How to become Multi-orgasmic – A personal story and guide.

Part 1 – Brief History Have you ever had a catastrophic break-up? My last break-up was 4 years ago, and it was the catalyst for the path I now walk as a breathworker, yoga and movement instructor, guide, coach, and tantric teacher.  Though the seeds of this life were planted before our departing, when thatContinue reading “How to become Multi-orgasmic – A personal story and guide.”

Shift your Yoga

Practice with structure example.. beginning intention …presence…mantra ..breatwork… start slow…find peak… integration…cool down.. rest… breathwork… meditation 2.. never stop practicing on and off the mat Breath into your body Breath option… breath in squeeze or contract muscle groups, exhale relax Breath option… breath as you pull energy like a riplle from the feet through spineContinue reading “Shift your Yoga”

Shift your day into success

Treat your first hour of the day as sacred… it determines how the day flows. My key principles for an effective morning routineA) gratitude, love, and connect with visionB) breath, move, meditateC) Create Routines can be done in a short period .. 20 minute rituals… but, it depends what your life is about. The standardContinue reading “Shift your day into success”