I’ll love you the way you are

I’ll love you the way that you are so that you know it’s alright to not be perfect

I’ll love you the way you are so that you know that you’re safe and supported to grow on your own time

I’ll love you the way you are because I love myself as I am

I accept your beautiful face, even when you don’t, because I see deeper than your skin, I see the beauty within

I accept that your going to let me down, and hurt me, and scare me … because I’ll do the same to you, but if we can love each other we’ll see it through

I’ll love you the way you are so that you know your free. I want to see you blossom from the inside and to not change yourself for how the world thinks you should be

please forgive me when I don’t love you the way you are, I’m not perfect either

I’m sorry for when my unprocessed emotions come over you like waves in the ocean and it’s all blue and grey and the day is ruined and your left drowning in the sea… I thank you for seeing it’s not me

I thank you for loving me the way you do, no one in the galaxy can love me in the same way as you

Your love is bliss
your love is grace
your love is beautiful

I’ll love you now and I’ll love you when your gone

love has no boundaries

neither time or space can separate our hearts

I’m sorry for when my heart is not fully open as it was when I was young

I’ve been hurt

I haven’t healed

I promise to go within and feel into my pain so that my love can spread to each of every being

I promise to never capture your love and keep it for myself

your love is boundless too

I’ll love you like I love myself, because we are one

one heart, one love

I’ll love you for all that are you, because your all that I am

I’ll love you as you are so that the world can feel our love and heal its heart

I’ll love you the way that are you so that we can all remember we are one

I’ll love you to remind you that beyond the flesh and bones we are love

love connects us all

without love there is no life

I’ll love you because there’s really nothing else to do but surrender to all that I am

dive in with me

surrender to love

let go into love



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