How to be Happier – a Guide to Mindful Meditation

​​ I’ve been fascinated with meditation for years, the idea that by simply sitting one can experience insights and transformations is intriguing.  The fact that various meditation techniques are ubiquitous in spiritual disciplines across the continents and through time is telling of their importance for growth.  Yet for many modern scientifically minded westerners the ideaContinue reading “How to be Happier – a Guide to Mindful Meditation”

A guide to the 5 components of balanced living

​​SLXLM The act of balancing  is a constant affair of action and adjustment The sun is shining down and its a summer afternoon.  I’m willfully determined to learn to handstand.  With my bare feet kissing the warm grass I prepare my body to be flipped upside down.  In my minds eye I picture my bodyContinue reading “A guide to the 5 components of balanced living”