Benefits of Conscious Connected Breathwork

Improved digestion and elimination of toxins

Balanced blood pressure

Clear the lymphatic system

Strengthen the immune system

Decrease tension and provide pain relief

Increase energy

Clear and balance emotions

Develop a stronger relationship with the self and one’s own innate healing capabilities

Work through blockages and subconscious patterns of the past

 1 on 1’s 

I work out of 2 clinical practices in Vancouver and Squamish doing individual breathwork sessions. Sessions are 60 or 120 minutes. 1 on 1’s allow for constant care and attention to open the breath and support the breather in their experience.  Conscious connected breathwork can ease anxiety, help an individual to move through blockages of unprocessed emotion, and post-trauma symptoms through processing and releasing holding patterns and emotional blockages retained in the body.  A session is facilitated through verbal and hands on support when required, directing awareness of the breath into areas of subconscious holding or tension.  Trauma cycles can naturally complete and the autonomic nervous system is brought into harmony.  Results are a fuller breath pattern, hormonal regulation, increases in creativity and clarity, increased sense of body awareness, and greater mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance. 20191007_114013 (1).jpg 

Breath circles

The workshop will have movement, anatomy lessons, functional breathing demonstrations and a breathwork sessions.

Join your community to learn, breathe and share together.

Increase Body Awareness, Deepen Lung Capacity, Improve Nerve Function, Release Unprocessed Emotions and Create More Ease and Flow.

There will be discussion and sharing.48270715_2292678164351153_1534241405658988544_n20190915_115905.jpg

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