The Light of Awareness – poem

There’s is part of you that never sleeps
It is an intelligence that keeps your heart beating and your lungs breathing
This same intelligence keeps the stars shining, the flowers blossoming, and the planets spinning
It is a vital awareness that watches over you
It is not of the body
it is not of the mind
it is not out of reach, you can become the watcher that watches over your life
You can come in contact with this intelligence within you
It pervades every cell in your body
It is the unmoved mover
The source of all motion
It’s the source of the light you see, not merely the sun in the sky, but the light behind your eye
It is the light of awareness
Awareness knows no bounds
It is the part of you that is boundless
Awareness pervades all things, all people are aware, all plants are aware, though they stare at the world with different eyes, they are aware of the same infinite skies above and below.
Even the rocks are aware, man’s way is not the only way, there are infinities upon infinities that consciousness can take
How do we become aware of that which knows what you know, without knowing how you know it? How do you come in contact with the source of all of creation?
There is no method
There is no meditation
No yoga
There is no technique
The limited sense the self that craves to be something more can only expand itself incrementally
Accumulating things one by one will never take you too infinity
You can earn a million dollars a day, and still you will always yearn for more
You can conquer the planet and still you will seek to conquer the stars
You can try and learn the workings of the world and still the vacuum of what you do not know will forever abound.
There is a part of you that craves only the infinite, because there is a part of you that is boundless
So long as you are identified with the limited nature of the body and mind, you cannot know your own boundless nature
There is no method
No technique
It is only when you drop all techniques, that you can truly be involved in the world beyond yourself
Then you are free to become wholly involved in the process of life
Then your resistance to life fades and your tossed in the infinite ocean
No longer living for the small self, but taking part in the entire cosmos as if it were your living breathing body
After all, it is
But even this is not enough to become boundless
it is by grace alone that we become boundless
because there is nothing you, the small self can do, so long as you are acting through the small self you will always be limited by yourself
you must surrender to sea
you must be willing to drown in the infinite ocean
you must let go of me
so that you can become free

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