Alignment Coaching

3 month coaching

This 3 month coaching program is for anyone ready to take radical responsibility for their life and commit to living by their own terms.  Over the 3 months we will work together to develop a vision for your ideal life, your purpose, and your code of conduct and values.  We focus first on developing a life you love, which will provide the necessary energy and motivation to follow your dream.  Next we will assess your current level of balance and alignment to determine what areas to focus on.  The bulk of the program will focus on using breathwork, yoga (qigong and other movements practices), and meditation to regulate, rewire, and optimize your nervous system for success.  By the end of the program you will have a daily routine and the tools to maintain assess and balance your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health to keep you on track as you continue to manifest your dreams.

This program is only for those individuals ready to commit to a regular daily practice with powerful tools of self transformation.  This is not a course merely for the curious, it is a systematized guide for human transformation and is meant for dedicated applicants who are ready to step into their highest self in service of themselves, for their families, community, and earth.

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Warm regards

– Zachary Koop

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