying to figure it out with your mind, your life is an adventure, and your feeling lost right now, but you secretly love this dance of polarity. Focus on the choices you’re making in this moment, that Is where your answer and freedom lies. When you are making the choice to be fully present, the path will be clear.

Ugh. I always want a straight answer. But, of course my mind does. It wants safety and security. I see how my ego is entangled in my spiritual ambition. I have been out of harmony, tilted towards effort and yang as a means of control since I’ve had a number of financial challenges recently. Do you have any guidance in dealing with my financial situation and creating the abundance to move forward with my dreams?

***Yes. Get use to thriving in insecurity. Learn to acquire your riches in gratitude and change your attitude, and then your finances won’t carry the weight they are currently. You said it yourself, find harmony within yourself and ease up on the effort. You have come into this life to learn about love, not to become a worldly success. Your soul has incarnated to know truth. The task you are currently faced with is finding what your soul truly desires and following it, the rest will come, and money should not be as large of a factor as it is in your decision making. If you want to follow your highest path, how much skin in the game do you have, what are you willing to give up? Do you want abundance or truth? I’m not saying it’s not possible to have both, but, I urge you to get clear in each moment where your directing your energy and focus to.

Received. I know your not going to actually tell me, because you never give straight answers…but, I’m going to ask anyway. Can you tell me about the woman, or women, or whatever my love situation is and give me clarity.

*** Once more, your feeling lost now, and this is a necessary part of knowing what it feels like to be found. Surrender into the truth of this moment and be with that. Then, when your truth shifts, it will be clear.
Your right. I do love the mystery. Why is it so obvious when you say it?

*** It is a fundamental limitation with the mind and intellect you are currently operating in. The mind knows only what it has been and thus created. The individual mind is stuck in its own limitations. This is where the self-renewing beauty of life lies, in that the mind you have will always be transcended and evolution can continue. Sit back, witness and enjoy the ride.

What can I do to help the planet in this time?

***I understand your inquiry. But, what you are to do in this moment or any other moment is no different. Act in accordance with the spontaneous and natural flow of your love while operating in your truth. People often get, how would one say this….frazzled and passionate in times of great shifts. But, this moment in history is no different than any other moment. Your eternal nature is no more or less different in these times. Remember that, your eternal nature is changeless, and you change. You will experience highs and lows, ascending consciousness and descending consciousness…and all are just the dualities of your experience to know. That which persists through the polarities is your eternal nature. It does not need merit or achievement, dissolving these belief structures is important to staying more present with your eternal nature.

I knew you wouldn’t give me a straight answer. Okay, final question.
Is there anything I’m currently doing or eating that you would recommend I don’t do or do less of to help me find alignment?

***Think less, love more to balance. Harmonize your effort with ease. Your diet and exercise routines are fine, though spending more time to choose ones in accordance with your body’s needs and not your minds desires is important, as is creating a greater dedication and appreciation. Pause more, to keep your breath witnessing active throughout the day. And invite in your ancestors and guides with your song as your pray and they will lift your voice up so that you can offer your voice as medicine.

Thank you.



This was a conversation with my higher guidance.
The induction is segment of the protocol I have learnt in my Shamanic Qigong course. If you’d like to learn to channel your higher self, feel free to ask any questions or come for a session and I can help you get started. Our higher self is, as the writing stated, is the part of your that is eternal and has already overcome your future scenario. We have free will and thus we can always choose to make different decisions and create different timelines and your higher self has access to all the information of every life you have lived.

In general, and it depends on your higher self, they won’t divulge direct information because the future is unknown for us until we choose. My higher self, like myself, is quite comical a lot of the time, and sometimes even playfully pokes fun at my frustrations on wanting to figure things out.

Through these conversation with my higher self I find guidance and a sense of ease…often with no new information or answers being divulged! Though sometimes there are specific recommendations for foods, activities etc. It depends on your higher self! It’s about
self-empowerment, and my higher self has the wisdom to offer me the guidance I need which will offer me the most growth. Instead of offering me answers it often encourages me to just be where I’m at and offers a sense of love, light, and compassion…which is truly all I was needing from myself in this session.


  • Aya

Peotry from the Depth

I shed my skin in ecdysis
Peices of myself
All over the floor.

Layers of worry
seared from my skin.
To begin
I felt damaged by
Immensity of woe
Leaves me with the propensity
Towards leaving this city

After my excavation…I’m exactly where I need to be.
Under the seared skin is a new layer of perfection.

I shrink down into an atom.
You wouldn’t fathom what I did see.
It was me,
But, not the one you see one the surface.

Underneath the layers I wear, beyond my distance stare I come to witness my inner workings.

Longings to be liberated from routine.
Desires for power.
Deviant behaviours too, buried deep from past lives.
Murdered wives.
Ecstasy in the heart of war.
The truths that few wish to see.

The depths run deep in my sea.
Journying within, I have never found the end.

Memories of countless deaths.
Drowned by the hands of my father.
Axe murdered by my daughter.

And where there is dark, I am the light.
I am that I am.
My consciousness desires truth and to make light in the night.

Lifetimes of love live within too.
Generations of grace as I look into my sons faces.
Nothing can replace these memories, they are built into the walls of my heart. It cannot beat without this love.

At the size of an Atom it’s clear to see there is no true you and me.
At this level of energy, information is free to move effortlessly into the all.

A single heart-break sends a ripple to all heart’s. It is not only as dropping a pebble in a pond, the ripple extends beyond time into eternity.

What’s in my depths is not merely for me to see, we all must know the truth to be free.

The darkness divides ➗ , two circles appear to be separate, but they have the same center. Each is a portal to the one essential light.

As I venture back to regular size I realize the lies I tell myself. Illusionary beliefs don’t stand up when one chooses to know truth. A different perspective is all the proof one needs to begin to plant the new seeds through which to grow their internal garden.
Sorting out the weeds that strangle the flowers from blossoming.

I am becoming.
And my being already complete.
Embodying a billion faces.

I see you now.
Not like before.
Because I see me for what I am, and know what it takes just to be.

I look into your eyes with a prayer to be free.
And I won’t return into slumber, until the truth is what I see.

Sending courage and strength for our collective to live boldly with truth and love.

  • Aya