9 Week Alignment Coaching

Are you ready to raise your standard and reach a higher level of living in alignment?

This 9-week Alignment Coaching program offers everything you need to transform your life and learn the powerful practices of Breathwork, Yoga, Qigong, and Meditation.

In this 9 week program we will cover:

– Development of your love – vision – highest intention

– How to assess mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance-

– How to develop a daily ritual and learn the mixed mindbody practices of multiple lineages of breathwork, yoga, qigong, and meditation

– How to utilize mixed mindbody practices to move through blockages, evolve your nervous system, and access heightened brain states of bliss, creativity, and flow

– Learn to master your sexual energy for creation, manifestation, and liberation- Reach heightened states of gratitude for greater life force energy and satisfaction

– Learn about holistic systems for health and well-being

This program includes 9 sessions, each involving a coaching period and a powerful movement and breathwork session to progress you each week.

This program is priced at $2222 and payment plans are accepted.

“It is we who decides our destiny, our desire to grow and learn, to breath and know is the gift we ourselves and our planet”

Use the contact page or email zkcoaching@gmail.com for inquiries

Warm regards

– Zachary Koop

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