Vipassana and Breath Witnessing Techniques

It had been said that Vipassana has helped more people become enlightened than any other technique.Let us explore this technique.First, what is enlightenment? Well, it is not easy to put into words – perhaps it is impossible.But, let I’ll try and be pragmatic to offer some insight into understanding for our present purposes.Enlightenment is aboutContinue reading “Vipassana and Breath Witnessing Techniques”

short story about stress, the body, and how to overcome challenges in this time.

Our current personal and global situation is uncertain.Uncertainty can easily arouse the nervous system.Arousal of the nervous system uses energy and can be taxing on the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of the individual. Arousal is another term for stress. Arousal is a good neutral term. Because stress is not always deleterious. There are beneficialContinue reading “short story about stress, the body, and how to overcome challenges in this time.”

Introduction to Dynamic Meditations

Dynamic meditations are an active form of meditation that can be a valuable tool for a breathwork facilitator in helping an individual turn within and release. Many individuals struggle to develop a seated meditation practice because they are not properly trained, and they have trouble surrendering into the process. Dynamic meditations – which often includeContinue reading “Introduction to Dynamic Meditations”

Working with Grandfather Tobacco Spirit – Part 1

This article follows up a piece I wrote on working with the spirit of Madre Cannabis. It is an introduction to working with the plant medicine Grandfather Tobacco, who is one of the wisest plant medicines. This article is not an encouragement or detraction from working with plant medicines, if you are of the ageContinue reading “Working with Grandfather Tobacco Spirit – Part 1”

Pathways of Enlightenment

Enlightenment is the process of becoming light.It’s a fickle subject with a lengthy history.It can be difficult to speak about enlightenment because there is no clear definition that spans across all cultures. For some, Enlightenment is a title of an individual who has attained a certain level of embodied realization. But, then the confusion comesContinue reading “Pathways of Enlightenment”