We were meant to fall in love
Fate knew it well
I was meant to meet you on that bus
on my way home from university
because I was meant to move away from my home town, I was meant to rent that apartment, and then leave within 3 days to rent a different apartment, then go to university that day, and take that bus home… and meet you.
Just as my grandpa was meant to leave Germany as a stow away on a ship to
Just as Hitler was meant to …I dare not say
Just as my forefathers were meant to war and rape
God love’s it all, the divine drama
we met, we fell in rapture, we explored the deepest parts of ourselves in the requiem of two
Me and you, merged as one
WE shared our hearts, our stories, and then we wrote one together
The world had never met a love like ours
The universe did not know how to handle it
neither did we
like children playing in the dark
we fumbled and felt our way through the moments
the months passed by like days
and ecstasy turned to bliss, bliss to depression, manic bipolar, roller coaster
we were meant to fall in love
and we were meant to die
we were meant to let each other in
to go deep in love and loose it all
I was meant to walk away and let you die
You were meant to come back and murder me
your Kali the destroyer
the goddess of death
I’m the devil in disguise
now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds
Now you are an angel reborn
Now you can be free, for death and pain is no more
the suffering was the necessary ill, the place where the pain is is where the light enters
Just as it is fate that Hitler did kill
and Jesus meant was crucified
the pain of the cross, the crown of thorns
It is through transcending pain that we find eternal life
it is through suffering that creation comes into being
let me show you:
Come to my house, I’ll fetch my finest sweet cherry wine, dine you and give you the love you deserve oh angel of the West. Over a fire I’ll dance with you, sing for you, and make love to you. At first it will be slow, then it will grow. As our lips become more sensitive my touch will become lighter. I want to know just how much our bodies can feel. Close your eyes lay rested on the bed, naked and accepting, and let me carefully caress you with my tongue. There is electricity at the tip. In the darkness there is light. In this night there is love.
Then I’ll take you hard against the wall. Its rough but you feel safe in my arms because you can feel my hard heart beating from my chest, it softens the blow of my hard shaft in your ass. There is pleasure, and there is pain.
It hurts, but it feels so good. As we increase the pain, we increase the pleasure. As you scratch my back I bleed and become human. As we give into pleasure we become immune to pain. As we make love till the morning the a sacred sexual act draws near the end I push deep inside you and plant my seed.
The child grows in the womb and we fall apart. The baby is born without a loving family.
The pregnancy is unexpected and without a doctor present, you experience all the pain in the world in a single day. Your womb burns and bleeds and the pain in unbearable. A part of you dies during birth. Then a child is born and all the pain is worth it.
We are happy once again and reunited.
then I leave you.
and you die inside
and a piece of the child never develops
then your mom dies.
And a piece of the child dies
and a part of you never develops
then your child dies.
and I’m gone
your dad’s dead
your alone
and you start over
and you find love again
you have sex again, it hurts, and you orgasm and it feels good.
tension and release
breathe in
breathe out
then you give birth again and its hell
this time you birth twins and their heaven
and you have a happy marriage
you are reborn
we were meant to meet that day on that bus so many moons ago, and write that sad story
Everything is in its right place, no matter what pain is present, no matter what pleasure is near
life is the way it is beyond pain and pleasure, beyond good and evil, beyond duality
it’s been 66 years since we met, your kids are grown and its time for you to die
your death will cause a great pain to your children
and a piece of them will die
and the will repeat as the sun rises and new son is born


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