Constructing the Archetypal Hero of 2020

The primordial image, or archetype, is a figure–be it a daemon, a human being, or a process–that constantly recurs in the course of history and appears wherever creative fantasy is freely expressed. Essentially, therefore, it is a mythological figure. . . . In each of these images there is a little piece of human psychology and human fate, a remnant of the joys and sorrows that have been repeated countless times in our ancestral history. . . .Carl Jung

In each generation a new myth evolves. We are writing the human story in the joys of the sorrows of covid-19. Though our situation is novel, there are recurring themes embodied in individuals through archetypal patterns.

Archetypes resemble the beds of rivers: dried up because the water has deserted them, though it may return at any time. An archetype is something like an old watercourse along which the water of life flowed for a time, digging a deep channel for itself. The longer it flowed the deeper the channel, and the more likely it is that sooner or later the water will return. -Jung

The Hero archetype is the knight who slays the dragon or the superhero who saves the city from evil. The basic quest of the hero archetype is to overcome the monster of darkness, and to allow consciousness to conquer unconsciousness. Strength is the key features of the hero, along with an irrefutable quest to fulfill their life mission. For a hero must be willing to delve into the darkness alone, even when there is but a thread of hope. A hero is not without supernatural aid, or a gift, though it may take them most their journey to realize their sacred power.

Don’t think that the symbolic representations of heroes are disconnected from your situation, the reality of archetypes is that they are not merely the stuff that comics and movies are created from. The reality is, they are the substructure of what you are made from.

You are far more than your personality, more than your habits, more than your achievements. You are an infinitely complex human being with stories and myths and dreams- and ambitions of cosmic proportions. Don’t waste time underestimating yourself. Dream big… Use the energy of your archetype to express the true reason you were born. Life was never meant to be safe. It was meant to be lived right to the end.-Caroline Myss

The hero archetype lives within you for a reason. Connecting with this power that has been enacted through your ancestors for generations with the intelligence imbued in the DNA of your living and breathing cells, is a choice. A choice to rise, or fall to the shadow of the hero, the coward.

Not all hero’s wear capes, or have the typical Hollywood portrayed story that is often represented in hero myth such as those mentioned previously.
The archetype of the hero has a thousand faces.

“It is only when a man tames his own demons that he becomes the king of himself if not of the world.”― Joseph Campbell,

This is an inward journey, as much as it is an outward one. The call…
for those who are ready to hear it
Rise now to the heroes that sleep. The bell tolls, it’s time to fulfill your sacred contracts, it’s time to write your destiny in the stars, to realize who you are, to give your gifts to the world, and to save your soul, thus freeing your world, and all people.
We are not in age of swords, guns, or bombs. We are in the age of computers, artificial intelligence, and psychological warfare. The great battle being waged is taking place in the mind the hearts of all people.
Truth is a sword. Love is a shield.

There is a war on freedoms. Free speech. Freedom of information. When there is no freedom to have decent dialogue among altering opinions, there is dogma. We are in the age of MK Ultra and mind control. There are wolves in sheep clothing, people are not who they seem, and logic and fake news, and fake science is being weaponized.
The modern hero cannot win this battle with his/her intellect alone. He/She needs the guidance of the heart, and the instinctual wisdom of the body. There is a call for each person to connect with their head, heart, and body. The breath can meet you there. Move, breath, love, and feel the safety that is available to you. Fear is an illusion.Be mindful what you consume, think, breath, move, sleep, drink, and eat well. Choose to think critically, and form your own opinions. We are the generation that wakes up to our role in the co-creation of reality. Each individual is called now to play their part in the whole.

we are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality.tied in a mutual garment of destiny. What affects one, affects all indirectly- Martin Luther King Jr.

We are the generation that paves the way for a new earth. History is the evolution of freedom and consciousness. Look how far we have come. Look at the civilization we have built. Our ancestors have prayed for us, they live on through us, and we carry the next generations. It’s time to ask yourself what kind of world you want to build for your children, and what you can do to help.

Look to history, we shall overcome. We shall overcome. We shall overcome. Deep in my heart I do believe we shall overcome. And I believe it because somehow the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.We shall overcome because Carlyle is right; no lie can live forever. We shall overcome because William Cullen Bryant is right; truth crushed to earth will rise again.
– Martin Luther King Jr.

You are the hero you’ve been waiting for. You are the one.

What is your purpose?What are your gifts? What modern day heroes do to see in the world?
——-If anyone needs aid in breathwork, yoga, qigong, and meditation, message me for information, or if you’d like to work 1 on 1 with me I have coaching available to help you develop your dream, find your purpose, and live your values.
Be well


(Free?) Writing Exercise

Estimated time to complete: 10 minutes – 300 Saturn years (approx. 29.5 earth years) – aka take as long as you need\

Instructions: Below are a series of words. Write the word on a piece of paper (or type), and then write your response.

Comments:- This exercise may be done as a free writing exercise, meaning as soon as you write the word, you write you reflection without pause. Free writing helps to create flow in the mind, move past judgement, and access different layers of the psyche – This exercise may be done as a contemplation. An option to practice contemplation meditation on the words rather than write about them.

– Or meditate on the words, then write your reflections. Then repeat every 29.5 earth years and see if anything has changed.

– Before beginning the exercise, center yourself by connecting with your breath and body. Maybe have a bath and clean any dirty dishes that may be in the sink. Smile, be at ease, and begin.

On Purpose:

– Purpose is your soul’s deepest yearning. The feeling of purpose in the body is aliveness, an openness in every cell to see and to serve. It can be frightening to find your purpose, especially when your life is currently not constructed around it. A mere dance with purpose will open you in ways only a lover had before, it can be frightening because you will be unsheathed and a primal urge may arouse you with a wild energy that you wrestle with…upon finding something so precious, you may be immediately aware what’s at stake in life. You may be intimated by the fear that to follow your bliss and to fail is worse than death. Or the presence of purpose may come on slow, your psyche is shy to admit its deepest yearning, like a guilty pleasure to be an erotic dancer when you are a straight edge banker. Purpose is the most addicting drug there is, the more you court her, the deeper you fall for her…the more time you spend in her, the more your body needs her, and rejects all others. She is the strange attractor calling your soul forward into the unknown. Will you dare to dance with her?
On Music:
– Music is the voice of God. It takes form like an emotional mist, capable of osmotically entering into every cell.

On Nature:

– Nature is devouring mother, and a loving mother. Nature is the reflection of the collective human psyche. Nature is a mirror. Nature is place to live and die. Nature is the cosmic womb. Nature is beyond good and evil. In a city, you have a name, fame, pride, blame…alone in nature, you are nothing. But not nothing is a dead way, you are nothing in nature, because you a free to be anything -this is the natural state of all-. Nature has no names nor borders, there are no trees separate from bees. All division lies in the mind of mankind. Nature is a sea, an ocean of trees, mountains of water, she is metaphor and prose, and she is the paper we write our story upon.
On Death:

– Death is the source of life. Marry death, and you be wed to the perfect marriage of opposites. To know death as your wife, is to realize the purpose of life. To keep a ring on your finger, a reminder of your relationship, is to live in the world as it is. To forget death in any moment, is to lose yourself in the dream. Keep her near and with you and meaning will drip from each moment. She cannot creep up on you if she is held in constant awareness. She cannot rob you of loved one’s if you know they are already gone.

On Love:

– Love is misunderstood. Love is a marriage, as much as it is a murder. – Love is.
On Art:

– Art is a direct seeing of the mind. Art is inspired action. Art is the perfect paradox of being simultaneously meaningless and meaningful. You are art. Art is beyond good and evil.

On Dance:

– Dance is what happens when all the galaxies and planets are perfectly placed in the cosmos to create the conditions for you to be in this body and to express the language of the soul in the freedom of your movements. Dance is what births universes.

On Laughter:

– Laughter is a type of orgasm. Laughter births universes. Laughter is the 6th love language.

On Self:

– The self is alpha and omega, beginning and end. Thus, the Self is all there is, it’s alexander the great conquering lands, as much as it is bill sitting on the toilet. It’s a passionate love affair, as much as it is a foot fetish. It is beyond good and evil. The Self finds expression through laughter, dance, art, and writing. All are eternal acts of the one infinite creator. The self is silly, sexual, sorry, and sad…simultaneously.


Feel free to choose your own words

Feel free to share

The Love Sutra

The Love Sutra

Seek to know her
She is a scarlet flower
Breath in her beauty into your body -let in enliven you-
Never pick the flower / never take it home
Let it grow / let it be reborn each year
She does not belong to you / she is one with the earth

She is the divine feminine
She is one with the source of creation

There are two forces in existence: chaos and order
-she is chaos and creativity- all things come from her

The feminine nature is flow and feeling
If you seek to know her, never find her, and follow her eternally

You cannot know her / she is formless
Yet you can learn to dance with her
She cannot be predicted
One must learn to deeply listen and feel her every movement in your body

She speaks without words
Lay down your logic to penetrate her heart
To know her, she must be felt
She is as much ‘out there’ as ‘in here’
To know her, you must know yourself
She is within

She is a Goddess
Many faces / Many arms
A man must be steadfast and grounded to approach a feminine in her fully embodied form

She is as radiant…as she is terrifying
Her love is the sweet nectar that breaks the spell of man, to shatter the boundries of self

She is a saviour, and a giver of love

she terrifies a man who is not willing to see his shadow

She is Kali the destroyer
Transformation is the gentle opening of a flower in Spring’s bloom
Transformation is also the terrible face of a tsunami thrashing a shore

To love her, is to fear her
to revere her
and to worship her

without sacred devotion
Man is not mindful
He will lack the conscious intention necessary to remain awake to her
A love will not survive unless it is tended to like a garden
A garden is necessary to eat from, and yet hurricanes come, and the farmer must be ready to plant new seeds despite despair

She is a prophet
a healer
a revealer of truth
she is a mirror
Be wary, those men who dare to look upon her, for she will show you parts of yourself that are blind to see
Be wary to arouse a love you are not ready to contend with
Love is a straight edge razor
Truth is a sword

If you are willing, she is a loving mother
if you are pure in intention and commitment
She may bless you with children

if you are devoted, you may spend eternity in her eye

If it is love…
It will transform you

See her

  • Few men see women as they are, they look with the eyes. Seek to see her soul. Seek to the see the world from her eyes, and she will reveal the beauty of existence.

Seek to see her as she is, not as you wish her to be

Listen to her

  • She is speaking from her heart to yours.
  • She is the voice of the earth

Hold her

  • she is a small child, a radiant warrior, a vixen of love and a wise grandmother
  • learn to touch all of her peices

Kiss her

  • knowing she is innocent and pure, as much as she is fierce and sexual
  • tend to all her sides, and learn to kiss all her special places

To know her, is to lay down your life
It is not a defeat, but an allowing of an unseen force far greater to connect you with something more than you are

Love asks we surrender our life as an offering. Man has not the capacity to bring life into this world.
He has his flesh and spirit to give.

Man ponders ‘why?’
He wonders, ‘who am I?’
He seeks order and meaning
Leave a man to think, and he will spend eternity in his head

There are two sides to life
chaos and order
meaningless and meaning
play and work
heart and head

Life cannot be known
She cannot be known

When man is ready to surrender his eternal quest to know, he may enter the heart of love and find his ‘why’ is anothers eye

man’s eternal quest to find his soul, is within him, but revealed through the mirror of another

this is his love

when he finds her, he will protect her and serve her as he recognizes he is one with her

he will lay down his life for her, and merge with her, and they will become one

Planting seeds

I’m almost at my fucking limit !

every time I make a goddam plan and
I set out a course for the future of the way I want it to be

life gets in the way!!

can you believe it!?

covid is a classic example

I had it all worked out this time !!

every detail was perfectly placed
I had my vision planned to meet my every desire

classic life, always ruining my vision

It’s gotten to the point where
I’m beginning to wonder if I’m even in control!?

it’s as though the universe does not revolve around me

it’s as though all of creation, from the winged one’s to the flying one’s to the billions of people do not arise each day and do their best to make sure all my personal unmet needs and desires are fulfilled in that day

some days I feel like the future is forever uncertain

as if not just tomorrow, but each moment beyond this present moment is a mystery

and it’s as though the future I plan Is just a projection of my mind and its hopes and dreams and beliefs

it’s as though my individual and current construction of reality does not mirror true reality

and by merely imprinting the way I wish it would be on top of what is actually happening is causing me to separate from what is…

instead of feeling what is present in the here and now…I then create a series of thoughts attached to feelings that I’d rather feel, but instead of feeling them in the moment I project them into a perceived future which never arrives

I’m beginning to think that this separate slice of perception I call my mind and the world I see is not actually what there is

it’s just a simulation I’m creating in my head…
it’s as though I’m resisting to simply feel the present …because I prefer to only feel when there is pleasure and things go my way

I avoid the neutral or the discomforting and pull myself from the present moment of what is and into an imagined reality in my mind in a familiar world of projected beliefs experienced as real, but unsatisfying to the deeper parts of my soul

in times when I’m not busied by stimuli or muses by my own mind and I simply soften to the quiet
it sometimes brings up pain, discomfort, and unprocessed emotion

it’s like there is a stored memory of thoughts and feelings within my body waiting to be heard

sometimes I stop and listen to them
I hold space for them

its uncomfortable

boring at times

sometimes I feel elated after
sometimes I feel neutral

the more I sit with myself I build a resilience from running away from the moment

I tend to the garden of what is
and some flowers grow into beautiful scarlet roses
I leave them there..I do not pick them..their beautiful as they are

some flowers whither and fall back into the earth

what I’ve noticed is that …season after season I continue to come back to the garden
not because the garden gives me beautiful flowers
sometimes it does not

I come back to the garden because of the beauty that life and death bring opens a peice of my soul

it’s as though my heart is whole when I’m willing to feel and be surrounded by life and death

pain and pleasure

security and uncertainty

it’s as though when I simply sit with the world, accepting it with an open and loving heart, all is well

I’m beginning to think there’s more to life then just my individual needs and desires….maybe there’s something greater going on in the world rather than my own personal story ..

maybe I could see that I have everything I need in this moment

always have
always will

maybe I could see beyond my fears
my fear of not having enough

my fear of death

maybe I could open myself to the reality that there is something mysterious about existence

maybe it will be bring pain or pleasure
gain or loss
pride or shame

maybe I could meet it with an open heart
maybe I could start by loving myself wholly in this moment

and see if that one small choice could change the world

**this is a written piece like a poem
.. it’s not actually a personal piece about my life

Birth till Death – poem

Born into it

with no one to blame

shame and guilt are your cross to bear and not to bury

the patterns of the past are archaic adaptions that won’t last
you’ve amassed conditioning and inherited trauma

you are the Dali liama
treat yourself with care and accept your whole heart wholeheartedly

pray for honour, for without internal integrity your house is full of lies and spies

jealousy lives in the hips it wills to power over people until you learn that true will is power over yourself

guilt and shame lie in the belly, you’ll have to stomache your pride if you hold these inside
your sins are yours to carry, like a cross they bear their burden

erected on the stake, you will be hung and left for dead and you will be forgiven
forgiven by yourself, as an act of self love you are the judge of your own heart
beg for mercy from yourself

self-sabatoge is masterbaition

self-improvement is masterbaition

it’s all about self-stimulation until you know love but to know love, is to die for you cannot fully love, unless your ready to get over yourself

Love is where we transcend the ‘I’ and move into the ‘we’ it’s the only way to be free
to die before you die, is to live eternally

healing is about acceptance, autonomy, anger, awareness, assertion, and allowance

healing is about surrender, letting go, releasing, forgiving, and loving

healing is soft, gentle, caressing, like a mother holding her newborn child

Healing is betrayal, vomiting, purging, crying, and bashing your fists on the ground begging

healing is not something you do it happens by grace it happens when you give room and space to grow and allow life to flow into you

you can’t heal on your own to heal is to be whole, and separation is a kind of sickness

healing is community coming together in circle in song and dance, writing a new story
sickness is limiting narratives, ignorance and unconscious patterns that play out victimization and castration of the soul

growth, in all of nature happens from the center outward
like the big bang or mustard seed growing the great tree

you grow from the center outward your healing is an inward journey
your community and family are your roots your identity is your integrity your heart is your soul your head is the heavens

your breath is your connection to life lose your breath, and you lose your spirit
inhale to know inspiration exhale to know dedication
inhale to know life exhale to know death
inhale to receive exhale to offer
each breath in, you are given life force energy each word you say is an exhale, it is your offering back to the world
your words are prayers
each breath in you are given energy to offer your gratitude for grace
one day you will give up your breath your body your mind and emotions
you will offer it all back you will give up your hous eand your family
you came into this world with nothing and you were given everything
you will leave with nothing live in this awareness and nothing can touch you, not even death
this is the awareness of your eternal nature

forget it, and you are living in the finite
live in the presence of the here and now, and live in eternity
live in the mind, and you live in the realm of time and space
live in heart, and you live without self live in the ego, and you live separation
you cannot know heaven without love love is the bridge between what is man, and what is God
the heart is doorway unto the infinite
the breath is the doorway into spirit
the body is the vehicle emotions are the energy
know them well, without attachment to their ebb and flow
with grace and ease, the way of nature is the way of balance
watch nature as it moves as it cycles

that is you do not resist the cycles or the seasons when fall comes, let go, grieve and let die all that does not serve for the spring will come and all of nature will be reborn
those who are sick do not suffer, those that cling do suffer
with mindful loving awareness even sickness is a blessing
life is only a curse for those that cling to what they wish life would be acceptance is way the nature
when a deer knows it has been caught by the bear it gives up and dies

the body freezes and fills with endorphins if the deer were to struggle to the end, it would die in anxiety
the way of nature is knowing when to be defeated

knowing that you cannot win at life we all succumb to the seducing nature of death
live wholly and fully, with graciousness and care so fully and wholly that when death comes you can say to her, take me, I have given myself in each moment and death is the final frontier, I have nothing left to do but dive into the mystery of eternity
take me

I offered my heart and soul and I have already given myself life away

this body is yours to take, it is of the earth, let it rot into the earth

my spirit lives on