Breathwork Offerings

Breathwork Offerings

  1. Aya Conscious Connected Breathwork (CCB)

Aya Conscious Connected Breathwork combines multiple lineages of breathwork and an integration of movement and meditation practices.  Sessions have 5 parts: 1. Intention setting/explanations, 2. Activation, 3. Primary integration, 4. Rest, 5. Secondary integration.  The practice harmonizes the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual body’s. The technique is used for nervous system regulation, healing, trauma and emotional release, accessing altered states of consciousness, and mastering the mind. These sessions are great for anyone, and sessions are tailored towards the individual.

2. Aya Breathwork and Breath/Body Analysis

In this session, individuals are guided through a series of movement and breathing practices and then will be given a breath/body analysis.  How does this work? The breath, and how we breath is related to how to take in life.  How we breath and move is how we think and feel. By analyzing the breathing pattern, including but not limited to where the breath may be blocked, and assessing 6 major zone of the body, I give a detailed analysis that reveals the subconscious patterns activate in the nervous system.  Then I offer breath/movement prescriptions to free the blockage or change the patterning, or harmonize the system. Because the breathing system is a dynamic process, this offering can be done multiple times and will reveal new information.  This session is great for individuals to make a shift, clear a habit, improve energy, and create more awareness in their life.

3. Aya Mixed Mindbody Arts (MMA)

Aya Mixed Mindbody Arts is a combination of movement, meditation, and breathwork. I use a multi-lineage approach that is inspired and may include Kundalini, Tantra, martial fitness, breathwork, pranayama, Qigong, Dynamic and/ or static meditations…and more. Sessions are tailored towards an individua’ls needs through my assessment and their intentions.  This is a full body, mind, and spirit activation, optimization, and balancing practice that is suitable for all levels.

4. Aya Pranayama

Aya Pranayama offers a session dedicated to pranayama techniques.  I teach around 100 different pranayama techniques or breathing exercises for mastering the breath (life-force).  There is a pranayama for nearly anything you can think of….stimulating the body, relaxing the body, digestion, cleansing, arousing the body, creating focus, boosting creativity, etc. Sessions may be tailored towards your needs, whether that is stress relief, or optimizing performance.  Aya Pranayama offers you a way to learn techniques (each technique usually takes between 2, 5, or 10 minutes) and you can use these tools wherever you go!

5. Aya Meditation

Aya meditation is focused solely on meditation.  I use a multi-lineage approach wherein we may focus on dynamic or active meditations involving body movements, or static meditations, which involve simply sitting, standing, or lying. Meditation is medicine for the mind, and I work with around 150 different meditations, each having its own purpose. 

6. Aya Tantric Yoga

Aya Tantric Yoga involves movement, meditation, and breathwork practices that work with the primordial energy that some term kundalini, or sexual energy. These practices involve arousing the kundalini energy and drawing this subtle energy up the spinal column and into the higher brain centers. For best results, multiple-sessions are recommended for this style of practice. Additionally, Aya Tantric yoga can be done for an individual or with a partner for those who want to learn breath practices and processes for tantric intimacy, becoming multi-orgasmic (for men), and learning the art of sacred sex.

7.Aya Breathwork Mentorship

Are you a breathworker? Looking to become a breathwork facilitator? Or want to master the art and science of breathwork? Aya Breathwork Mentorship can be a single session of guidance, or a multi-session package for those who want to dive deeper in this practice. Here is a taste of the content that can be covered:

  1. Breath pattern analysis and body mapping
  2. Dozens of breathwork and movement practices to integrate into your sessions
  3. How to correct improper breathing patterns
  4. Advanced bodywork training (Qigong, Bioenergy, Myofascial, Nerve flossing, Trigger point, etc)
  5. How to work with Trauma
  6. Creating sacred space, setting intentions, and invocations
  7. Qualities of a good facilitator
  8. Pre/post session (meditations, spinal activation, yoga nidra, trance, etc)
  9. On-going breathwork care, and working with challenging clients
  10. Marketing your breathwork business

8. Aya Tantric/Kundalini Mentorship

Aya Kundalini mentorship is for those who would like to work with the primordial energy of kundalini or sexual energy.  This mentorship will teach you the science of the chakras, physical and energetic anatomy, and how to work with kundalini energy for healing, creating, manifesting, and awakening. The bulk of this mentorship will focus on various breath practices and movement sequences to raise the kundalini energy up the spinal channel and into the higher brain areas.

Note: to properly raise your kundalini takes time, dedication, and a certain quality of living. For best results, individuals should be able to commit time each day to the practices, maintain a clean diet, and live a purposeful and dedicated life.

Benefits of Conscious Connected Breathwork

Improved digestion and elimination of toxins

Balanced blood pressure

Clear the lymphatic system

Strengthen the immune system

Decrease tension and provide pain relief

Increase energy

Clear and balance emotions

Develop a stronger relationship with the self and one’s own innate healing capabilities

Work through blockages and subconscious patterns of the past

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