Sweat and Breath Event

Event Details:

1 day Ceremony. Guided by Vern and Aya.

Event Time:

Nov 27th at 10:30 am – 7 pm

Rough Schedule:
– 11 am: Sweat lodge led by Vern

– Cold plunge post sweat

– Potluck and connection

– Sharing circle then Qigong and Breathwork

What to bring:

– Potluck Item for the group (there is a stove available)

– Clothes for sweat

– Swim shorts for men, long dress with shoulders covered for women + towel (women do not partake in sweat if on their moontime)

– Yoga mat, water bottle, warm blankets, and warm clothes

– We will have rain coverage if it so happens

– It is custom to offer a gift to the lodge holders who pours the sweat – rec. loose tobacco or chocolate, or other sacred items

  • Donation sent to or let me know if bringing cash (sliding scale $150-200)

Directions will be given when confirmed with donation.

Sign up Information:

To sign up, please leave your name, email, and a few sentences that describe:

  • Your intention for ceremony (ei. What your letting go of, what your inviting in.)
  • Any physical or emotional health conditions (+ food allergies) – some individuals may be required to have additional screening for safety.
  • E-transfer to (sliding scale $150-200)

Please remember that ceremony is a time to find harmony in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of life. The time leading up to ceremony and after is an important time to reflect and prepare your bodymind. Please take your time before ceremony to reflect on your intentions and connect with your body, mind, and spirit. It is encouraged to abstain from alcohol and drug use for 2 weeks prior, and encouraged for participants to eat mindfully as the sweat is a purification process.

I am looking forward to sharing sacred space with all of you. Ending this message with a reflection we are connected to the earth, and when we gather in ceremony to listen, she teaches us the Way to live in harmony.

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