Building movement intelligence andmasculine and feminine teaching styles in yoga

Please not that Masculine and feminine refers to two polarities, I would have used the words yin and yang, but there are already yoga styles named yin yoga and yang yoga. Masculine teaching is assertive.Femine teaching is open and accommodating. A good way to understand the Masculine style is the original 26 and 2, formerlyContinue reading “Building movement intelligence andmasculine and feminine teaching styles in yoga”

Plant Medicine Energetic Dieting

Have you ever heard of an energetic diet? We are all familiar with nutritional dieting… energetic dieting is similar to nutritional dieting in that it follows certain observances (things to do and don’t do), except energetic dieting is more inclusive. The observances involve what you watch, who you interact with, and sexual activity among otherContinue reading “Plant Medicine Energetic Dieting”

What it’s like to be a channel

What do I mean by channel?We are all channels. We are receivers and transmitters of energy and information.Most people are just attuned to their own frequency, and they transmit the energy and information from themselves. A developed channel is someone who is trained in emptying themselves out and attuning to other frequencies to bring inContinue reading “What it’s like to be a channel”

What’s Possible in Love?

Seriously (not serious) what is the potential of love? In your life… what metamorphosises in your mind, life, and sense of self have been made possible through the transformational fire of love? Here is a quandary to quander with… mind creates time. (small ‘m’ mind denoted personal mind as opposed to universal Mind with capitalContinue reading “What’s Possible in Love?”

Awakening the Compassionate Heart with Tonglen Meditation

I’m here to share the beauty of meditation with you.Meditation is a treasure.It can teach us to find the most valuable wisdom.That wisdom lives in our heart.Our greatest longings for love, joy, and acceptance are all within us. On one hand, this is great news! Because if everything we seek is within us, we haveContinue reading “Awakening the Compassionate Heart with Tonglen Meditation”