Channeled Conversations with the Self

When you’re tired of searching you’ll come home to these words.There’s something familiar here.Come home. Where you feel at ease.Breathe.. calm as a cool breeze. Behind these words is a light.Crawling into bed and everything alright.Wrapped in familiar sheets.Remember that there are things that never dull with repeated use.Hold the one’s you love. Emotions flow.YesterdaysContinue reading “Channeled Conversations with the Self”

The HeART and Breath of Tantra

So I’m writing a book!It’s the 3rd book I’ll have written.I may actually edit and release this one! haha. This one is called the HeArt and Breath of Tantra and in it I explore 10 Tantric Techniques to realize your True Nature and release conditioning and programming. These techniques are simple and can often beContinue reading “The HeART and Breath of Tantra”

What can a medical Qigong/Breathwork practitioner offer you?

Medical Qigong is a holistic field of medicine that utilizes movement, breath, meditation, and massage as a means of correcting imbalances and achieving optimal energy for success. The practices run parallel with Chinese Medicine and have been around for thousands of years… however, they have developed into thousands of systems ….some geared towards the treatingContinue reading “What can a medical Qigong/Breathwork practitioner offer you?”