Dimethyltryptamine and Breathwork – A mechanism for healing? By Zac Koop

Here are two articles discussing the role of one of the most powerful psychedelics found in the body, dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

These articles discuss that DMT is most likely released in response to low oxygen condition and near death experiences. It is proposed that DMT is involved in the healing and regeneration of cells, and has a role in helping the body to survive extreme oxidative stress. I am someone who has personally tried DMT in several forms and I work as a breathwork facilitator and have experienced DMT-resembing experiences through breathwork.

In my breathwork sessions I will have a long phase of conscious connected continual breathing and at a certain point I’ll undergo a freeze state and stop breathing and enter into a dreamy tranquil state, the longer I reside in this space the deeper the experience becomes. It is in these periods of prolonged cessatons of breath when I get this large release of DMT, which as these articles discuss could come from both the pineal gland and the lungs in response to thia simulated near death experience and low oxygen conditions in the body. I have written an article that discusses how breathwork can stimulate glands to produce hormones in the body, and I believe it can even stimulate the pineal and pituitary, the former which is proposed to produce DMT.

DMT, Breathwork, and Healing

DMT has been shown to bind to the sigma-1 receptors which are present in many cells of the body (including the lungs). The article goes on to point that “These receptors are involved in a number of bio-regulatory functions in cells. Dr. Frecska and his colleagues were among the firsts to recognize that DMT, possibly mediated through sigma-1 receptors may be involved in the healing and regeneration processes after severe stress.” In my breathwork sessions and trainings I have seen incredible mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healings, and this research into DMT may be one of the primary forces upon which this healing is mediated in the body.



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