Holistic Alignment Coaching

The 7 step process to align you with your dream life and optimal health

The Holistic Alignment Coaching program is a 3 month container to perform a total life optimization. I use a 7-step formula that is a comprehensive system for the mind, body, finances, and for identifying limiting beliefs and barriers towards your dream life.

What You’ll Learn:

– The 7 step process for balancing your life
– How to identify limiting beliefs and work through them
– Balancing the 6 fundamental Holistic health principles
– Creating the optimal morning and evening routine
– Learn Breathwork, Qigong, and/or Yoga

The 7 step Process:

  1. One love/goals/purpose/values
  2. The 2 fundamental forces
  3. The optimal decision
  4. The four doctors
  5. The 5 elements
  6. The 6 holistic health principles
  7. The 7 chakras

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