fire rise, dragon’s breathe
flaming tale
as old as time
energy and ecstasy
vibrant trance, the dance of body
look how the spirit moves like smoke
nothing but flow
energy and vibration
rhythm and pulse
expansion and contract
orgasm and release
a living creation
the living heart of energy
the red’s turn white
the blue’s turn orange
sparks sail through the 4 directions
the smoke gathers and forms a Being that dances over the holy embers and all are aware
all the spirits join when the flame’s are loud
they hear the heat
they feel the prayers of the people
they come to dance
all of creation moves in glorious ecstasy
see miracles come true
fire seer
seeing into the future we alter our awareness
alter our state
the altar is the place of transcendence
but the night is late
and the wood is low
hypnosis grows
and all falls silent except a crackling log,

Tatuwari; grandfather flame, aho till we meet again

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