What’s Possible in Love?

Seriously (not serious) what is the potential of love? In your life… what metamorphosises in your mind, life, and sense of self have been made possible through the transformational fire of love? Here is a quandary to quander with… mind creates time. (small ‘m’ mind denoted personal mind as opposed to universal Mind with capitalContinue reading “What’s Possible in Love?”

Awakening the Compassionate Heart with Tonglen Meditation

I’m here to share the beauty of meditation with you.Meditation is a treasure.It can teach us to find the most valuable wisdom.That wisdom lives in our heart.Our greatest longings for love, joy, and acceptance are all within us. On one hand, this is great news! Because if everything we seek is within us, we haveContinue reading “Awakening the Compassionate Heart with Tonglen Meditation”

The Sacred Way of Tantric Intimacy

Raise your standards of intimacy.Hold the space for your goddess to radiate by offering unconditional acceptance of her being.See her in her wholeness. Connect with her on all levels.Be present with your physical attraction, embodying your sexuality and allowing it to evolve the way you move and interact.Be courageous in your emotion and allow yourContinue reading “The Sacred Way of Tantric Intimacy”

How to Breath While Making Love

Shiva, if you want to keep our love aflame you must learn the sacred art of breathing. Shakti, what is this sacred art? Learning the sacred art of breathing is the only way to know love in your depths. Shallow breathers stay on the surface of ecstasy, while those who know how to allow theContinue reading “How to Breath While Making Love”

Shiva and Shakti Divine Union

Now begins love. Shiva embraced Shakti in his armsTheir breath pulses in rhythmEngorged in the present moment, their eyes each looking upon anothers’ eternity Shiva moves in without hesitationShakti receives and releases her breath with the sound of pleasure Her senses peak as she opens to receiveShe tastes the nectar of his heart’s intentionAnointed byContinue reading “Shiva and Shakti Divine Union”