The 7 realms of experience and the decisions that lead us to bondage or liberation

In this model I’m sharing there are 7 dimensions of experience, which can be thought of as 7 different realities your consciousness can journey into. These 7 realms and our journey to them depends on our choices. This model will help you to assess your life and choices and can lead you towards greater liberation.Continue reading “The 7 realms of experience and the decisions that lead us to bondage or liberation”

Conscious Connected Breathing – a Descriptive Journey

Only the sound of breath.A continuous and circular river of life giving energy.Inhale penetrates into exhale.Exhale gives way to inhale. The effort on the inhale is the body saying YES to life.The inhale opens so that she may receive. The exhale is the great surrender.She exhales with grace as a preparation for her last breath.Continue reading “Conscious Connected Breathing – a Descriptive Journey”

Six Fundamental Relationships Self Questionnaire

Six Fundamental Relationships Self Questionnaire This questionnaire has 6 categories which reflect the 6 foundational principles of holistic health. Read through each category then determine your score out of 10. Please note that this questionnaire is to help bring awareness to your foundational patterns and to determine if they are optimal. The questionnaire can helpContinue reading “Six Fundamental Relationships Self Questionnaire”

Introduction to Breathwork

Introduction to Breathwork Breathwork is a holistic modality for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being that is useful in the realm of self-regulation, self-healing, and self-realization. Breathwork for Self-regulation Self-regulation refers to the capacity for an individual to regulate their nervous system (NS). The NS comprises the brain, spinal cord and the associated neurons thatContinue reading “Introduction to Breathwork”

Building movement intelligence andmasculine and feminine teaching styles in yoga

Please not that Masculine and feminine refers to two polarities, I would have used the words yin and yang, but there are already yoga styles named yin yoga and yang yoga. Masculine teaching is assertive.Femine teaching is open and accommodating. A good way to understand the Masculine style is the original 26 and 2, formerlyContinue reading “Building movement intelligence andmasculine and feminine teaching styles in yoga”